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   Chapter 24 Of balance

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After he was done with all things he called right, Mark looked into the mirror. He couldn't recognize the man he saw, Everything looked different. He smiled, a crooked smile that lit his eyes.

He changed his clothes to a tux. Ready for the ambassadors meeting and his great speech.

He walked to his car with a remote button in hand. He wanted to tell his workers to leave but he wanted to hear their screams.

He now seemed addicted to the screams and the blood.

"Sir are we to prepare dinner for you." His chief cook Mr John asked. He was wearing a long apron that covered him to his toe. In his mid fifties he still looked young and had been a very faithful servant to .ark and his family. A very excellent cook he was also.

"No. You may. Just stay back you all should. Prepare food when I come back." Mark instructed buttoning his tux. He was rambling on and on.

His workers looked around each other waiting to see Silas come down as usual. When it was obvious that he wasn't going to be coming down anytime soon the gardener offered to drive him but Mark sharply refused. They were all worried about him, he seemed to have lost it. There was this wild emotionless glint in his eyes that scared them but they didn't know what to do.

Although some actually suggested that a psychologist be called.

Sitting in the front seat of his Ford he pressed the remote button in his hand and his house went up in flames. The screams were not as loud as he wanted them to be but they were loud enough for him to hear. Now he has just one mission let he thought to himself.

The conference of ambassadors.

The Conference of Ambassadors of the Principal Allied and Associated Powers was an inter-allied organization of the Entente in the period following the end of World War III. Formed in the capital in January 2040. It became a successor of the United nations organization.

The Conference consisted of all ambassadors from every country in the world. They had their meetings twice every year except during extraordinary cases of emergencies where meetings could be canceled or scheduled depending on what the King thinks right.

The meeting was formed to enforce peace treaties and to mediate various territorial disputes among countries.

In the meeting scholars from all parts of the world were invited including scientist who sometimes came to introduce new drugs or cures to an already existing epidemic. Sometimes some came to introduce new weapons of mass destruction that would help prevent a fourth world war.

David had to skip this one even as he was the president. This was done for obvious reasons summed up in the fair Lady Gloria, But Mark would not skip this meeting for anything.

The conference meeting was fully protected by the Capitals secret service agency. (CSSA). A federal law enforcement agency under t

s now!" Mark continued. He was shivering now. He was insane.



"Ok enough of this madness get him Out now!" The Chief security guard ordered.


"There shall be equality finally. All men shall die equally and all men shall be nothing but dust and nothingness. Their last memory will be of screams just like my wife and child. You all shall die."



The security rushed to get him out now having confirmed from the Vice President that he was no longer sane enough to make a presentation. He struggled amongst the beep beep sound ringing In his head.

"You don't have! to let me go! Let me go. I'll be leaving on my own."



"I am God and I pass my judgement. Death and hell to you all! Death and hell to everyone! Everyone shall scream." Mark kept screaming as he was forcefully carried away from the poduim.

"He has lost his mind. Take him. out if here." The vice president repeated getting down from his chair.




"Before the security personnel who were holding him could understand what the sound they kept hearing was all about. He exploded with them. Their screams pierced the four walls of the conference room and Mark burnt happily because the last thing he heard was their screams.

The ambassadors started choking but it wasn't as a result of the bomb but something that was released in the air although they didn't know what the hell was going on.

There was chaos everywhere. Everyone was talking at the same time.

"He has lost him mind. I knew he would with the gruesome way his family died."

"He's crazy. He ended up destroying and killing himself Instead of the world as he claims."

"Gosh what is that smell."

"This meeting will be adjourned till the next month."

"Get me away from here I need to see my family."

"Where the hell Is King David."

Chaos never felt so chaotic.

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