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Ten years later:

Sliding the old, thin, yellow-coloured cotton curtains to the sides, Hera pushed the window open and stood watching the Sun fall behind the horizon. With the setting Sun, the orange-gold stretched far and wide in the sky, mingling with the rolling clouds.

Hera didn't have the clock in her room, so judging by the position of the Sun, she guessed the time to be somewhere between six to seven o'clock.

Closing the windows as well as the curtains, she walked to the small dresser placed next to her bed. Her hair was a tangled mess as she spent the afternoon rolling on the bed. She had nothing entertaining to do and was bored to death. She was back in California to spend her summer holidays with family.

Hera studied her appearance in the mirror from head to toe. Anyone could tell that she'd gained weight. Her cheeks looked chubby, and her body more defined, adding some extra curves to her figure. Scowling at her plump figure, Hera sighed and picked up the hairbrush to tame her tangled brunette hair. Once done brushing, she wore her long hair in a high ponytail.

She pulled a black hoodie over her tank top, matching her black jean shorts. She kept her face makeup free as she was in no mood to dress up. Walking to her bed, Hera pulled the journal she'd hidden under the pillow. The same purple-coloured diary gifted by her Uncle Antony on her fifth birthday.

Sitting cross-legged on the bed, she opened the diary glancing at the wrappers pasted in it. She ran her fingers absent-mindedly on the wrappers, caressing the words written on them.

Someone turned the handle and jerked the door open, disturbing her privacy. Startled, Hera quickly shut the book and turned it face-down to hide the letters written on it in bold capitals.

"What was that? What are you hiding from me?" She heard the rich voice questioning her, and annoyed, she rolled her eyes. She should've known by now, only her brother walks into her room, without bothering to knock.

'As though he owns the room.'

"Will you ever learn to knock, Danny?" She asked without even bothering to hide her displeasure, and he replied in an equally annoyed tone. "Of course. Not, Hera. In case you don't remember, it's my home, " he said smugly, giving her a slight close-lipped smile.

"Oh, God! Not again, Danny. Grow up, will you? Why do you hate me so much?" She half shouted at him in anger. She'd no energy to fight with him, but it seemed he wouldn't stop bothering her. She braced herself for the verbal insult. He never once was polite with her. As they grew up, his coldness and hatred towards Hera only intensified day by day.

"And I saw it. I think I read something like, 'Alexander' written on the cover. Isn't it?" Her brother asked, surprising her.

'He changed the topic! Hmm, thank God for that.'

"What do you want, Danny?" Hera asked, throwing the book into her already packed luggage bag and caressed the name written on it, Alexander The Conqueror. She quickly zipped it locking when he cleared his throat and pushed the luggage under her bed. "It's time for dinner. Mom is calling you, " he informed in a bored tone.

"Okay, thanks for telling me. I'll be out in a minute." She raised her eyebrows in question when he didn't make an effort to get out of her room. He scratched his unshaven chin as if in deep thought but had his eyes locked on hers. She knew that look, and it screamed trouble.

"What is it, Danny?" Hera asked, eyeing him suspiciously.

Danny smiled at her. The real, sweet, genuine smile. She noticed how incredibly perfect her brother looked, with his ice -blue eyes, lean, athletic body, and that charming smile gracing his lips. His soft, dirty blonde hair falling on his forehead almost covered his eyes. He'd finger-combed his hair, which perfectly defined his bad boy image.

Dressed in a brushed almond colour cargo pant paired with a full-sleeved maroon T-shirt, he looked very handsome. The day old stubble on his jaw gave him a matured look. No girl would walk past him without giving him a second look.

The clicking of a lock put an end to her thoughts, and she watched as he walked in, settling on her bed. Hera sighed audibly. "I have a message to convey, Hera, " he said, adjusting the pillow behind his head before leaning against it. Hera sat on the floor with her arms wrapped around her torso and waited for him to continue.

"He's missing you."

That one statement made her shiver, and her heart skipped a beat. She knew it's trouble. Danny spoke again. "He wants to see you, Hera. He's truly missing you." Hera stood up quickly from the floor and marched towards him. She didn't stop until they came up face to face. To her disadvantage, he stood up from the bed, and his six-foot height towered over her.

"What did you say? Are you out of your fucking mind? What do you mean by he wants to see me? If you let him come here or planning to bring him here, I swear I'll tell everyone at home how you're helping my bullies by supporting them. I'll tell everything to Aunt Lizzy, " she said, trying to threaten him but in vain. He just smirked at her. Hands shoved into his pant pockets he stood there, all calm and collective.

"Oh! Really? What'll

you tell them exactly? How's he bullying you? By getting into your bed every night?" He asked, sarcasm dripping from his words. "Hmm, I would love to see how you'll explain your private time with him, " he said while Hera's jaw nearly hit the floor. She quickly recovered from the shock and tried to mask it with anger. She glared at him, but the pink blush spreading all over her cheeks and neck betrayed her act.

"What the fuck are you talking? He doesn't get into my bed every night, and I don't sleep with him, " she yelled, pacing back and forth in her tiny room, avoiding eye contact. She didn't want him to know how nervous she's feeling inside. "I'm not sleeping with him, and I'll never, ever sleep with him. Period. Get this straight into your thick skull." She concluded, her face flushed pink in anger.

He barked a laugh, a loud one. Hera stopped pacing and clenched her teeth, glaring at him.

'He's laughing at me! Oh, how I wish to smash that beautiful face of his.'

"Oh, my God! Seriously, Hera? You indeed just started with PMS symptoms, and you're already thinking about sleeping with him. Wow! Real progress there, Hera, " he said, mocking appreciation meanwhile Hera glared at him with utmost disgust. If only looks could kill.

"Ooh! Hera is angry!" He widened his eyes and held up his hands in mock surrender. He laughed some more and then he became deadly serious. His eyes suddenly turned cold as ice.

'Bipolar much?' Hera thought to herself.

"Tell me, Hera. How'll you convince Mom and Dad when I show them your picture?" He stopped for a second or two, bent his head to her level, and looked into her narrowed angry eyes. Then he whispered his next words. "Picture of you kissing him. In his bed." With that said, he smiled at her, a sickly sugary sweet smile.

'Ah, that sweet, innocent, heartwarming smile! Could've fooled me.'

Hera's thoughts were interrupted when Danny opened his filthy mouth again. "Next time you better watch your tongue and think twice before you dare threaten me, Hera, " he said through his clenched teeth, warning her. But, all Hera could think was about the pictures he mentioned.

"You keep my pictures?" She exclaimed in horror. "An indecent ones at that, he added, making her cringe. "That's so sick. I'm your sister, Danny! How could you?" She asked, disbelief written all over her face. Her brother pretended to think for a second or two before replying.

"On second thoughts, you're right. Honestly, it gets awkward to keep intimate pictures of your best friend with your SISTER. So, don't worry SISTER. I don't have it with me, " he said, emphasizing the word, sister. Could he be any more sarcastic than that? Hera knew he was mocking their sibling bond.

"But I only have to open his social media accounts to get those cute, romantic pictures of you two, " he said smirking arrogantly.

Hera laughed humorlessly at the irony.

"Romantic? God! You're delusional, Danny. I don't want anything to do with that best friend of yours." She tried to open the door to walk out of the room, silently announcing that this conversation was over. But to her annoyance, Danny wouldn't let go. He yanked her back into the room abruptly from the door. And when she looked into his eyes, he was furious.

"Don't you dare, walk out on me, Hera. I'm not done yet with our talk." He said, glaring at her. Hera tried to pull her hand out of his tight grip. "Let go, Danny. I said I'm not interested in that so-called best friend of yours. I hate him so much that he could go die and all I care about is for him to vanish from my life, " she said, successfully freeing her hand from his hold.

"Seriously, Hera? Look at you, being an ungrateful bitch that you're. Consider yourself lucky that he even looks at you. I don't know why he's so crazy about you, though. He can do so much better. You don't deserve him, " he sounded so repulsive, Hera couldn't believe he said that. His words hit the nerve. She held back the tears threatening to spill any moment.

'Consider myself lucky? How ironic!'

"I don't want him either. I can do better too, Danny, and I assure you that I can find a better boyfriend for myself. You and he can go fuck each other, " Hera said, eyes shooting daggers at him. He gritted his teeth in anger. She matched his temper equally, not ready to back off.

"You'll find another boyfriend?" he laughed in ridicule. "Oh, yeah, try, Hera. I would like to see who dares date you. I promise I'll break all his bones. Nobody hits on my best friend's girl, " he swore.

'Of course, you would.'

Hera knew very well that he meant every word he spoke. His last statement broke Hera's heart.

'Nobody hits on my best friend's girl.'

Hera smiled sarcastically, imagining him, saying, nobody hits on my sister. But she knew that would never happen. She always craved to feel the protectiveness a brother could provide for a sister. Unfortunately, Danny could never be polite to her, let alone be a loving and protective brother. He always chose his friend over her. He hated her to the point of repulsion, and Hera had no clue why.

"Some protective brother you are!"

She spat in disgust, disbelief, and in utter disappointment.

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