Chapter 11 WELCOME BACK

FALLING IN LOVE WITH HIM By Shonihn Characters: 9491

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"SPALEV HIGH, here I come, " Hera yelled out loud dramatically, spreading her arms wide open against the sky as the moment she's dreading to face had finally arrived.

Summer holidays were over, and now she was back to school. It was her first year as a high school student. The first day of high school should always be exciting, but not for her. The school had forever been her worst nightmare and stepping into high school was not going to change anything. So why would this year be any different?

'Probably this year won't change for any good either. Well, not until a certain someone leaves SPALEV High.'

Hera thought bitterly.

Abby just finished talking to her parents on the phone. She was informing them that they'd reached safely. All three of them knew that it would be the last time they were allowed to make a call home until their next holidays.

Hera looked up, eyeing the large buildings standing proudly in front of her and sighed audibly. Her eyes wandered through the school's campus. She didn't even know how many acres of land it consumed. Well, that's because she wasn't any good with numbers, meaning she didn't know anything about land dimensions or measuring tapes or scales. In short, she sucked at Math.

The property was too big. The school had three different blocks dividing Primary school, Middle school, and High school, respectively. It had an Assembly hall where they held daily prayers and its where the Principal would conduct a meeting for all the students and teachers simultaneously. It included an Auditorium as well where they would conduct recreational activities and celebrations. Curricular and creative activities such as dramatics, music, and debates also carried out there.

It had the biggest library in the school and a common canteen for everyone. They had a sports club which comes with all the facilities to play indoor games. It had a fully equipped gym and a boxing ring to practice all types of martial arts. It had a basketball court, Tennis court, and big playgrounds for soccer and cricket as well. Next to it stood their Dormitory building which takes 10 minutes to walk from the school.

"I wonder how our parents managed to send us into this school. I don't know how can they even afford to pay our fees?" Hera wondered aloud.

SPALEV, which stands for "Shaping Personality And Learning Ethical Values" was an elite private school in Central-West London, meant only for rich kids. Every student there had a loaded family background except Hera, Danny, and Abby.

"Our parents?" Her brother's questioning tone caught Hera's attention, and she peeked a glance at him. The expression on his face was taunting her, and she had long been familiar with that look. She couldn't understand why he despised her so much. She loved him like any other normal sister would love

, girl. I didn't mean it that way. She seems somewhat different, " Asher said to Brittany. "A good different, that is, " he added when she glared at him.

"And she's grown taller, " Andrew said while he studied her appearance in detail, but it wasn't anything in a creepy way as he's the most decent guy in their entire school.

Hera knew what they're hinting. Her physical appearance had changed a bit. She'd put on some weight, obviously all thanks to Aunt Lizzy, who thought it's that time of your life where you need to feed your body with enough vitamins to build a healthy foundation for a growing girl's personality. So, she made her stay back at home though her holidays were over, making her miss the school for ten days in the process. And she did make Hera stuff her tummy with food and food and more food.

Hera surprisingly got emotional and cried when Lizzy said, that's what a mother would do when her daughter hits puberty. No matter what, Hera could never be an ungrateful person. She was thankful for everything her adopted parents had done for her.

A loud honking of a car made them all jump in surprise. They all turned to the car only to witness Clara White winding her window glass up sitting in the back seat of her car but not before glaring at Hera with pure hatred. Hera bit her lip hard and her fingers closed into a tight fist digging her nails into her palm to distract her mind but the pain didn't do anything to stop her memories rising to the front from the deeply hidden bottom of her brain.

"Hey, it's okay." Hera heard her friends whisper in unison. When she looked at them, they all were giving her a sympathetic look. Hera lowered her head, avoiding their eyes. "It still hurts. It hurts so much, you know, " she said in a broken whisper and tried hard not to cry.

"Welcome back, Hera, " Asher yelled out loud out of the blue, startling Hera.

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