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Hera locked her room and leaned against the closed door. She placed her palms on her chest and closed her eyes for a few seconds.

"God! Are you planning on killing me, you stupid heart? Slow down, will you?" She scolded her racing heart, which was beating so fast that she felt like it might jump out of her chest. She waited for her heart to settle down until her breathing became normal.

She jumped on her bed and took several deep breaths. She wasted enough time trying to dodge the dreaded moment. But how long could she avoid it? She wasn't allowed to ignore him. Eventually, Hera took out the phone from her pocket and swiped the screen. Thankfully, Danny had given her the password to unlock the screen before giving his phone to her. Otherwise, she would've needed her annoying brother to open the phone lock, and she didn't need a commanding Hitler dancing on her head right now.

The notification bar showed, twenty-four messages and two missed calls. "Oh, my God! Did he call? I missed it!" She said aloud, panicking.

"He'll be furious that I didn't answer his call. What should I do now?" She asked herself as her heart started to race again, making her nervous. She brushed her sweaty palms on her jean shorts, wiping them.

Slowly gathering all the courage from every fibre of her body, she checked the missed calls first, and to her relief, it wasn't from Hunter. It was from Evelyn, one of Hunter's best friends. Her name itself brought a smile to Hera's face. Unlike the rest of his gang, she was a sweetheart and the only odd one out in their group.

Evelyn was beautiful, smart, and the blue-eyed angel of the school. Most importantly, she wasn't a mean bitch, unlike her other best friends. She's kind, friendly, and liked to be a help wherever it was needed. Every boy in their school had a crush on her. But she had her eyes and heart set on only one person, Daniel Aiken aka Danny. However, Hera's stupid brother Danny had always ignored Evie's every attempt to win his heart, or so it seemed.

Hera opened the message inbox and found out that Evelyn had sent twenty-three messages. Hera giggled quietly. For someone ignorant of Evelyn's feelings, Danny for sure chatted a lot with her, and he'd saved her contact name as Princess Evelyn.

Out of twenty-four messages, one message came from Hunter. Hera paused and debated whether to open or not to open Hunter's message. She thought maybe it was for Danny. According to what her brother said, Hunter was supposed to call her. He wouldn't message her, right? Hera jerked back in surprise when the phone pinged again, notifying an incoming message. It was from Evie, and Hera accidentally touched the screen, opening the message unknowingly.

Princess Evelyn: "Hera sweety, I'm guessing Danny's phone is with you because he's not answering my calls and messages?"

Hera's eyes widened in surprise as she read the message addressed to her.

It was as though Evelyn could see her checking the me

de her scoff.

Ace: "Sorry, LOVE, couldn't call you. I'm kind of busy with something important. I can't wait to meet you, though. See you soon, Goddess Hera."

He had texted such a short message and didn't even mention the reason for being busy. Hera was avoiding the moment, not wanting to talk to him. She should be glad that she got off with it, but it only made her heart sulk in disappointment. Why? Because unknowingly, she was counting the minutes and seconds waiting for his call the whole evening. What was he so busy with that he couldn't spare a minute to call her?

She reread his message, and her mind remembered everything Danny said.

'He is missing you, be nice, don't hurt his feelings, oh blah blah blah. So much for missing you.'

Danny's phone pinged again showing an incoming message. This time Hera didn't hesitate opening the message. It led her to their group chat. Whatever she read there, made her even more furious. They were all discussing her, and she decided to read the whole conversation starting from the beginning.

And what did she discover?

Hunter's best friends were teasing him about "his girl" being a ripened fruit now, and that he was the only one to taste and enjoy it. She cringed at the mess they called "thoughts."

'How disgusting!'

Hera closed the message inbox and carefully placed the phone on her bedside table, not wanting to cause any damage to it and threw herself on her bed with a thud. There were days when she couldn't wait to go back to London. But now, she's dreading reaching her destination. Her gaze turned to the ceiling above her, and she sighed helplessly.

As Abby said, for sure, her Prince charming came to her rescue when she was in desperate need of love. However, her Prince charming had turned himself into an evil monster now. Who would save her from this heartless Satan?

'Can anyone please tell me that a knight in shining armour still exists? There's a damsel in distress to rescue here.'

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