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   Chapter 4 Leave me alone!

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Her eyes were swollen when she woke up. She looked around and almost screamed when she found that she was not in her room and could not recognize where she was.

But just as her mind had forgotten the events that led her here so did they remember on their own accord the events that brought her here and where she was. Her eyes were beginning to water and her heart constrict. Memory was not exactly one of her pleasures.

"Don't you dare cry." She warned herself like she always did anytime she finds it hard to hold on to the traitor tears.

"Pathetic! Pathetic! Pathetic!" She cussed under her Breath cleaning her eyes.

She stood up with lesser pain than she felt yesterday. Taking her bathe was also less painful. The pain in her stomach had reduced considerably also the one in between her thighs.

She searched for what to wear to work, something to best hide her pain and discomfort.

She picked a white gown that fitted with her color and a white shoe and bag. She didn't know how she would cope walking in heels with the pain she felt but she just had to try.

She had finished concealing the wounds on her face with great expertise. Her eyes were covered with black eye-shadow giving her a somewhat Gothic look.

She heard a knock on the door and looked at herself in the mirror again. She was quite satisfied with what she saw staring back at her. A normal, fragile, fair. Full lips, thin Gloria.

"Gloria." David called again almost having a panic attack. He had rushed to his massaging table when he woke up. The position he slept resting on her door had made him wake up with a severe back pain which his chair had taken close to 30 minutes to correct.

He had taken his bathe and dressed up in a white suit carrying his overall carefully on his arms his with his stethoscopes on his neck.

He was about cussing himself for not having guards placed on watch on Gloria's door, when Gloria opened the door ending the terror of the fear that she was gone.

"Good morning." Gloria greeted trying to walk past him but he blocked her way touching her slightly in the process.

He wanted to make sure that she was real that yesterday wasn't just another of his dreams that she was real and she was


He wanted to hug her, kiss her, touch her but instead he pushed her in and closed the door.

"I don't know which question should come first. Where are you going to? How do you look OK? And is this what you have been doing for so long hiding your pain? Which do you think should come first?" He asked with a frown, his brows joining together. Gloria just now realised how beautifully arranged they were.

"None! I owe you no explanation. So don't ask me any questions because there won't be answers. Please can I go I am being paid to work not to listen to questions and answer them. I'm not in a witness box." She sighed trying to walk past him again but he held her back.

"You are now brave? Well OK. If you insist then I'll take you to work and ensure that you are OK." David said still with a frown.

"I know you think saving me makes me obligated to you but I assure you. You owe me nothing. I am perfectly OK without you and I've been perfectly OK for 23 years of my life without you. I'll get someone to take my things away from your home so please let me go. I'm getting late for work." Gloria sighed getting tired of having to explain herself. She sighed again running her hands through her hair, releasing some short strands in the process.

"I don't feel obligated. I am your boss and it's my duty to take care of you so start getting used to it. Make up will not heal the scars." He paused clenching his fist, anger raging in his heart?like a heavy wave at sea.

He wanted to Punch something to kill something. He wanted to kiss her to hug her but he could do none. The thought of being able to do nothing caused such pain in his heart that he feared he might break.

"So now you take care of all your employees. I see." David wanted to say something but she stopped him with her hands. "I don't want to continue this argument. If watching over me till I'm well will make you sleep well at night then fine by me. You can watch me all you want but I need to get to work and I need to do that now you might not understand this but I need to. So let's just go."

This time he let her walk passed him taking in deep breathes. Why the hell does she affect me this much! He cussed under his breath.

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