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"Are you okay, Hera?" Abby asked once Danny was out of earshot, concern lacing her every word. But Hera's eyes were glued to the cell phone from the moment Danny thrust it into her hand. She forgot that Abby was still there with her, waiting for her to answer and watching her every reaction.

However, the only reaction Abby could detect on Hera's face was her widened eyes ready to pop out of their socket at any moment. Oblivious to her surroundings, Hera stood like a statue in stunned silence. Abby decided she'd had enough, and snapped her fingers in front of Hera's eyes. But it didn't help to get her cousin's attention, and she snorted annoyed.

"Stop eyeing that poor device as if it's going to explode any moment now killing us both. It's just a damn cell phone for God's sake, Hera, " Abby snapped in anger and finally got Hera's attention.

Hera took her eyes off the cell phone and looked at Abby's glaring eyes. She blinked twice, thrice, trying to refocus on what her cousin said, and finally, Abby's words registered. "It's not just a cell phone. It's a cell phone that's going to make me talk to Satan!" Hera exclaimed in horror which made Abby grin, and Hera glared at her. She threw the phone as if it burnt and it landed right at the edge of her bed. Abby rolled her eyes at her cousin's childish act.

"You know right, how desperate are the female population of our school to talk to that so-called Satan of yours? They'll kill to be in your place, " Abby said, removing her Jacket as she made it to the bed and Hera followed inattentively. "If only I could trade places with them, " Hera muttered, and her lips twitched slightly flashing a sad smile. Abby could see how to hurt Hera was feeling about it. She hugged her and tried to calm her nerves so that she could lessen her pain.

"I know, you deliberately threw the phone using less force so that it won't fall on the floor. You know right, Danny would kill you if you even made a small scratch on it?" Abby asked, trying to lighten Hera's sour mood. She laughed as Hera gasped in shock, widened her eyes in horror, and quickly crawled to the bottom of her bed to pick up the phone. She checked for any damage and sighed in relief, finding none.

"Oh, for God's sake, why does Danny even need a cell phone? You and I don't have one and aren't we surviving, Abby? Why should teenagers need a phone? Why don't people ban these goddamn cell phones?" Hera whined while Abby laughed. "Not for God's sake, but maybe for your Satan's sake, I guess?" Abby said, attempting to joke, but it only made her get shoved roughly onto the bed because her joke only added more to Hera's annoyance.

Hera was about to lose her mind for sure. She cursed Uncle Ben for gifting his son a cell phone on his eighteenth birthday. They weren't allowed to have a cell phone for safety reasons as they put it. Benson, however, decided to grant his son with some extra privileges since he was practic


True to Abby's words, Hera did find her Prince charming. He made everything better. He was there to wipe her tears when she cried. He was there to lend his shoulder to lean on when Hera needed comfort. He was always there to kiss her sorrows goodbye. With him by her side, Hera couldn't have asked for any more happiness. He was her Paradise, her eternal bliss. But nothing good stayed for long in Hera's life.

"Are you feeling better now?" Abby asked, and Hera wordlessly inclined her head in an answer. "Good then. Darling, cousin, it's time to join our family before they could send another search party for us. Let's go, " Abby said, getting off the bed. She draped her Jacket over her white sundress and gestured Hera to get ready.

Hera asked Abby to give her a few more minutes. She agreed and reached for the door. "And, Hera, don't mind whatever bullshit Danny uttered earlier making you upset. Just ignore him, and I'm always here if you need me, " Abby said with a warm smile, and Hera smiled in gratitude. "Thanks, Abby. I'll join you in another five minutes."

Hera locked her door and walked up to the window. She could see the crowd gathered in their backyard, and all seemed to be lost in the aftereffects of alcohol already. She scrunched her nose up in disgust. She had no choice but join them because it would be rude to stay away from your own family get together party.

She pulled the curtains blocking the view and bent down, looking under the cot to pull out her luggage bag. She took out her Diary and hugged it to her heart. The white gold anklet she's wearing in her left ankle shimmered in the evening dim light. She touched it rotating around her ankle and held the little heart charm attached to it. And just like that, memories started to haunt her mind. She read the words engraved on it, "Hunter's Archer" and her traitorous heart clenched in ache whispering the words without her permission.

"I miss you too, Hunter."

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