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   Chapter 23 Him

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The kicking continued so did the screaming. Again mark did not know where the screams came from and who was screaming but he could hear the screams in his head like a thousand banshees unleashing their newly discovered powers.

"Stop!" He screamed holding his head. The screaming was maddening he wanted it to stop. "Stop!" He repeated. He kept kicking till father Jose stopped screaming. Looking down now all that was before him was a bloody mess.

He panted holding the wall for support his eyes red as blood. Ignoring the bloody body he walked unsteadily to the table like a drunk man.

He was almost gulping down the syrup labelled "LA fine" when he heard some movements in the garden. He had shown Silas his lab once during a fire outbreak in it when he needed his help. And although Silas didn't know how to get in and couldn't, he could however draw Marks attention to him.

He had specifically warned him never to come here so why was he here? He thought to himself. He stood watching him through the TV connected to the security camera outside.

Silas took unsure steps to him.

He wasn't surprise though Silas always had those steps. He was always afraid, scared of himself not just of him. He didn't know if Silas was scared because of how he felt for him or if he was scared because he loved him.

Mark cleaned his shoes hurriedly. He had a wardrobe in his lab too. He took a shirt from it and hurriedly changed into it removing the bloodied one. All his actions were so fast he could have challenged the fastest man alive at that point.

Silas stopped at the far end of the garden where he knew the door was. He smiled lifting up his head so the camera on the top of the door could capture his face.

He was scared mark won't open the door but there was a more innate fear. His instinct told him to run but his heart told him otherwise.

Silas always followed his heart.

Mark cleaned his sweaty palms on his dress and opened the door. He smirked taking deadly steps to Silas.

"I told you not to come till I call." Mark said as his eyes met Silas. He didn't let Silas reply before he pulled him into the lab.

"I'm sorry. I was just missing you so bad." Silas apologized as he came in. Mark held his waist firmly and Silas felt all was well. That he had finally found closure and was ready to?move on. Maybe he just needed his experiment to work. Silas thought naively.

"Its not a problem" Mark replied.

He held on to Silas as they both entered the room. Silas was happy with this new development thinking that mark had regained his likeness for him. But when he entered the lab and smelled blood he started to think otherwise.

The smell was too much, too potent.

He looked down and saw the body of father Jose. His body was disfigured but his face wasn't unrecognizable by someone like Silas who had seen him every Sunday in the past years.

"What is this?" Silas asked shaking. He was so shocked his whole body shook tremendously.

He ran to the body and put his head on the chest checking for a heartbeat but there was none. He turned back? to Mark mo

he beast in Mark. He, Mark. Started to choke Silas.

Silas tried to breathe but he couldn't. He tried to force the air in, but it wouldn't go in. It felt like his heart was stopping. All of it was just impossible. Mark just glared at him with his cold brown eyes. He wanted to see him dead. Silas was begging for his life and he was taking it.

Silas tried to reach for the flip knife in his pocket but Mark already knew of his move. Immediately Silas brought out the knife like Mark had predicted, Mark hit it out of his hands. He let go of his neck hitting him on his face so hard Silas fell. Silas tried so hard to breathe and to curtail the pain. His eyes were watery, he coughed so hard his throat burned.

"You are a liar. You said you would never judge me. Never hurt me that you would never leave me. But here you try to stab me. You fucking liar." Mark screamed as he pulled Silas up dealing him another blow. Each blow followed another as he pushed him to one of the empty table.

He unzipped his jeans and pulled his pants down.

"You want me to remind you how it feels right. You want to be reminded right?" Mark asked gleefully as he held Silas down. He walked swiftly to pick his pocket knife while Silas laid there helplessly.

"Stop it please."

"Oh yea. That's what you say when you want it. You want it say it?" Mark screamed like a maniac as he pulled down his pants and rammed into him. With each thrust he stabbed him. Both thrust going in so hard so there were screams again only he didn't know who's they where.

Silas was losing himself again. As strong as he thought he was, he wasn't strong enough to stay longer. To scream longer. To defend himself against Mark. Love had made him weak. He could see the darkness moving in from the corner of his eyes. It didn't take too long before the darkness covered him like a big, heavy blanket, and he was lost underneath it. Screams upon screams.

After the screams stopped Mark closed his eyes in ecstasy and bliss and Silas closed his in death wishing he did more to save his lover.

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