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   Chapter 25 I want to be her

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Margaret's eyes were fixated on the mirror. She didn't want to compare herself to Gloria but she found that she always did exactly that.

Every guy fell for Gloria and it had always been like that since college and she knew why. Gloria was completely lovable and she was so beautiful.

Very beautiful with a beautiful soul that matched the beauty of her body and she loved her too, so much that she could give her life for her.

"My lips are thin." She thought rubbing a shade of red on her lips. She wanted them to be like Gloria's which was so full and beautiful.

Although Gloria had always told her she was beautiful she saw it as a lie, as something she just said it to make her feel better. They were from the same state and country. Her father however was an Asian from Japan explaining her somewhat Asian looks.

She knew she wasn't as pretty as Gloria and Gloria knew it too even if she would always have her know that the presence of one persons beauty wasn't the absence of another. It didn't make any difference.

She loved Gloria and had always been comfortable with the attention Gloria had, she was never jealous of her. She didn't want the attention anyway. She didn't want to be the girl everyone loves but the girl one person loved with everything and she has prayed day and night that that one person be Hector. She had loved him for as long as she could remember but he?only saw her as a friend.

She wondered if he knew about her love for him. He must known she thought, I've shown him so much green light. Gloria would tell her it wasn't about green lights that she should just confess her feelings, because Hector wassn't someone who likes to assume and besides this is the 20th century and bla bla.

She wanted to confess to him so many times but the fear of being rejected coupled with knowing how he felt for Gloria kept stopping her.

Now that Gloria was away with the boss who they knew had an interest in her. Hector has been depressed and she had finally gotten him to accept a friendly invitation to the bar.

Nothing could beat the happiness she felt and nothing could also beat the fear. She had so many mixed emotions so many she couldn't trace one.

She took her pause and went out to shop for a clothe. She wanted a new one, one that would be perfect for the occasion.

And so, she had sought through a dozen shops till she lit upon a crape-like material of purple-red—the colour, in short, of dun mist, hanging on an elegant shed. The dress she finally picked was an angelic turtleneck gown with flowery embroidery.

It was just perfect for her, for she had no flower, no jewel to relieve it: and, what was more, she h

s any thing worth peddling I'll be the first to hear it Queen." He winked at her. She laughed nodding her head at him politely. She didn't blame him though. He was paid to tell the latest news in town.

After he leaves her she was welcomed to her much needed silence. The tinkle of glass on glass as Margaret mixes her cocktail is lost under saxophone notes that jump and dance in the smoky cavern.

Her eyes were fixed on her glass, her mind in suspended space when she heard footsteps close to her. She raised made up eyes at the man taking the stool next to hers. Her stare could have made many men shiver but not the man looking at her now.

He met her gaze with the smile of one who knew the upper hand was his and then he lit up a cigarette to add to the hazy cloud, lingering, spiralling in stagnant air.

She folds one leg over the other, dangling her high heel, showing more leg; yet her face stays aloof, disinterested. She was waiting for Hector and him alone. No man could take his place.

"So my Lady why is thy beauty alone." The man by her side asked amusedly. He eyed her. Lustfully taking a drag of his cigarette.

He was Handsome the average Handsome man look in the capital but his eyes were wild like he had seen really bad days on earth. Like he gave pleasure at an ease.

Margaret eyed him sizing him up, she sighed not liking what she saw. "I'm really not in the mood for this, I'm waiting for someone. Go find someone else to pester. Seriously I'm not in the mood and when I'm not in the mood it is a danger zone." She threatened. He laughed. He laughed so hard he choked.

She wanted to smash her glass on his pretty head but then she breathed in restraining herself but not know knowing for how long she could continue to exert such control.

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