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Hera still remembered the first day of her school. She couldn't be happier to go to the same school as her brother. The mere thought of learning to read and write in school made her happy because she was desperate to read the message written on the chocolate wrappers given by her eight-year-old husband.

Unaware of the biggest surprise that awaited there for her, Hera was beyond excited.

That said surprise was none other than her Prince charming.

She met her secret boyfriend/husband, Mr Hunter, at the school on her first day itself, and it only multiplied her happiness. She never thought she'd be meeting him so soon after their last meeting in the church on her fifth birthday where he disclosed the prophecy about their destined union in the future as husband and wife.

Finally, she learned his first name. Her Mr Hunter was called Ace, but she preferred calling him Hunter. Because whenever she addressed him as Hunter, he would call her "Mrs Hunter" in reply, and that truly made her happy. She was glad to learn the fact that Danny and Hunter have been already best friends.

Then she met their whole gang, Hunter's other best friends. Little did she know they were going to ruin her happiness. They stood like a strong pillar between Hera and her love, separating them from each other. By the time she realized what was happening, that pillar morphed into the unbreakable wall.

Hera hated them all, with all her guts.

They bullied her every day and made her life hell. The worst part was, Danny never bothered to stop his friends. He never even once questioned or objected their evil intentions towards Hera. They couldn't have asked for a better friend because Danny was a great friend. He never let down his friends, but he always stood against Hera, obviously siding with his so-called best friends.

"It's just a prank Hera, learn to be a sport and stop being a crybaby, " Danny would say to shut her up, whenever Hera went to her brother crying for help. That was his logical explanation to def

use of our rebellious hormones, defying all our attempts to control. So stop being a jealous bitch, Hera and take care of your man. It's your job to take care of his needs as his girl, " he scolded her as though she'd committed the biggest mistake of her life.

Hera couldn't believe she just heard him saying all that. She shook her head in disbelief. Whatever he said, it only made her feel disgusted. He meant it like she was an object made to please a man. Her pride was wounded. She wasn't any sex toy, and she wanted to scream at Danny's face that he was a sexist bastard.

'Take care of his needs? Does he think I'm a prostitute or some sex worker?'

"Wow! I'm blessed. What did I do to get a brother like you for life?" Hera asked, throwing her hands up in the air, and groaned in frustration as though she's going through the greatest agony of life. Danny didn't miss the sarcasm dripping from her words. It only made him more furious because she did make him feel like he's the greatest agony of her life every time they fought. Well, that's all they did, fighting, and fighting and more fighting.

Danny was sick and tired of fighting with her, but Hera never stopped fighting over their so-called sibling bond. She never let a single chance to go waste where she would get to accuse him of what a disappointment he was as a brother.

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