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"What the fuck are you talking? He doesn't get into my bed every night, and I don't sleep with him, " Hera yelled at her brother, pacing back and forth in her tiny room, avoiding eye contact. She didn't want him to know how nervous she's feeling inside. "I'm not sleeping with him, and I'll never, ever sleep with him. Period. Get this straight into your thick skull." She concluded, her face flushed pink in anger.

He barked a laugh, a loud one. Hera stopped pacing and clenched her teeth, glaring at him.

'He's laughing at me! Oh, how I wish to smash that beautiful face of his.'

"Oh, my God! Seriously, Hera? You just started with PMS symptoms, and you're already thinking about sleeping with him. Wow! Real progress there, Hera, " he said, mocking appreciation meanwhile Hera glared at him with utmost disgust. If only looks could kill.

"Ooh! Hera is angry!" Danny stated. He widened his eyes and held up his hands in mock surrender. He laughed some more and then he became deadly serious. His eyes suddenly turned cold as ice.

'Bipolar much?'

His expressions changed so fast, Hera could swear he was bipolar.

"Tell me, Hera. How'll you convince mom and dad when I show them your picture?" He stopped for a second or two, bent his head to her level, and looked into her narrowed angry eyes. Then, he whispered his next words. "Pictures of you kissing him. In his bed." With that said, he smiled at her, a sickly sugary sweet smile.

'Ah, that sweet, innocent, heartwarming smile! Could've fooled me.'

Hera's thoughts were interrupted when Danny opened his filthy mouth again. "Next time you better watch your tongue and think twice before you dare threaten me, Hera, " he said throug

f. You and he can go fuck each other, " Hera said, eyes shooting daggers at him. He gritted his teeth in anger. She matched his temper equally, not ready to back off.

"You'll find another boyfriend?" Danny asked and laughed in ridicule. "Oh, yeah, try, Hera. I would like to see who dares date you. I promise I'll break all his bones. Nobody hits on my best friend's girl, not under my watch, " he swore.

'Of course, you would.'

Hera thought bitterly. She knew very well that he meant every word he spoke. His last statement broke her heart.

'Nobody hits on my best friend's girl.'

Hera scoffed.

She wondered how it would feel to hear him say for once, "Nobody hits on my sister". But she knew that would never happen. She always craved to feel the protectiveness a brother would provide for a sister. Unfortunately, Danny could never be polite to her, let alone be a loving and protective brother. He always chose his friend over her. He hated her to the point of repulsion, and Hera had no clue why.

"Some protective brother you are!"

She spat the words out in disgust, disbelief, and in an utter disappointment.

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