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Their backyard was not that big, except for the plain grass there wasn't anything much around, and it felt crowded as Hera made her way to a nearby table. She walked on the grey carpets spread on the lush green grass. A fire pit added to the yard kept the air warm and comforting in the chilly evening.

She took a seat at one of the six tables. It was small and round-shaped with three chairs. As she bent to pull the chair, her long ponytail fell forward, creating a brown puddle on the white table. She threw her hair over her shoulder and noticed the youngsters occupying other tables. Danny was sitting among them and made sure that no one dared to look at her way.

Hera wanted to go to her brother to ask about Abby as she was nowhere in sight but decided against it. She thought better to avoid him. Liezel came to her with a big plate and served the food with a smile on her face. Hera thanked her and returned the smile. It was all for the show, she knew.

Hera shoved a spoon full of lasagna into her mouth and chewed leisurely savouring the taste. She moaned in pure satisfaction. "Aunt Lizzy, you're indeed an amazing cook, " she mumbled to herself.

Aimlessly, Hera's eyes wandered around, taking note of her surroundings. Her eyes landed on her uncle, Benson, and watched him as he enjoyed his barbeque with Antony and his other guests. They were sitting in a circle on the carpet surrounding the fire pit. She was right about her thoughts earlier that all the men were already drunk.

Her Grandparents dancing to some stupid music playing in the background caught Hera's attention. It was so cute and romantic. They seemed so happy with each other. Just then, Abby came and hugged them each, and they kissed her forehead. Hera's stomach knotted in jealousy, and she cried inwardly, if only they could show her such warm affection.

When Hera was seven years old, Benson and Liezel told her about her parents. Benson had a younger sister named Felicity, and she was in love with a man who her parents didn't approve. Her boyfriend was a bad man, a gang leader, precisely a lawbreaker. Presumably, he deserted her when she was pregnant with Hera. Felicity died after giving birth to her and had asked her brother Benson to name her daughter as Hera Hunter. Since then Benson and Liezel raised her as their own.

Little Hera couldn't see through their lies and believed their every word. If only she knew that it was a concocted story. But she was too innocent and ignorant to detect their true selves. She trusted them with her gratitude-filled heart and thanked God for blessing her with a family.

Hera could only guess that Hunter must be her father's name. Benson refused to tell her any more things about her father in detail. They all said that her father was dangerous, and Hera was better off without him.

Just like her Uncle Ben, her grandparents too kept Hera at a

red their license to womanhood way before Hera did. Probably a year and a half early compared to Hera's. So Hera knew everything because friends do talking.

Soon these women felt that they'd taught Hera enough and they left her table to join the adults to enjoy their drink. Hera inhaled the evening air and relaxed in her chair. She couldn't be happier, as they left her alone to enjoy her food in peace at last.

Right at that exact moment, Danny's cell phone which Hera had kept on the chair next to her pinged, indicating an incoming message and Hera choked on her food when she saw her Satan's name flashing on the screen. She coughed, and her eyes watered as the food entered the wrong pipe. She drank water and composed herself quickly, not wanting to grab attention. The phone kept alerting about the incoming messages. She grabbed the phone and shoved it inside the pocket of her jean shorts without glancing at the screen again. She couldn't dare.

Hera stood up from the chair and eyed her unfinished food. She never appreciated the idea of wasting food. But right at that moment, wasting food was the last thing she was worried. She was nervous and needed someone for moral support. Hera quickly glanced around, searching for her cousin and found Abby dancing with a boy. She could see how good-looking he was.

Hera stared at her beautiful cousin while Abby laughed heartily at something the boy said. Her soft dirty blonde hair moved in sync with the soft wind, fanning her oval-shaped face. He gently tucked a few stray hairs behind her ear, making Abby blush.

Unlike Hera, her cousin was a social butterfly and could easily mingle with anyone. Hera decided not to ruin her fun and started walking in the direction of their back-gate entrance to the kitchen. She saw Danny and sighed in relief that he's busy kissing a random girl behind a tree.

Hera made a beeline to her room without any second thought.

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