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   Chapter 21 Rose

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Marks lab was in a hidden room in his house a place no one knew about. A place no one dared to come into. He slowly started to make his way down the stairs his eyes focussed on his environment.

He was careful not to be followed always careful. Even his wife and child never saw his lab it was his personal Haven.

He walked to his garden hands in his pocket. His shirt was rumpled slightly.

There was a gate of rough wood it was as big as a cow and ivy cascaded over the fence, growing tendrils in every direction. The stone path was punctuated with weeds after every stone.

The dishevelled, un-manicured lawn was more moss than grass and was over shadowed by huge weeping willow flowing down onto the dank and squishy ground.

Clusters of defiant daffodils reared their golden heads amidst the gloom and there were smatters of fuchsia along side the scarlet and saffron hued primroses. And there across the garden were the beautiful rose flower that reminded him of his wife Rose who he would avenge.

He plucked a single rose with a smile plastered on his face. The thorns pierced him but the pain sent into him a wave of pleasure. He put his pierced finger in his mouth loving the taste of his own blood.

"Rose." He repeated as he made his way to the farther end of the garden where an invisible door opened up to reveal his lab.

In his dimly lit laboratory nothing but the machines meets his first gaze. There were no movements but there were odours of many kinds. There were lights, but like the stars in a night sky they do little to lift the blackness in the laboratory.

The light showed only the activity of the hardware - plasma screens of gigantic proportions with text that's too far away to make sense of. He turned on the switch of the lightbulb as he walked in.

Though he was inside now, his feelings were still the same, more of being in a high tech cave the size of a stadium, black metallic roof above, black metallic floor below. Every footfall echoes around, not loudly, but enough to give away his position to anyone who happens to be concealed in here.

For a moment he considered skirting around the edges on his good leg, then he stopped- stopped moving, stopped breathing, while his heart sped up to olympic sprinter rate. It was like he was just being here for the first time like he was only a visitor to his own lab.

Today his struggle for three months would come to an end and it was the anxiousness of it all that gave him a weird feeling.

Today he would finally be free, the pain the hurt would finally end Today.

He looked around to see him, his beloved specimen.

In that suspended moment, a fraction of a second drawn out to infinity, his brain offers an explanation for his anxiety and yet rejects it simultaneously.

He wasn't alone, casting his eyes downward there was a man in white tied on a bed with shackles so loose one would wonder why he couldn't break free.

He was pale and old and as thin as a stick. His white hair was as white snow.

His nose b

please.", he prayed with his whole heart as he drove down to the church.

The church was now like something out of a horror movie, twisted plastic and charred wooden posts, nothing to salvage, not a damn thing. The air smelt of burning, acrid, chemical infused and choking stopping every breathe.

Silas eyes moved from face to face in the gathering crowd, thicker than bonfire night at the plaza. The church was still on fire when mark came and he could hear screams whether they belonged to him or they came from the church he didn't know till now. But there were screams a lot of them. So much he almost went deaf. The screaming continued after he saw the remains of his wife and child both with their favourite rosary.

All he could do was writhe, the occasional whimper or so he thought.

Sometimes he asked himself who the screams belonged to because they all sounded the same.

"I know pain as it is in itself mark. Listen to me I've lived for fifty years ten years more than you and in those fifty years I've loved but I've lost more than I've loved. Pain is a necessary evil we all have felt it. It is constant as change. You just have to let go. Let it out, do not suppress it but it doesn't have to be this way. You don't have to let it out this way. Peace isn't gotten from taking away peace." Father Jose Kept talking even though he was getting very afraid. His hands and legs shook in fear.

Mark was now walking towards him with a murderous grin the same one he had on when he hit his head right there in his garden.

Father Jose has still not forgiven himself for being so stupid not to have questioned the emptiness of the house when he came in. For being so stupid as to trust a man with a glint of madness in his eyes.

Mark was a psychopath he knew it now, his love for his wife and child might have suppressed this part of him but now that they were gone there was nothing to suppress it again. With their death they unknowingly released to the world the worst psychopath in history.

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