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   Chapter 2 Say something

My fair flower By MiraHarlson Characters: 5073

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"You have remained awfully quiet through out the journey. Will you not answer any of my questions?" David asked. He was getting really impatient. Her silence unsettled him.

After the police had taken Julio he had forced Gloria to enter the car with him so he could threat her at home.

And now through out the journey Gloria refused to Speak even when he threatened to relieve her of her job if she didn't answer.

He knew that she wasn't speaking not because? she was in a state of shock but because she was just trying to be stubborn.

If there was anything about Gloria that he was sure of, it was that she could be very stubborn.

"Stop pestering me really. It has become tiring, I owe you no explanation. If you keep insisting then you might as well drop me here. You are my boss not my father." She snapped. She hugged herself whilst resting her head on the chair. She just wanted to sleep but the man with her won't even let her close her eyes. It was like he was hellbent on driving her crazy.

David decided to ignore her, cussing in his breath. Getting to his house the gate recognized his car and opened immediately.

Gloria was amazed at this technology. Even in 2069 she didn't think this will be possible.

As he drove in their were armies of robots and humans. He opened the door for Gloria who had her mouth agape all the while impressed by the high tech she was right now seeing.

"You can leave them open there are no flies in my house." David said with a smirk.

Gloria eyed him and closed her mouth. He led her to his house, which opened like they detected his presence just like the gate.

All the lights came on immediately he stepped on the foot mat.

"Visitor " the door spoke as she walked in. It repeated it till David held on to Gloria.

When they walked on their was an old woman in front of the spiralling moving stairs. Gloria recognized her. She had seen her in his office one time and she never forgets a face. She is David's house keeper.

"Good evening ma." Gloria whispered turning her face away so she won't see the bruises on her face.

"How are you my child."Miss Adams wanted to say more when David stopped her with his hands.

"I'll take her to her room." He said holding Gloria. She whispered an answer to the old woman while she walked away.

She climbed the stairs and when they were on the third David pressed room three on a remote controller in his pocket and before she could say anything or ask what he was doing she found herself in a room.

She had

had of staircases that teleported people within the house but she didn't think it possible. She heard they existed only in the kings house.

The room was massive, bigger than her whole house. The bed a master size bed bigger than a kings bed which was the biggest bed she had ever seen.

The tiles were so beautiful. It felt like she was in an ocean looking at it, and there was a chocolate fountain in the middle with painting's and paintings all around her. Painting's of her.

"I see that you, You draw and you have taken me as your favourite model." She finally spoke after assessing as much painting as she could. She spoke carefully trying to devoid her voice of emotions, it was easy for her seeing that she felt nothing at that point. She was surprised but then she had seen worst.

Her heart was filled with very many feelings ranging from fear to pleasure.

"Does that unsettle you?" He asked moving closer to her, his accent making his voice all the more sexy. His presence dominating.

Deep grey black eyes like the abyss and tall with unending masculine beauty.

He was so perfect she never looked at him past a few seconds so she would not begin to doubt his existence. David took more of his mother's white genes than his father's black one. His British accent she admitted was dead sexy.

His color likened to gold so bright it could blind you so refined. A tan of it's own. Well that was what some of his fan girls said on social media

"No, as long as I don't see naked pictures of myself." Gloria inhaled, pushing past him to sit on the bed. She felt disconnected from her body. Disconnected from herself and the world.

Her legs hurt, she had actually surprised herself by standing up for several minutes.

Now she knew why her parents and friends insisted that one of her gifts was her strength and resilience to pain. However it wasn't something that came naturally. She was so used to pain it simply became a part of her.

"You have to actually model for that. I don't want to draw that from my head." He replied avoiding her eyes.

"Let me get the first aid box." He added walking towards the door, his steps fast like he was running away from something but still there was a slowness in his steps as if he was running away from something he wanted to run back to.

She felt filthy too filthy to rest on the bed to stain the immaculate grey bed sheet with her skin. He seemed to love the color grey and red just like she did.

A coincidence? A coincidence it must be she thought.

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