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   Chapter 35 The greatest love story

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They were not Gloria, he realized. Now that he had Gloria in his arms again, breaking apart and breathing steadily as she wrapped her hands around him he knew why he had no other but her. Why other women didn't matter, they were never appealing to him.

They were not Gloria.

That was the problem with the Stephanie, Diana, Clara Alexandria. That was the problem with all of them.

He put her down gently holding on to her soft hands. "Common let's go babe. You need a shot."

His lab was neater, returned to it's original state and cleaned. He carried Gloria in laying her down on the bed. She was already getting worse, her heart burnt and her lungs struggled to take in air. Her health was dwindling fast.

David's immunity was so High the consequences of their crazy love making didn't show yet.

"I'll get you a shot. Just breathe."

"Hey David!" Gloria called holding him back. "Whatever you do, stay alive." She smiled at him.

"That depends on you. Stay alive. Live for me Gloria." He muttered.

It took him few seconds to get her a shot. He pierced the needle into her skin and she screamed loud, her heartbeat increasing at an alarming Rate.

"I think I should give you another." He ran out when he noticed her nose bleeding. He gave her another shot that seemed to reduce the pain a little. He was bypassin

ssure him. She was more hurt seeing him suffer than she was hurt about her sufferings.

He noticed how her eyes changed colour with the shifting light as the moon moved to reveal the pain in them.

He held her gaze until she lowered her eyes to her hands. "I feel numb."

"The extra antibiotics must have been a wrong move." David coughed. He coughed harder this time falling to the ground. Gloria tried to stand, she tried to help him but she couldn't. With the last strength she had she used it to roll so she fell from the bed and landed on his chest as he stayed down coughing.

"I took the same shot I gave you." He whimpered. He coughed continuously.

His hands were now filled with blood some splashing on her hair. She closed her eyes and prayed that this won't be the end. She prayed that even though their love story would be the greatest, it won't end with a tragedy.

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