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Ten years later:

Sliding the old, thin, yellow-coloured cotton curtains to the sides, Hera pushed the window open and stood watching the sun fall behind the horizon. With the setting sun, the orange-gold stretched far and wide in the sky, mingling with the rolling clouds.

Hera didn't have the clock in her room, so judging by the position of the sun, she guessed the time to be somewhere between six to seven o'clock.

Closing the windows as well as the curtains, she walked to the small dresser placed next to her bed. Her hair was a tangled mess as she spent the afternoon rolling on the bed. She had nothing entertaining to do and was bored to death. She was back in California to spend her summer holidays with family.

Hera studied her appearance in the mirror from head to toe. Anyone could tell that she'd gained weight. Her cheeks looke

ay? Are you out of your fucking mind? What do you mean by he wants to see me? If you let him come here or planning to bring him here, I swear I'll tell everyone at home how you're helping my bullies by supporting them. I'll tell everything to aunt Lizzy, " she said, trying to threaten him but in vain. He just smirked at her. Hands shoved into his pant pockets he stood there, all calm and collective.

"Oh! Really? What'll you tell them exactly? How the hell is he bullying you? By getting into your bed every night?" He asked, sarcasm dripping from his words. "Hmm, I would love to see how you'll explain your private time with him, " he said while Hera's jaw nearly hit the floor. She quickly recovered from the shock and tried to mask it with anger. She glared at him, but the pink blush spreading all over her cheeks and neck betrayed her act.

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