Chapter 3 I DO'S AND THE KISS

FALLING IN LOVE WITH HIM By Shonihn Characters: 14065

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Kensington, London, United Kingdom.

A black Mercedez Benz stopped at the side of the road right next to the Church. A young man in his early twenties got down from the driver's seat to open the back door for the little boy and helped him out of the car. The boy dressed in a black tuxedo with a white shirt nodded in gratitude and walked around the car to join his Grandma.

Wrinkles formed at the corners of her eyes and around her mouth as she grinned at the boy. Their matching eyes twinkled as they looked at each other, and she held his little hand in hers. Even at the age of the late fifties, his Grandma looked young. She had her golden blonde hair tied up into a loose bun. She looked beautiful in her red knee-length, high waist umbrella skirt paired with a white full-sleeved shirt.

Putting on her coat, she turned to the young man, "Mathew, we're here to offer our prayers, and you don't have to look serious all the time. Relax and smile. If you want, you can come with us." She said and pointed at the bodyguard standing near the car, "and please make sure that he doesn't scare the people around us, " she said, scowling at the said bodyguard.

Mathew accompanied them to the Church, while the bodyguard was ordered to stay at the Church gate. Securing her white bag in hand, she walked with grace, her white pumps clicking against the concrete floor. She looked like the perfect English Lady that she was.

The little boy slid his hands into his trouser pockets and watched the building before him while walking next to his Grandma. It was beautiful with Victorian architecture. The tower held a ring of ten bells, and the spire of the Church rose high above.

His Grandma always said that visiting a Church was not necessary to offer prayers. One could worship the Lord by showing love and compassion to others. Still, she would come to this Church every time she visited London.

Mathew stayed in the back and watched like a hawk as the woman walked to the front along with her grandson. He was there to protect them from every danger, not to offer prayers in the Church. It was his duty to guard them.

The little boy walked in, casting his eyes down as he watched his shadow on the shiny tiles of the nave. As his Grandma sat in the pew in the fourth row of the seating bench, his eyes wandered around, watching the interior of the Church. He noticed how the Priest acknowledged his Grandma's presence with a single nod. Sitting beside her, the boy listened to the choir singing.

The whispering in the silence, the low music, the choir, hymns, singing, everything bored him to sleep. People were busy praying to the Lord, begging him to forgive their sins. He never enjoyed visiting the places where silence dominated every other thing. To stop himself from drifting into sleep, he glanced around, studying every little detail starting from the heavy iron-bound door.

The high arched windows, stained glass, chandeliers, high altar, candle holders, the crucifix, and the statue of Christ, nothing was distracting him enough to chase away the sleep. He could smell the melted wax as the candles burned, and the quiet air tinctured with the scent of flowers, and incense. The musty prayer books, Priests in white, people kneeling in the pews, and at last, his eyes landed on something that demanded attention.

'Is it her?' Wondering, he thought to himself.

The little girl looked to the right and left, watching the people around her. Her short pigtails danced in every direction as she moved her head. Imitating the people praying around her, she clasped her hands and closed her eyes. Her milky white frock enhanced the colour of her pink ribbons tied to her pigtails.

'Dear Lord, I want to see my handsome Prince again. It has been too long since the last time we met, and I'm afraid he might forget me. Please bring him to me soon.' Struggling to keep her eyelids shut, the little girl silently prayed and made a wish.

The boy leaned forward to look at her face, and a big smile framed his face when he recognized her. He looked around to make sure that no one's looking their way. Everyone, including his Grandma, was busy praying, their hands clasped together, and eyes closed.

He slowly got up and moved out of the row of benches, walking towards her. He was careful enough not to catch anyone's attention. When he reached her, he tugged on her pigtail.

The little girl turned, looking at the culprit over her shoulder, and her big doe eyes got bigger when she saw his face. She gasped into her small hand, which covered her little rosy lips. Then a cute smile replaced the shocked look on her pretty face as she removed her hand from her mouth.

Mathew watched everything from afar and shook his head. The boy was mischievous and known for breaking the rules. But he always let him have his way and was there to keep him safe from any harm.

Putting his pointer finger on his lips, the boy signaled the girl to be quiet. He pointed his thumb over his shoulder, showing her the direction to the big iron-bound door at the entrance. He grabbed her hand in his, and tiptoeing together they walked out of the Church. She giggled once they made it out.

"Hi, " she said, still holding his hand, their fingers locked together. He smiled. "So, we meet again." He stated, and she giggled again nodding her head. She was too excited after seeing him.

"You remember me?" She asked, still smiling. He returned her smile. It seemed as though they couldn't stop grinning.

"I do, " he said, pulling her to one of the benches outside the Church's entrance. She sat right next to him. "I'm glad you remember me, " he said, looking into her eyes. Her forest green eyes looked beautiful on her creamy white complexion. He noticed, she looked taller than the last time he saw.

"Yes, I do, " she said, looking into his eyes. He remembered they met months ago for the first time and he couldn't forget her pretty face since then. "What are you doing here?" The girl asked him, curiosity and excitement filled in her eyes.

He laughed at her stupid question.

"People come here to pray. What else will I be doing in a Church, Stupid?" He stopped laughing when she scowled at him, and her lips pouted adorably. He realized that he'd made her upset.

"Sorry. I did not mean to make you sad. You're not stupid. My Grandma wanted to pray, so I came here with her. What are you doing here?" He asked the same question which he thought stupid a while ago only to make her feel good. And she did smile before answering him. "It's my birthday, and I'm five now." She held up her little palm to show five fingers.

"Aunt Lizzy brought me here to pray. She always brings me here on my birthday, " the birthday girl revealed with a wide grin.

He wanted to wish her and just realized that he never knew her name. They didn't exchange names last time. "What's your name?" He asked, and she looked thoughtful for a second before her eyes widened. He guessed, she's thinkin

g the same thing. She confirmed it when she spoke. "Oh! We don't know our names, " she stated and giggled.

"How silly! You forgot to ask my name last time, and I forgot to ask yours." She said giggling again while he nodded in agreement. She extended her hand, offering a handshake. He took it gladly as she introduced herself. "My name is Hera Hunter, and I'm five years old. What's your name?"

His eyes widened after learning her name. He looked surprised. "Your last name is Hunter? Mine too!" He exclaimed.

With that discovery made, he gave her his happiest smile, but she looked clueless. "Why do we have the same last name?" She asked, and her nose creased as she frowned in confusion.

'How cute she looks!' He thought inwardly. For him, his mother was the most beautiful woman in the world, and next was his Grandma. The day he met Hera, she made it to the list as well.

A wicked thought crossed his mind as he looked into her innocent eyes. "You and I have the same last name. Do you know what it means?" He questioned with a serious tone. Hera shook her head in a no. She had no idea where he's going with that question.

"People share the same last name when they marry. You and I already have the same name, that means we'll marry when we grow up. We are a husband and wife, that's why the same last name. God made us for each other, " he declared and bit his lip to hide his growing smile all the while trying to put on a more serious face. He was too smart for his age.

Hera looked terrified and moved away from him a little.

"No. You're a liar. You're not my husband. I don't even know your name, and I know that brother and sister share the same last name. And parents do too." She stated with a determined tone, and her cheeks turned pink as she glared at him in anger.

'Ooh! She's smart.' He thought.

"Okay then, tell me, Ms. Hunter. Am I your parent? Or are we brother and sister?" He asked, returning her glare.

"No. But you're not my husband. We're not married, " she refused to agree with his logic. She was stubborn. He raised his eyebrows in challenge. "Then why you have my last name already? And how do you know we're not married?" He questioned her again, and he wasn't going to lose this fight.

Hera crossed her arms over her chest. He observed that she changed her expression to show something like how brave or smart she's. "I know we're not married because we didn't share a kiss. I know when people marry, they kiss. Wife wears a white dress, and they say "I do" in a Church. We didn't do any of it. So you're not my husband, " she said with finality.

He stared into her big green eyes, and he liked the challenge she held. He would never give up until she believes his every word. He was determined to be her husband. He looked at their intertwined fingers, which they never let go. Without warning, he stood up and dragged her inside the Church.

He smiled at her, then leaned down to her face, and kissed her on the lips.

"Ewww! Gross!" Hera said and ran out of the Church dragging him along because he didn't let go of her hand. She spat so many times and rubbed her lips, wiping it in disgust. He started laughing.

"That's so gross, Mr. Hunter. You touched my lips with your tongue. Your spit entered my mouth. Don't you have manners? You don't spit on people." She scolded him, and he laughed some more.

"Hera Hunter, how stupid are you?" he asked, still laughing at her. "I didn't spit on you. I kissed you. That's what husband and wife do, " he said and winked at her. Hera gasped, covered her mouth with her hands, and her eyes widened in shock. Meanwhile, he felt sorry for fooling her.

'But she doesn't need to know the truth, ' he thought.

"You're wearing a white frock, and earlier we did say 'I do' when we talked about us remembering each other. I kissed you in the Church. You have my last name. So now we're married, and you're my wife. I am your husband, Mrs. Hunter." He finished talking, and she went silent. He smirked in triumph. She's thinking hard, and he knew that she bought his lies.

"But I'm only five years old!" She whispered frowning. That's all she said after all that hard thinking.

"I know we're too young. You're only five, and I'm eight. People meet their husbands and wives when they grow up, but we met so soon because God blessed us. You don't have to worry. It's our secret, and we don't tell anyone until we grow up, okay?" He asked with so much confidence that she just nodded to everything he said.

"You're bigger than me, " she said, giggling, and he laughed in return.

"I am older than you, " he corrected her. "Of course, I'm bigger and taller than you in size." He flicked her little nose and kissed her cheek. She blushed and peeked at him shyly. "You look so good in this, " she said, touching his bow tie, and he grinned from ear to ear.

"Now don't ever eww at me, Mrs. Hunter. I'm your husband and can kiss you whenever I want. And happy birthday, " he said, pecking her lips.

He took out a pen from the inside pocket of his tux.

"You have a pen?" Hera asked in surprise, and he showed her his pen. "It shines. Do you like it?" He asked as he remembered that she liked shiny things. She nodded with a grin. "It's my Dad's gift. So I can't give it to you. Sorry. But I have something for you. Close your eyes, " he requested, and she obliged.

He pulled out a chocolate bar from his pant pocket and opened the wrapper. He wrote a birthday wish for her inside the wrapper and pocketed his pen. Folding the wrapper neatly around the chocolate, he told her to open her eyes. "This is your birthday gift, and it has a message inside the wrapper. Read it when you go home, " he said, giving Hera the chocolate bar.

Hera blushed in embarrassment. "I have not gone to school yet, so I still don't know to read, " she said, lowering her eyes in shame. He held her chin, lifted her face, and smiled, looking into her eyes. "It's okay, Mrs. Hunter, keep it safe and read it when you learn how to read, " he said, bringing the smile back on her face. She remembered he'd said the same thing when they met for the first time.

He glanced at his Grandma and saw her conversing with the Priest. When he looked at his bodyguard Mathew, he silently arched his eyebrows with a knowing smile. The boy grinned and took Hera's hand in his. He pecked her lips once more whispering happy birthday, and they walked back into the Church holding hands and smiling, with a promise to wait for each other until they meet again. She went to her Aunt, and he joined his Grandma.

Hera folded her hands and closed her eyes.

'Thank you, dear Lord, for granting my wish. He was my Prince till yesterday, and today he became my husband. Thank you for blessing us. Please let him come back to me soon.' Hera sent out her prayer.

She smiled, waving bye to him when she saw him walking out of the Church with his Grandma. He winked at her before walking out of the door, and they parted ways.

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