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Hera groaned and finally threw the quilt away. Someone was cruel enough to disturb her peaceful sleep. How ironic was it that she slept so peacefully at the place which she claims to hate so much? Trying to keep her sanity in check, she blamed it on the jet lag she suffered. Before she could dwell on that thought, she heard the constant knocking on the door, which soon turned into loud pounding.

It seemed like if she took another second more in opening the door, that impatient person would surely going to break the door. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she padded to the door lazily. Her hand wrapped around the knob and a sudden thought made her stop dead in her tracks.

'Is it time to face the devil already?'

Her eyes were wide awake, now every trace of sleep flown out of the window.

'No, it can't be him. Hunter would never knock.'

With that comforting thought, she opened the door and faced the very handsome evil spirit. "Did you die in your sleep?" A six-feet tall, male figure questioned, his deep voice filled with annoyance. Before Hera could open her mouth to reply, he answered himself. "No, you didn't, you're very much alive!" He said, eying her from top to bottom before continuing. "Thought you died or something. What took you so long to open the door?"

Hera pulled an angry face and mock glared at him only to get crushed in a bear hug the very next second. "Missed you, Pixie. How have you been? Did you miss me?" He asked, releasing her from his tight grip. He smiled at her, and his angelic face turned into more enchanting. "Why'll I miss the cruel, ugly demon?" Hera asked, mocking disgust, but a smile made its way slowly into her lips.

She called him ugly only to tease him since he's the exact opposite of ugly. Aqua blue eyes, short but cute straight nose, pink, full lips, lean, athletic body, everything about him was beautiful. Hera couldn't help but return his contagious smile.

"And didn't you notice? I'm taller now. It's time you stop calling me Pixie, " Hera said proudly. He pulled her hair playfully and flicked her nose. "Yet you barely reach my chest. Still not tall enough, Pixie. And you'll always be my Pixie." He laughed and brushed past her, walking into the room.

Hera's heart skipped a beat when she noticed him carrying a box in his hand. He sat on the couch and looked up to find Hera still glued to the same spot at the door. He observed, she's nervous and had her eyes fixed on the box in his hand. She already knew what the box contained inside. It's a gift for her. She grabbed all the courage she had and finally asked him.

"Eric, " she whispered his name, and he silently arched his brows signalling her to continue. "Is he home?" Hera asked with uncertainty lacing her tone. Her brain had started to swim in the pool of questions. She wondered, why didn't Hunter come to meet her yet? What's stopping him? Why did he send his best friend to deliver the gift when he could personally do it by himself?

'What are you plotting this time, Hunter?'

Eric thrust out his palm, gesturing her to join him. Sighing, Hera walked to the couch and took his hand. Eric tugged her hand, making her land next to him and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, bringing her close to him. Hera looked into his aqua blue eyes and smiled halfheartedly. She watched as he

o find any written message for her.

It was Hunter's unique style. He never gave her a card or those cliche gifts boys usually give girls. He always wrote his message inside the wrapper of the sweet. Hera ignored the disappointment she felt as there's no message.

She picked up another one from the box, and another and another, but still found no message. One-fourth of the sweet was candy floss. Then she found a hard candy, then some big bar of chocolates made of coconut, milk, etc. She almost ate half of the box, yet no message. Hera felt her heart go wild with anticipation. "Fuck you, Lucifer. By this rate, I'll die of a sugar high soon, " she cursed Hunter and wanted to slap him.

Hunter had done it every single time for years now. He would gift her a box full of sweets, and she would search for that one messenger sweet. He had named it "Sweet messenger". She swallowed the last bite of the bar she's eating and decided to check one last sweet for the night. She'd stuffed her stomach so full already, it'd given her an initial sugar rush, and she's afraid she might get a severe stomach ache.

She slowly munched the heart-shaped fruity sweet, filled with strawberry taste which drew out a moan of satisfaction from her mouth. She thought she could stuff her tummy with one more, and just like that she ate a few more.

Finally, Hera realized that she had had enough quota of sugar for the day and decided to sleep. She lifted the glass full of water from the bedside table and drank half of it. Then she put the rose in that glass and kissed it. Hera was about to close the lid of the sweet box once she dumped the empty wrappers in the trash bin. But then a big oval-shaped sweet caught her attention.

It almost looked like an Easter Egg, designed like a globe, painted in blue and white with a sprinkle of sparkling glitter. She couldn't resist and took it out ready to unwrap it. How desperate was she for that Sweet Messenger?

'He could kill you, and you would still be crawling out of your dead body to lick his feet. So much for hating him.'

Her subconscious mind mocked her traitorous heart because, after everything he had made her go through, her pathetic heart still craved for him.

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