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Kensington, London, The United Kingdom.

A black Mercedes Benz stopped at the side of the road right next to the Church. A young man in his early twenties got down from the driver's seat to open the back door for the little boy and helped him out of the car. The boy dressed in a black tuxedo with a white shirt nodded in gratitude and walked around the car to join his grandmother.

Wrinkles formed at the corners of her eyes and around her mouth as she grinned at the boy. Their matching eyes twinkled as they looked at each other, and she held his little hand in hers. Even at the age of the late fifties, his grandmother looked young. She had her golden blonde hair tied up into a loose bun. She looked beautiful in her red knee-length, high waist umbrella skirt paired with a white full-sleeved shirt.

Putting on her coat, she turned to the young man. "Mathew, we're here to offer our prayers, and you don't have to look serious all the time. Relax and smile. If you want, you can come with us, " she said before pointing at the bodyguard standing near the car, "And please make sure that he doesn't scare the people around us, " she said, scowling at t

nto his eyes. He remembered, they met months ago for the first time, and he couldn't forget her pretty face since then. "What are you doing here?" The girl asked him, curiosity and excitement filled in her eyes.

He laughed at her stupid question.

"People come here to pray. What else will I be doing in a Church, Stupid?" He asked amusedly. He stopped laughing when she scowled at him, and her lips pouted adorably. He realised that he'd made her upset.

"Sorry. I did not mean to make you sad. You're not stupid. My grandma wanted to pray, so I came here with her. What are you doing here?" He asked the same question which he thought stupid a while ago only to make her feel good. And she did smile before answering him. "It's my birthday, and I'm five now." She held up her little palm to show five fingers.

"Aunt Lizzy brought me here to pray. She always brings me here on my birthday, " the birthday girl revealed with a wide grin.

He wanted to wish her happy birthday and just realised that he never knew her name. They didn't exchange names last time.

'How could I be so dumb!'

He thought inwardly, scolding himself for his stupidity.

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