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It had always been like this between Danny and Hera. Danny would always choose his friends over his little sister, Hera. Their relationship was remarkably bitter, and they were anything but loving siblings.

Hera still remembered the first day of her school. She couldn't be happier to go to the same school as her brother. The mere thought of learning to read and write in school made her happy because she was desperate to read the message written on the chocolate wrappers given by her eight-year-old husband.

Unaware of the biggest surprise that awaited there for her, Hera was beyond excited. To her surprise, she met her secret husband, Mr. Hunter at the school on her first day itself, and it only multiplied her happiness. She never thought, she'd be meeting him so soon after their last meeting in the church on her fifth birthday where he disclosed the prophecy about their destined union in the future as husband and wife.

Finally, she learned his first name. Her Mr. Hunter was called Ace, but she preferred calling him Hunter. Because every time she addressed him as Hunter, he called her Mrs. Hunter in reply, and that truly made her happy. She was glad to learn the fact that Danny and Hunter have been already best friends.

Then she met their whole gang, Hunter's other best friends. Little did she know they were going to ruin her happiness. They stood like a strong pillar between Hera and her love, separating them from each other. By the time she realized what was happening, that pillar morphed into the unbreakable wall.

They bullied her every day and made her life hell. The worst part was, Danny never bothered to stop his friends. He never even once questioned or objected their evil intentions towards Hera. They couldn't have asked for a better friend because Danny was a great friend. He never let down his friends, and he stood against Hera, obviously siding with his so-called best friends.

Whenever Hera went to her brother crying for help, his logical explanation to defend his friends was, "It's just a prank Hera, learn to be a sport and stop being a crybaby, " that's what he would say to shut her up.

'Yep, that made my life so easy.'

Never once did he stop Hunter from making every second of her life, miserable.

'Obviously, assholes are best friends, after all.'

And as for Hunter, he's entirely a different picture altogether. Hera never even dreamt of him being so evil. Whatever fantasy she had as a child, shattered into bits and pieces when they grew up. He turned her every dream into a nightmare. He went on from being her Prince charming to a heartless Villain.

Danny's angry outburst put an end to her trip to memory la

I not worthy of that much, Danny?" Hera asked, looking into his icy-blue eyes.

Danny crossed his arms around his chest, and answered her question with a very calm voice, face void of emotions. "Let me enlighten you if you're not aware of this truth. My parents adopted you and became your legal guardians, yet you address them as Aunt and Uncle instead of Mom and Dad. Hell, you didn't even agree to change your last name, Hera, and being the hypocrite that you're, you want me to accept you as my sister?"

His jaw clenched, and he managed to utter his next words through his gritted teeth. "News flash, Hera. It takes two to tango."

Hera bit her lip and swallowed down a sob, trying to escape her throat. "I don't have anything about my parents to cherish and to call my own. Hell, I don't even know how they looked because I never once saw them in my entire life, Danny. I didn't agree to change my last name because I wanted to have at least their name. The biggest sin of my life, right? Yes, kill me now, " Hera yelled, and turned her back to him as she couldn't hold back anymore.

She finally gave her consent to the awaiting flood of tears to break all the barriers.

"Right, this is all you're capable of doing. Drama Queen, cry all you want, it doesn't work on me. What else can anyone expect from you anyway? You're always hungry for attention. How pathetic can you be?" Danny snapped in anger. His voice, tone, and his body language, everything screamed how disgusted he felt about her.

Hera turned to face him, blinking her eyes rapidly to get rid of the tears. Before she could retaliate, someone thrust opened the door barging into her room for the second time.

Hera wiped her eyes free of tears in haste and turned to face the person with a readied fake smile.

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