Chapter 14 SEXY ACCENT

FALLING IN LOVE WITH HIM By Shonihn Characters: 9384

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"How come, you all are assigned to stay in the same room again?" Abby asked. Her words were coated with disbelief and jealousy as well. Abby and Hera were of the same age, but still, they never got to be together in class, nor were they lucky to be in the same room as they were in different sections of the same Grade. This year was no different, either.

"Well, you have me to thank, Hera, darling. I requested Mr Rogers to let us share the same room as we did last year and luckily he agreed. It wasn't easy though, I had to butter, Mrs Rogers, and in turn, she influenced her Husband's decision without much effort, " Celine bragged with a satisfied smile and wiggled her eyebrows at Abby, teasing her.

Hera examined the bedding arrangements as soon as she opened the door and entered inside. She saw four beds and study tables aligned in straight rows in front of her. Its background showed the playgrounds of their school through the huge glass window. She saw two more beds and study tables arranged on the left side of the door.

Hera discovered the couches and the wardrobes fixed on the right side and the door leading to the bathroom.

"Why do we have six beds?" Abby asked, laying her body comfortably on the second last bed in the right corner while Celine sat on the bed next to Abby's, patting the place with the flat of her hand, gesturing Hera to sit next to her.

"Oh, we forgot to tell you. We'll be having two more roommates. The High School Dorm room has six roommates in one room, " Brittany stood on the opposite side, leaning against one of the study tables as she spoke explaining further. "That last bed in the right corner is mine and Celine took the one next to it, " she inclined her head and pointed her finger at Abby before she continued, "yes, the same one right now Abby is ruining with her constant rolling and mind you, she still didn't take off her shoes."

Scowling, Celine threw a pillow at Abby. Brittany rolled her eyes while Abby threw it back to Celine. Hera shook her head, laughing at them.

"The one on which you and Celine are sitting right now belongs to one of our new roommates, and the bed in the left corner is yours, Hera, " Brittany said to which Hera raised her eyebrows. "And, Brittany, why would you choose my bed on my behalf?" Brittany huffed before answering Hera's question.

"As I said the bed you're sitting on has taken by our new roommate. And the beds this side, " she pointed her thumb showing the two beds on the left side of the door where she's standing right now, "the one on my right belongs to Clara and the other one, though unoccupied, I'm sure Clara won't be pleased to have you sleeping next to her. So the only available bed for you is the one in the left corner." Brittany finished and pursed her lips.

Hera sighed a

isbelief, earning an eye-roll from her friend.

"It's not that you can turn down the invitation from the Queen herself. Of course, we are going. Then why do you think our guys stayed back?" Celine asked, and Hera didn't know how to react to the newly gathered information. She was frustrated. She slumped against the wardrobe and dropped her butt on the floor in a huff.

Brittany called her name. When Hera looked at her friends, both Celine and Brittany tugged her to her feet and hugged her assuring that it would be alright. Hera sighed, nodding her head. Adelaide cleared her throat, interrupting their moment. "Am I invited as well? I hope you're not planning on leaving me alone here, " Adelaide said, looking at all three of them.

'What say do I have in it?'

Hera wanted to laugh at the irony. If only Adelaide knew the truth.

Hera pushed the half-unpacked luggage bag deep into the wardrobe, not bothering about the remaining clothes. She's not in a mood to deal with unpacking anymore.

Celine replied to Adelaide's question when Hera Didn't say anything. "Adi, of course, you can come. Didn't you hear what we said earlier? Queen Bee herself said everyone's invited. We all are going. Besides, who would want to miss the party when the campus heartthrob is the host?" They all laughed, and Hera pouted looking at them with her doe-like big green orbs. "And here I thought that my friends stayed back because they missed me!" Hera said, faking disappointment.

"You wish, " Brittany and Celine said simultaneously. "Ah sorry to burst your bubble honey, " Celine added grinning at Hera.

Hera glared at her friends, mocking anger. She looked up at the ceiling, folded her hands, fingers intertwined as she said, "thank you, God. What best friends I've got! What would I do without them?"

Her sarcasm made her friends scowl while Hera laughed.

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