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   Chapter 3 He loved her

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It didn't take him more than a minute?to come back into the room. Before Gloria could even gather her thoughts to do more for herself than engage in self pity he was already back.

He finally decided that staying and facing His fear was more profitable than running. His fear this time just happened to be his life.

"Scared I'll steal something." She asked shocked at the speed in which he came back.

"You can't steal anything. There is nothing here that can be stolen. If you haven't noticed here is heavily guarded. You are hurt and need to be treated now. Think good thoughts. Think that I want to threat you so bad I ran." He sighed.

Gloria muttered a sorry and looked back at her fingers. Her hands were trembling so much, she tried to steady them but her attempts remained futile.

He knelt down in front of her taking her hands in his. "You don't have anything to fear Gloria. No harm will come your way not from me or from anyone. As long as I live." Gloria smiled. although she didn't believe him.

All she needed was a way to get out but her body hurt so much she rather not think about it now. Thinking about it caused her migraines.

He poured spirit on a cotton wool and dowsed it on her face. Gloria did not flinch. She has done all this before. In fact every week when Julio visited. He would wound her, rape her and threat her. Their relationship was toxic but she couldn't leave him.

"Doesn't it hurt?" David asked searching for pain in her brown eyes.

"Pain once felt before hurts lesser each time." She answered? It was her slogan. She closed her eyes avoiding the intensity of his grey eyes on her, on her Lips on her body.

"How many times. How many times has he done this?" He asked gritting his teeth. If it was possible he would kill Julio right now. In fact he was greatly considering it.

"I can no longer remember. It no longer matters." She answered as tears started to fall down her cheeks. Traitor tears.

She hated feeling so weak but she hated more looking weak. Her eyes and frail body always seemed to betray her when she wanted to be strong. She cursed them.

"Who's he to you?" David asked a question he sure did not want an answer to. A question Gloria didn't want to give an answer to.

"Please can I get an ice block and painkillers. My stomach hurts and can you also please stop talking about Julio. At least till I get better." She said, opening her eyes to meet his.

David loved her eyes there was just something about them. He loved it so much it turned him on more than the body of any naked woman.

"Sure." He agreed. He swallowed hard and nodded. He didn't want her to see the jealousy, and fear in his eyes. He didn't want her to become more uncomfortable. She was finally here in his

house and no more in his dreams and he couldn't afford to let her go.

When he had finished cleaning her face he bandaged the split areas and called Mrs Adams to get the ice block.

He didn't want to leave her again. There were so many what ifs going on in his mind should he supposedly leave her, he didn't want one of them to actually happen.

"I have to take my bathe." Gloria muttered, looking at the ice block on her hands and back at him.

"The bathroom is on the right. Let me get some stuffs." David replied. He ran out literally.

He took his right hand man and they both went over to Gloria's house and packed all her belongings. His right hand man was a robot that knew exactly what he was doing.

The thought that Gloria was bathing in his house sent him to an unimaginable state of euphoria. He felt like he was in heavens heaven. A better heaven than heaven.

He loved her.

When he got back after that one hour it was just then that Gloria was getting out of the bathroom tying around her chest a towel.

The door opened and she rushed to sit. Her legs hurt her so bad. She wondered why she still hurt every week with the rape and why she was still so tight. Maybe it was because Julio was not that big and yet he still manages to hurt her.

Her legs were failing and her eyes too. She wanted so much to sleep. Today had been a tough day at work and she had returned late hoping to get some rest only to be attacked by Julio who always knew how to sneak into her room. She got tired of changing her lock after the tenth time.

"I got all your things " David said coming in. The robot was carrying four big boxes that contained all her valuables which were not much. He dropped it on the floor and left after being given a sign by David.

"I will be leaving tomorrow you shouldn't have. Julio is my fiancé and we love each other." Gloria lied. And David didn't care that she was lying, it hurt him still. Even if he knew she was lying she had said it still.

"You are not leaving this place till you are completely healed and even after that I would get you a new place. Your clothes are in the red box put something on." He said firmly leaving no room for an objection. Then he walked out.

He stood at the back of the door listening to Gloria sniffle and struggle to put on her clothes and his heart went out to her.

He had been a bad lover for not taking care of her for staying away like his mind had asked him to, if only he had listened to his heart instead. Now here he was listening to the woman he loves crying after saving her from a rapist.

"It's all my fault." He concluded a tear falling. It was in front of her room he slept. The Almighty David Owen, King David of the capital slept on the floor Dejected.

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