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   Chapter 20 Part 2; The scientist

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The graveyard was so neat. Row upon row of white marble tombstones all rising from the manicured grass. Each one was perfect, polished and exactly the same as all of the others, except the name it bore.

They were lined up perfectly with those in front and behind, a city block for the dead.

There were a lot of things Mark remembered there were a lot of things he wanted to forget, a lot of things he wanted to do. There were so many problems he wanted to solve but here he was looking at the grave of his family. His father. His mother. Everyone he had ever known and loved were 6 ft under.

His daughter and wife had died in the church during a fire outbreak. They had died with the crucifix held tightly on their chest.

He wiped his cheek as he stood up from the ground.

"Take me home." He mumbled to his driver Silas.

Silas took his hands and led him. After the sad incident that happened with his incident he had gone haywire and broke his left leg, now he walks with a stick with the assistance of Silas.

Mark and silas were both contrasting in features Mark was huge and bulky and Silas was lean and small. Although they were almost the same height Mark was taller.

Silas looked at his boss from the rear mirror watching him closely as he laid his head back on the car seat and closed his eyes.

Silas loved him, had always loved him. He was content with being a hidden lover content with being the other man as the case might be.

He knew his place and he knew better when Marks family died. He Even began to Grieve as much as mark did. He started to fear too. He was affected by the death so much that he started to feel completely empty devoid of feeling.

Mark no longer had time for him, he spent most of his time in his lab conducting a new experiment. An experiment he didn't want Silas involved in. For the first time he was completely detached from Silas.

A tear tricked down his face. If his parents saw him now they would die all over again. He was sure they were rolling in the grave now cursing their luck for having a son like him. He had left his company in the hands of his cousin opting to be Mark's driver just to be close to him. Just to feel his presence. He loved him so much he never wanted to be

stay with me. Please I love you Mark."

"I'm sorry." Mark breathed out letting go of him. "I'm just so tired."

Silas coughed bending down. When he came up for air he met Marks eyes intent on him.

"Look I know it hurts." He started, breathing heavily through his mouth. "You can go for therapy. I'll always be here for you always, no matter what you need. I will be here I won't leave. I love you mark you know that. I'll always love you."

Mark watched Silas his eyes unwavering. Silas kissed him burying his head in the crook of his neck and all Mark could imagine then was how best to kill the man who claimed to be in love with him.

He wanted to watch him burn before him like he watched his wife and child burn. He hated him so much now how could he think his family's death an opportunity for him to achieve his selfish desires. How could he be so selfish.

He was angry so angry he felt nothing, so angry his heart stopped beating.

"Ok then baby have food prepared for me and bring it yourself. I've missed you after all." Mark said to the astonishment of Silas who chuckled his heart fluttering. He swallowed hard hope rising in his chest. He kissed Mark all over his face.

"Thank you. Thank you."

"It's fine. I'll call you to inform you of when to bring the food don't come unless I call."

"Yes." Silas nodded excited.

He kissed him again holding his neck, he kept looking at him with loved filled eyes until Mark removed his hands from his neck and walked away.

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