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"So, what did I miss? Mind updating?" Abby asked as they walked ahead. She stopped walking and turned around to face them directly when she noticed her friends exchanging looks with each other. They all had an amusement dancing in their eyes. "Well?" She prodded, waiting for them to spill everything that happened in her absence.

"The heartthrob of SPALEV ... our very own Ace Hunter, " Celine started, and every next word that came out of her mouth made Hera's heart skip a beat. It didn't help either that she's dragging and prolonging her statement to create a dramatic effect. "Has been elected as our new President, undisputed, " Celine declared in a high pitch tone.

Hera rolled her eyes while Abby frowned in confusion. "What's new in that, Celine? He's always been the President. He's an undefeated King of SPALEV since forever, " Abby said, and she too rolled her eyes at the end.

Hera stopped at the bulletin board as some pictures caught her attention. There were different pictures of Hunter on the bulletin board. One with their Principal in the Assembly presenting him the certificate and a trophy for being the topper last year. One more with the teachers in the Auditorium congratulating him for being elected as the President of the Student Council. Another picture with their Soccer team coach along with his team on the field. He's the captain of their Soccer team.

Nothing was new though, as Abby said he'd been enjoying all these titles since forever.

"What's new? Okay, let me spell it for you. It's new because this year as we're entering high school, we come under the direct rule of our Mighty President, Mr Ace Hunter, " Andrew spoke, tone filled with absolute frustration. That revelation hit Hera hard. With a short, sudden intake of breath, she bit her lip as Andrew uttered those words out loud. Her breath caught in her throat as Hunter's piercing eyes sliced hers through the picture.

In their school every year there would be an election to elect members of Student Council, starting from "Grade Six to Grade Eight" for Middle School and "Grade Nine to Grade Twelve" for High School. Three students from each Grade would get elected to the Student Council as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Class Representatives, etc.

Hunter had always been the President and no points for guessing it there. Because it's obvious, he had been that much popular among students as well as teachers since day one.

Since Hunter was three years senior to Hera, she never came under his control when he was the President of Middle School. Unfortunately, now, as she was a High School Freshe

y. But her delight soon turned into sadness as something broke inside her heart.

'What did I just wish for?'

Uncle Benson and Aunt Liezel's house was never a home for Hera. She used to count the days and pray for the winter and summer vacations to end soon so that she could go back to school. Her Boarding school was no less than a home for her. Because Hunter had been there waiting for her always.

Hunter had promised Hera on her every birthday that he would build a home for her. That's where she was going to live in future after leaving boarding school. Hera was living in her private world of fairy tale he had made her believe. It had been her only dream to make a home with him.

She'd heard everyone around her say what they want to become when they grow up, some said Doctors, some chose Business. They talked about modelling, acting, dancing, photography, Teaching, etc. But Hera wanted none of it, and she was never good at studies either. Every single time she thought about her future, the only thing she could think of was to marry her Prince Charming, her Hunter.

In her childhood days, whenever her teachers asked what would she want to become, she would proudly announce that she would become somebody's wife. She didn't mind everyone laughing at her then. Nothing mattered because she knew, she wouldn't want to be anything else other than being his wife, and to spend her forever with him.

'That was my only aim, the only ambition, only wish, only desire. To be your wife, Hunter.'

A single teardrop escaped her eyelids rolling down her cheek.

"Wait till you see the bathroom. It's gorgeous, Hera, " Brittany exclaimed, and Hera brushed the tear away hastily with the back of her hand before Brittany could notice.

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