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"Did you miss me?"

A cheerful voice greeted from the door, and Danny ran to the owner of that voice without wasting any second.

"Abby, you're here!" Danny exclaimed in joy and hugged the gorgeous girl to his chest. His arms around her middle tightened, and he twirled her around, grinning from ear to ear. Hera watched in silence as her long hair spun along. "Of course, I missed you, Abby. Took you so long to come back, " he said in an accusing tone, but the merry grin spreading on his lips gave away the anger he was mocking.

Abigail was their uncle Antony and Jenny's only daughter. She inherited her father's looks as well as his carefree nature. Unlike Danny, Abby adored Hera like her sister. Hera couldn't have asked for a better sister than her. She's her best friend too.

The way Danny behaved with Abby only added more to Hera's agony. Their bonding filled with pure affection was visible for anyone to see and Hera envied her cousin Abigail for that. Abby had got what Hera always craved to have, that was her brother's unconditional love and protection. They even looked alike with their matching ice-blue eyes, soft dirty blonde hair. They both had a long, thin, straight nose and childlike sweet smiles. Abby and Danny looked so similar that anyone could mistake them for twins.

Danny gave her a long smooch on the cheek before settling her feet on the floor. "Abby, your cheeks have gotten chubby, " he teased, pinching her cheeks while Abigail groaned in disapproval. Like Hera, Abby was fond of food too. But much to Hera's annoyance, her cousin never gained unwanted fat no matter how much she ate. With her slim perfect figure, the only thing Abby lacked was height. Thanks to her five feet three inches short stature, she could now walk gracefully in high heels.

Abby grinned, pulling Hera into a hug and squeezed the air out of her. Hera obliged with equal enthusiasm. "How have you been, my energy charger?" Hera asked her cousin with a smile while Abby made herself comfortable on the bed. "I missed all the cuddling we used to do in this bed, " Abigail said. She giggled and pulled Hera onto the bed, but her giggle vanished as soon as she looked into Hera's red-rimmed eyes.

"What's wrong?" She asked with a frown, eyeing the two of her cousins back and forth, worry marring her facial features. "Nothing, " Hera and Danny answered in unison and their response came out too quickly. Abby shot them both a glare, which said she's not buying their lie.

"It's not nothing if you've been crying, Hera. Your swollen, red eyelids are contradicting your lie. Now tell me, why were you crying?" Abby snapped in anger, and her voice rose with every word.

Hera shushed her with a warning to be quiet. "Keep your voice down, Abby, " she muttered. Her cousin glared in return, and Hera smiled, trying to ease Abby's worries. "It's nothing because I wasn't crying. I just, hmm, you know, I had an infection in my eyes due to lack of sleep. I couldn't sleep bec

f we're our country's secret agents on some deadly secret mission, " he paused only to roll his eyes. "We're not allowed to give away our location, " he said in a serious matured tone, trying to imitate his father's deep voice.

"Huh! Seriously?" Give me a break, " he said, and Abby laughed at that. "Secret Agents! Whoa, that's something to think about, Danny. Or we could be kind of royalty hiding our identities to keep ourselves from getting killed by our enemies, " Abby suggested wiggling her brows, her eyes shifted between her two cousins. Hera couldn't stop grinning at Abby's assumption.

"It's for your safety, " Abby said, imitating Danny's earlier serious tone and they both burst out laughing.

Hera's grin widened, but before it could turn into laughter, Danny said something which made her heart skip a beat.

"He's not here."

Hera's eyes widened at that short declaration. She should be sighing in relief or releasing the breath she was holding. But her eyes were the most efficient among her all other sense organs. No matter what, her eyes were always the first to react when it comes to Hunter.

"I said he's missing her and wants to see her. I never said he's coming here to meet her. Our dear Hera can brag and drag about anything and everything nearly to death." Danny said. Hera's eyes widened again as her brother's amused blue eyes settled on hers.

'There's more to the story.'

"He will call you on my cell phone when he's free time, " Danny stated and took out his phone from his pant pocket and thrust it into Hera's hand. Hera didn't even notice when he'd walked up to her. She was too shocked to react and respond.

"Now, be a good girl and talk to him when he calls, okay? And be nice. He's really missing you, so don't mess with his feelings." With that said, he kissed Abby on her temple and shot a warning glare at Hera before walking out of her room. Finally, Hera released the breath she was holding, and it wasn't anywhere near to relief.

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