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   Chapter 6 King David

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King David's hospital held the most people and the most employees because this was where he was master. His territory where he was god.

She worked here as one of his secretaries also as a law consultant under the department headed by Clara.

Those outside knew he was the ladies man who wanted to have nothing to do with them and those inside knew better. He was always completely professional.

Some people tagged him gay?but never openly for the fear of the king is the beginning of wisdom.

They could only accuse behind close doors. He didn't care about what they thought of him or said, neither did he try to stop the rumors or validate himself.

In one of his interviews last year, a very chaotic? interview he admitted that he was In love but he hadn't found her yet.

That he was in love?with a girl from his dreams and he was searching for her. People wondered what he was saying and social media went crazy trying to uncover the truth. There was no nonsense bloggers did not come up with.

Many questions were asked. Was he normal? Is he an Angel? Has he sold his soul? Is he impotent? Which woman? Everyone sought an answer but no one got any and still he remained the same.

He was the man with the most trial of seduction on him and the most failed with equal proportion.

He hardly held a Ladies hand nor did he curtsy by kissing it. Now you should know her worry when he held her waist in full view of those that watched. Even though she knew? it was to save her they didn't know, and it was what they knew that counted.

She just hoped that they brush it off as nothing. But wasn't she hoping for too much?

"I'm fine. I am not limping that's the way I walk." She half screamed, she was very tired and was growing impatient very fast.

He had to let her be people like him didn't mix with people like her. A 27 year old king and a 23 year old almost slut. A very disastrous combination.

"You should look at the mirror and lie sometimes. You are a very very horrible liar. Maybe then you'll see it." He sighed. He turned her around and held her waist firmly, strongly, unrelenting even amidst her frail struggle. "I'm not letting you go you almost fell. Not on my watch Gloria. Don't struggle. I'm never letting you go now that I've found you."

Gloria sighed accepting her helplessness and hopelessness in this case. She felt the same way David felt but while she felt hopeless and helpless cause she couldn't fight him. He was hopeless and helplessly in love with her so

much it hurt and soothed at the same time.

They walked into the hospital the floors spiralling and wavy a new technology that made you feel like you were walking on water. Soft and silky.

All eyes were on them both. The eyes of doctors, consultants, cleaners, workers, patients, all eyes were on them as they walked past to his elevator.

David was still considering building the teleporting stairs here but only when he was sure continuous usage won't cause harm.

Maybe now Gloria was with him he would build it so she won't stress herself. Gloria was with him. He couldn't believe it. He was almost jumping for joy when the elevator opened to reveal a furious looking Clara.

"You are late Gloria. Very very late and you show no remorse. You are here looking all fine like all is well with the world." She yelled angrily.

Her voice sending all law consultants in order with their ears wide open and some who cared about Gloria with their heart beating fast.

Amongst the beating hearts two had more unsteady beatings. They belonged to Gloria's best friends Margaret and Hector.

Although they were more angry than scared.

Margaret would have defended Gloria but the king was there. She only hoped that he did that.

Hector was in love with her and as such his heart was beating from fear and jealousy. His eyes not leaving David's hands. David clung to Gloria, holding her waist like his life depended on it. Maybe it did.

"I'm sor_" Gloria started but was quickly interrupted by David. His voice was firm and filled with power, dread and charisma. Everyone feared him but some loved him more than they feared him very few did, amongst that few was Clara.

Her Jealousy clouded her fear and respect for her boss. She however quickly called herself to order looking down at her feet in fear and shame.

"She's with me. She's been promoted to deputy consultant to me, order her stuffs to be transferred to the office next to mine." With that he pulled a shocked Gloria away.

He however stopped in his tracks and looked back almost immediately as if he had forgotten something very vital. "And Clara never speak to her that way again or it will be the last time you stand on this ground to Speak. Do you understand?" He asked calmly. His voice firm and deadly leaving no room for objection.

"Yes. Yes. Sir." Clara stammered.

"Good." David frowned as he took Gloria with him to the office leaving everyone in shock.

He wanted everyone to know that she was with the king.

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