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   Chapter 7 You can call it Gloria's day

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Just like the door in his home the door in his office opened immediately he came close to it but this time it didn't shout visitor because he was already holding her hands.

"Sit here." He instructed pulling out his seat for her. She hesitated. She tried to get away from him but he pushed her slightly so she sat.

"What in the name of God and all his angels is wrong with you?" She asked her voice increasing a notch but not as high as she needed it to be, not as high as she wanted it to be.

She couldn't tell which feeling dominated her more anger or confusion.

She had seen the anger in Clara's eyes, the rage. She knew she was in trouble, big time trouble thanks to the man standing in front of her.

He didn't know of Clara's hidden claws and he was completely oblivious that she knew, but she won't be the one to tell him. Now he has made her angry, more bitter that she already was. How would she survive?

She thought about Hector and Margaret and all the other consultants. Thought of what they would think seeing the boss hold her in such possessive, protective way. She thought of how her name will be on everyone's lips.

"You are what's wrong with me. Your voice, your eyes, you, your body, your soul, your mind you. You are what's wrong with me, you are driving me crazy." David let out in a rush, he ran his hands through his hair in frustration.

In the end, his outburst gave him so relief.

"I stayed with you for just one night, one night which you insisted I stay, and now you claim I'm driving you crazy. How does this work?"? Gloria asked angrily. "You know what forget__ forget it. I don't want to know how this works. I want to go down for breakfast." She jumper up in anger forgetting that she was wounded.

"You are still limping Gloria." David sighed pushing her back on the chair. He had always known she was stubborn but he didn't know she was this stubborn.

"I'll be fine I've been fine without you all these years. This is the wrong time to play hero. You are very, very late." With that she stood up and pushed past him.

He didn't fight her, he couldn't, her words had stung him so much he felt physical pain as well as emotional. He sat down and rested his head on the chair imagining, just thinking and dreaming of her. And how late he was. Very late.

Gloria went to the refectory later that she normally did. "I guess today is Gloria late day." She sighed breathing in.

With great difficulty she ignored all the eyes staring at her and all the mouthing and noise when she walked into the refectory like she had suddenly

grown two Horns

When she didn't see Margaret and Hector on their regular table she looked around for them holding her breath. She almost gave up her search when she saw Margaret waving excitedly at her.

She smiled feeling utter relief as she sashayed her way to the table trying her best not to limp, her Lips almost drawing out blood.

"If they are going to keep staring at me I guess I'll just have to sashay." She sighed under her breath.

"Sit." Margaret ordered all blush and smiles. Gloria rolled her eyes and sat down a burger in front of her as expected.

"What the hell happened this morning?" Hector asked taking the words out of Margaret's mouth.

Margaret gave him the eye but she still looked at Gloria expectantly. Her excitement overshadowing her anger.

"He saved me from another one of Julio's attacks, called the police. Julio in custody. He took me to his home, took care of my wounds and insisted I stay with him till I'm well." Gloria said in a rush ignoring the part where her room was filled with her paintings and his sudden outburst. "Well that's the summary."

"Oh my God!" Margaret half screamed. Hector had to hold her down. He covered her mouth grunting. She was acting like a kid who finally went to Disney land.

"He took you to his home?" Hector asked perplexed. Gloria could see a hint of jealousy in his eyes but she chose to ignore it.

There was a time she won't have minded dating him but that was spoilt when Margaret confessed her feelings for Hector to her. She would do anything for her friend and besides she was better for Hector.

Gloria considered her self too damaged to be loved. Only Julio would love her and that was only fair since he was the one who damaged her. Hector was too good of a person, too pure to be stained by her.

"Yes." She sighed taking a huge bite from her hamburger. She wanted her mouth full so she won't have to devoid any other information to them like the awesomeness of his house and how he stared at her in the car.

"His house is limited information, more limited boundary and a more limited house. I don't think anyone apart from his workers, those who worked in his house that is, robots, presidents and those in high places know it. And he took you there. You are in for a lot of trouble but I love this kind of trouble, you know the you were with the king." Margret squealed.

Gloria rolled her eyes and face palmed shaking her head in utter disbelief. All the while Hector kept mute.

He knew she deserved it, that she deserved the very best. But love was a selfish feeling.

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