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   Chapter 5 Tell me what you feel

My fair flower By MiraHarlson Characters: 6147

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There were 4 cars before theirs and four after just like there always was with the king.

He never went anywhere without a convoy on the road and in the air for security reasons. Which led Gloria to ponder why he was alone when he saved her.

"Why didn't you come with any convoy yesterday. To my house I mean?" She asked cocking an eyebrow. They were both sited in there house inspired Mercedes.

There were a lot of things he wanted to say to her like how he loved her perfume and how they intoxicate him. Like how he loved her Lips and would love nothing more than to taste them.

Like how he loved how her skin glowed. He wanted to call her the name he calls her in his dreams, my fair flower. But His lips dared not? speak for they knew it wasn't the right time to so he pressed them together and remained silent.

Gloria too was lost in thought. He could see it on her face, how she would occasionally shake her head probably every time she thought of something distasteful.

He wanted to take all her pain away to suck away all the sadness in her eyes even if it meant keeping it for himself. Seeing her in pain was so much worse than being in pain. So much worse it was incomparable.

"Are you going to answer me or will you keep staring at me like you are searching for your name in the book of life?" She asked sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

He smiled and turned away. His heart felt a little at peace at least he had made her smile. Even if it had been just a ghost of a smile.

"You didn't answer any of my questions don't you think it is very very unfair to expect that I answer yours. The golden rule still remains do to others what you want them to do to you." He answered turning back to face her they were sitting opposite each other in the limo.

Gloria face palmed shaking her head in? amusement and exhaustion. "The Golden rule is actually love your neighbour as yourself except that is the silver rule. But I get your point it's only fair that you don't answer." With that she rested her head on the chair feeling nothing. She didn't want to talk anymore.

He wanted to say something, anything to keep the conversation going but he didn't know what to say. Shyness was sipping in, an annoying realization hit him. She was making him weak.

He didn't want to annoy her any more than he was doing. He wanted her to be happy. To have peace to protect her even if it's from him.

"When will you be closing today. 7 right?" He blurted out. His desire to hear her voice so much stronger than his self control. Stronger than his mind stronger than his will.

"Whenever Madame allows." Gloria answered still not opening her eyes. He remembered that yesterday when he saved her she was putting on the same clothes she wore to work when he saw her. Did it mean she just came back at that time.

He knew sometimes his workers worked late and got paid for the extra hours they worked but still it didn't stop him from clenching his teeth. He couldn't imagine the suffering Gloria must have been through while he was no where to help

her. He wanted to punish himself, he deserved to be punished.

"And you like her?" He asked again without control. Her opinion very essential. If she didn't like her boss Clara then he would consider Clara unfit for the Job. He trusted Gloria's judgment. "You madam do you like her?"

"Let me answer that with some quote I made up. People conclude without knowing and judge without understanding. Before you pass judgement, before you conclude always create a chance of defense. No one knows the heart of man, it will be disastrous and unfair to lay claim of that. Not only are we different but we are dynamic. If you must judge, judge fairly." Gloria said looking down at him.

"And you are not one of those people I presume. I trust that you would judge fairly. So judge." He said happy that he got her to express her self in something other than anger

"Well in this case I must not judge. I have no reason to. I'm not in the board am I?" She asked resting her head back on the chair.

She was confused with this man. Confused how she felt close to him. If what she felt was a crush or maybe admiration she didn't know.

She was very confused about the paintings, about his care, how he's trying to take her away from Julio. Why he was at her place without a convoy, why he was at her place at all.

A lot if things confused her so she chose not to think because it would hurt. Her whole body hurt it would be very unfair to her if her head joined in it.

But no matter how she tried not to think, she still ended up thinking worsening her confused state. Their were so many questions with no one to answer them.

David wanted to tell her that she held more powers than he did in his empire. That she could will anything and it would happen.

He wanted to tell her that she had as much right to judge as he did even more, but that would be going too fast. He already sensed her unease and confusion he didn't want to give her more reasons to be confused that will hurt her.

The Mercedes limousine came to a halt in front of Ming David's hospital. He had a main quarter where there were companies on everything he admired. A shipping company, airport, firm, car and others. It was like a town with a landmass so wide it was almost 1/16 of the capital.

The Car door opened by itself and David came out wanting to walk side by side with Gloria but she was already out of the car even before him.

She rushed to climb the stairs but David held her back. There was no escaping for her. He was the sun and she the earth. His life revolved around her. Now he had her he would follow her wherever she goes.

"You are limping stop running." He cautioned holding her waist. She tripped falling into his arms. Their eyes met and for a second she felt at peace until pain exploded in her head.

She bit her Lips to keep her from crying. Her heart was beating in an alarmingly fast rate. She feared her heart would explode, her fear even more now as he held her in full view. Everyone who was present at that moment watched, and they were a lot.

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