Chapter 12 MEET AND GREET

FALLING IN LOVE WITH HIM By Shonihn Characters: 8310

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Hera tried hard not to cry while Asher yelled out loud out of the blue. Startled, she looked at him with her widened eyes, which screamed, "are you crazy?"

Asher grinned and started to tickle Hera making her squeak in surprise. She found herself giggling, which soon turned into outright laughter. All of her friends joined Asher and held her in the place when she tried to run away. Hera fell on the ground, begging them in between her laughter to stop tickling her.

Finally, with a promise from Hera that she's not going to mope around thinking about the past they stopped torturing her. Those tears threatening to spill out of her eyes earlier, which she tried so hard to hide, escaped her eyelids anyway. But they weren't tears of sadness anymore.

Hera wiped her cheeks, erasing the trace of those tears. They called for a group hug, and Hera genuinely smiled, hugging them all. No matter how unpleasant the situation got, her friends always made it better for her. Every single time.

"Okay, enough drama already. Kids, behave, " Andrew playfully scolded them all grinning wide. "Oh, we are one bunch of nasty teenagers, alright. Don't ask us to behave, Mr Virgin pants, " Asher said, and they all laughed at his words. Andrew glared and tried to punch him, but Asher easily dodged it.

"You should be happy that at least, Virgin pants sound better than Virgin Mary, " Abby said, pinching Andrew's cheeks which made him groan in disapproval. "Yeah, right, because Virgin Mary is rightfully Hera's title, " Jarred said, flicking Hera's nose while Celine and Brittany high fived him. Hera rolled her eyes at her immature friends.

Hera couldn't be happier to know that all her friends had decided to stay back so that they could make it up to her for those last ten days she missed. Her friends decided to wait in the corridor until Hera and Abby finish their meeting with the Principal.

When Hera reached the Principal's office, she scowled at the first person she saw. Principal's PA Julia Rooney and Hera never liked each other. She'd always been a bitch to Hera for some unknown reason. "Ah, look who's finally decided to grace us with her presence!" Julia said, and Hera faked a smile at the mean Personal Assistant. "Ms Rooney, I'm here to see Mrs Mathew. Can I go in?" Hera asked.

"Of course, Ms Hunter. Waltz in like you own the place, " Julia said, waving her hand. Her sarcasm made Hera clench her teeth, yet she smiled sweetly consuming her anger. Abby heard

her shoulders. "I'm not saying anything, " she replied and shook her head.

"Ew ew ew... Disgusting, " they both said in unison and pulled a face as if they were about to puke before they burst out laughing.

As promised, Hera's friends were all waiting for her when they walked out of the office. Hera and Abby joined their friends when Danny called out Abby's name loudly. She turned to him, and they bid goodbye by hugging each other. He looked at Hera, who had her gaze already fixed on him and Abby, watching them with her eyes full of longing.

"You both have an hour to settle down, and then we're leaving, " Danny stated in his usual commanding tone to which Hera and Abby both agreed without any objection. He went near Hera, and for a second she went stiff when he hugged her. Hera was shocked that her brother was hugging her. He'd never done that.

"Don't worry, Hera, he's not here, " he whispered in her ear only for her to hear. With that said, he walked ahead of them towards their dormitory. Abby smiled at Hera knowingly. It's not every day that her cousins hug each other. It's a special moment. Hera shrugged nonchalantly in response.

Danny's words echoed in her mind.

'He is not here. What does he mean?'

However, she decided to ignore it for the time being and joined her friends. On their way, her friends started to fill her in about everything that happened in the last ten days. Hera held her breath, bracing herself for the worst since she knew their conversation would eventually lead to Hunter. She had a feeling that she would hear something or the other thing about her tormentor, which won't be in her favour.

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