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Something disturbed her sleep again, and she looked around the room with her half-opened sleepy eyes. It was still dark. Rolling onto her side, Hera switched on the bed lamp on her left. The clock on the wall showed it's ten past five in the morning.

Hera groaned and sat up. It's useless to stay in bed anymore since she could never get back to sleep once it was disturbed. Cursing her inability, she crawled out of bed. Dragging her feet in slow, lazy steps, Hera Walked over to the window and drew the curtains aside. She pushed open the glass windows, letting the fresh air fill the room.

Though the sky looked dark due to the dim morning light, the view from the window looked beautiful nonetheless. Admiring the greenery outside, Hera breathed in the sweet fragrance of the morning breeze before pondering on the reason that woke her up.

It was a weird feeling since she felt as if someone was watching her sleep. Goosebumps appeared on her skin, producing an uneasy, fearful sensation making her shudder. Hera checked the room and the lock twice to make sure she's safe and that no one had trespassed violating her safety.

Since she couldn't go back to sleep, instead of wasting time, she thought it's better to take a bath. The hot water shower eased her nerves and erased her uneasiness. Draping the towel around her body, Hera walked out of the bathroom.

The brightness in the room was very dim for her to make out anything, and Hera could hardly see with the lights off. The curtains closed as well. She frowned in strange confusion. She remembered opening the windows when she woke up. She certainly remembered switching on the lights before going to bath.

Unaware of the hungry eyes feasting on her almost nakedness, she went to the switch. Still holding that confused frown on her pretty face, she switched on the lights and turned around to face the mirror. Hera jumped, startled and her eyes went wide like saucers as soon as she gazed into the most beautiful yet dangerously intoxicating eyes of the devil himself through the mirror.

There he stood tall in all his handsome glory, leaning against the closed door, dressed in a black T-shirt paired with black shorts, feet in flip-flops. She turned her back to the mirror, readying herself to look into the eyes of her tormentor.

"What the fuck, Hunter! You scared me to death. What the hell are you doing in my room?" She asked in an unsteady voice which failed to hide her nervousness, but she didn't get any reply.

He's looking at her with an emotion she couldn't identify. Hands stuffed in his short's pockets, predatory eyes fixed on her, his tongue darted out, running over his bottom lip before pulling it in between his perfectly arranged pearly white teeth. He looked like a starving wild animal ready to pounce on her. That intense stare made her suddenly remember that she's standing in front of him wearing just a tiny towel.

Alarmed, her hands moved up to make sure towel stayed tightly secured around her body.

Hera felt like her lungs were closing off, and she couldn't breathe. His intimidating stature was scaring her to hel

creamed for help calling every person whom she thought could stop him. Her cry surprised him, but it didn't take much time for him to recover from it. He checked his hand and glared at her murderously when he saw it bleeding. She watched in horror as his handsome face turned into an ugly scary one.

His hand went around the nape of her neck, and his fingers gripped her hair in his fist, pulling it painfully. She cried helplessly.

"Why are you making a big deal of it, my Love? Isn't it the reason why we broke up in the first place?" Hunter asked through his clenched teeth, his voice thick with anger. "Hunter, you're hurting me. Please stop, " she whispered in pain, but her pleading got royally ignored while she struggled to free herself.

"This is what you wanted all along, right? You wanted my attention and my time. You hated it when I slept with other girls because I belong to you. You wanted to be my top priority. We vowed to each other that I'm yours and you're mine. ONLY MINE, " he swore, voice emphasizing his last two words. "And anyway, it's about damn time to taste and eat that little Cherry of yours, " he declared.

By this time, she'd lost her pride and shamelessly let her tears flow as she had no strength left to fight him. "Why are you so evil, Hunter? You're a Monster, " she spat, voice dripping with hatred.

He laughed at her misery.

"Oh, you haven't seen the Monster yet, Goddess. Let me show you, " he said while he lifted himself off her and stood on his knees to unbutton his shorts. Hera used the opportunity to find her escape. Using all of her power and strength, she pushed him off her. To her luck, he tumbled out of bed and landed on the floor with a thud.

Hera immediately jumped to her feet. But before she could leave the bed, Hunter's hand reached out and caught one of her feet, dragging her back to him. She slapped him in an attempt to free herself, adding more fuel to his fire.

Groaning, Hunter cursed in rage.

"You, fucking bitch!"

Even before Hera could blink, he pulled the towel off with one forceful tug.

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