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Hera's hands reached out in desperation, trying to seize the towel back. She's not sure whether it's because she pulled it too hard or he purposely let it go, she fell off the bed, and her head hit the floor hard.

Rubbing the sore spot with one hand, Hera frantically searched for the towel. Only she didn't find one. She looked down at her body, and to her surprise, she wasn't naked either. She found herself fully clothed in the same clothing she changed into before going to bed yesterday night. The dampness she felt had nothing to do with her hair. It was completely dry, and there's no wet towel anywhere near her.

For obvious reasons, she was sweating like a pig.

Hera couldn't understand anything as confusion clouded her mind. She looked around, searching for Hunter but couldn't find him. There's no trace of his presence in the room at all. She realized that he's nowhere in sight.

"What the hell just happened?" Perplexed, Hera asked aloud in the empty room while her heart was still beating crazily. Slowly, her brain started to function, and she realized what just happened.

"My God! It was a dream. But it felt so fucking real!"

She was dreaming. No, it wasn't just a dream. It was a nightmare. She felt dampness sliding down her cheeks and realized that she'd been crying in her dream. Wiping the trace of tears, Hera looked around. She hadn't switched off the lights, and she even forgot to close the sweet box. Now everything made sense. She had somehow dozed off while eating those sinister sweets. She let out a few strong curse words accusing Hunter of everything.

'Did they drug me or something?'

Hera suspiciously eyed the sweet box before glancing up at the wall clock. An involuntary gasp escaped her mouth when she checked the time. It's ten past five in the morning.

"What the actual fuck?" Hera was stunned by the unbelievable coincidence. Didn't the clock show precisely the same time in her dream as well?

The unpleasant bits of memory from her dream created a chilly feeling and made her shudder. She climbed the bed, settling herself comfortably, and took deep breaths to calm her racing heart. Once it returned to normal, she thought about taking a bath, but the time showing on the clock made her rethink. She wouldn't want her nightmare to come true, would she now?

Hera leaned her back against the beautifully carved headboard, drawing her knees up to her chest. That nightmare was seriously screwing with her conscious mind as it started to replay. She recalled everything steps by step and tried to decipher the source of her horrible dream. In all honesty, she knew what triggered the nightmare.

Whatever Hunter said in her dream, she'd heard him say those exact words at the time of their breakup. It wasn't just a dream. It was a part of her past. She'd been through that hell in reality. An involuntary shiver ran through her body. Just remembering that unfortunate day makes her sick to her stomach. Ignoring the uneasy feeling, she thought about the scary dream once again.

"What a nightmare!" She eyed the Sweetbox in disapproval, clearly judging it as the culprit. "Must be because of the sugar high, " she guessed. "Or maybe that bloody message I read."

Hera pulle

um, only for me, " he solemnly declared.

Hera frowned in confusion.

'What nonsense is he talking about?'

"What? Come where?" She asked. Her words painted with utter confusion. Hunter let out a soft chuckle at her clueless tone. Her innocence always made it even harder for him to resist her. He knew she had no idea he was talking dirty. "I don't know, Love. Anywhere you want. Maybe all over me? Because I surely will cum all over you, " he said. His voice suddenly made a hundred and eighty-degree turn, from furious barking to sweet velvet music.

Hera only scowled at his bipolar disorder.

Unaware of the hidden meaning in his words, ignorant Hera scoffed.

"Huh, what's new in that? You're coming all over me since forever. Did you forget how you turned my life into hell? You're my personal Satan, after all, " she added, extra bitterness to her tone. "I'm just waiting for the day when you'll get out of SPALEV High. That day I'll get rid of you permanently." Hera said, expecting her bitter words to hurt him.

Contrary to her expectation, Hunter chuckled softly, not at all affected by her bitter tone. "Keep dreaming, Goddess, because that day will never come. Trust me when I say, you'll end up marrying me no matter what and my heart is your final destination. Like it or not, that's where you'll reside for the rest of your life, " he said, voice dripping with amusement.

'Did he think I'm still that five-year-old naive innocent girl he can manipulate with his charm?'

She wanted to voice out her thoughts, but instead, she asked, "What do you want, Lucifer? Why did you call?"

"Did you receive my gift?" Hunter asked.

Of course, she did. A short, low "hmm" was her only reply. Hera couldn't help but blush as she remembered his message. Suddenly her face turned into crimson red, and she silently thanked God that it wasn't a video call and he couldn't see her blushing.

"So, did you find the Sweet Messenger already?" He asked in a gentle tone. Meanwhile, Hera's heart skipped a beat before shooting up, skyrocketing in full speed. She could almost see his arrogant smirk.

'Asshole, he knows I'd read his message!'

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