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   Chapter 22 Beg

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Mark loved to watch father Jose shiver and beg. He came towards him his steps sure steady and vicious like a true predator. His hands cracked when he hit it on the wall behind father.

"I hope your God saves you." He smirked while releasing him from his shackles. Jose should have?been relieved. He was finally free but he was anything but relieved in fact he had never been more afraid. The look in Marks eyes told him that he was going to be anything but free.

"Whatever you are planning to do. Please Don't."

"Whatever I'm planning to do?" Mark laughed, "I'm not planning to do anything man. Your God has freed you. You are free now. He's the Almighty remember?"

"What do you mean?" He asked coughing out blood into his hands. "Why free me when I shall die either way. What use is there in a free diseased priest with no family."

"He gets to spend his last days the way he chooses. Don't you think you deserve an honourable death as a priest. Not everyone has that chance, the chance of an honourable death, I mean I know that from first hand experience." Mark smiled.

He cleaned the side of father Jose's mouth his thumb brushing out blood stain from his cheeks. He licked his fingers and moaned. "Blood and fire now appeals to me so much. I would rebirth the world with it. Blood and fire."

"You can be saved Mark. Please think about this, think about the helpless children who would die, children like your Pamela." José pleaded but immediately regretted it. Marks expression changed, he wasn't seething or smiling or angry. His face w

n! He wasn't himself, fury had taken all control away from him, his mind and soul! Anger, rage, pain had made him the devil. O maybe he was the devil all along and his wife the angel sent to suppress this evil side.

He got to where Father Jose was led rolling in agony on the hard floor, he proceeded to beat the priest kicking him with massive strength.

Father Jose continued to scream, yell and cry out for help but None came, he was on his own.

Only God could save him and only death would be his savior. He looked all around for something sharp something to end the pain but he couldn't see much. His vision was blurry, his Short sightedness now affected more by the blood in his eyes.

"Common pray. Ask for help or rather scream. Scream for help but do not stop. That's how they screamed and guess what? No help came to them so no help will come to you. The bomb, the fire this time is me." Mark breathed harshly anger blinding him. He continued to kick father Jose. And with each kick he felt the demon in him unleash.

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