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   Chapter 1 You are mine

My fair flower By MiraHarlson Characters: 5974

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January 3 2069

"Let go of me." She screamed hitting his chest, he pinned her to the wall with an animalistic crave. Gloria's pleas fell on deaf ears, he was already too far gone as always to listen.

He loved her screams they made him Harder, crazier. He wanted to hear her scream for him until she lost her voice. And then take her when she could no longer go fight.

"Scream baby." He demanded like a maniac. He tore her shirt and her bra in an animalistic rage. He held her hands behind her and grunted in her mouth stifling her screams.

His lips moved from her Lips to her firm perky breast all simultaneously. She tried to screams but it came out in muffles.

When realised that her screams turned him on the more and she wanted him to leave. She tried keeping quiet although the disgust was eating up to her chest.

He noticed her plan and bit her nipple so hard she screamed Harder than she did before. Tears falling from her eyes.

"Please stop let me go." She begged again. He pushed her to the chair so that half her body rested on the top and the other part down her Buttocks exposed to him, a food he wanted to devour.

He groped at her ass making animalistic sounds deep in his throat.

Her screams started to die down, she couldn't find it in her to scream anymore. She was tired.

Gloria's voice cracked and her lungs fought to take in air. Tears fell down her eyes like rain in August and all her hopes became hopeless as she held on to the chair for balance knowing that Julio has one again.

"You will love it " he smiled taking off her skirt and her pant swiftly. His lips trailed soft kisses from top of her spinal to her butt, inhaling deeply. The smell of her body was the right oxygen for him.

He kept trailing soft kisses, Soft kisses that irritated her so much she screamed again forgetting to breath. Her lungs struggling to take in air. Her heart burnt.

"I love how you taste and how you smell." He growled his tongue going into her core tasting, nibbling and sucking. She could feel her self getting wet against her wishes. She was ashamed yet shameless.

"Please stop." She begged one more time hoping that he would listen, hoping that he had something in him that was still human.

That he won't let his dick overshadow his judgment but she knew he had no heart. He stopped for a second then traced kisses down to her neck.

"You are mine Gloria! Mine to kiss, mine to touch. Mine." He bellowed holding her Butt firm as he thrust into her a deep thrust that tore through her walls shattering her. Her screams became sobs as she held on to the chair for support.

'Stop! It hurts. Please stop." She begged. But he didn't listen as he plunged into her again. This time her scream came with a knock. A thunderous knock that shocked them both.

"Open this door or I will break it down." A? voice ordered from outside. It was powerful, firm, graceful and deadly. Gloria knew who the voice belonged to but wondered why the

owner of the voice was here and now.

"Shhhh." Julio Hummed. He looked around then finding her bra he used it to tie her mouth. Gloria wouldn't have said a word even if he didn't ask her not to. Even if her lips weren't tied.

She knew how dangerous Julio was dangerous enough to kill her so she rather remain quiet. Her parents will have no one to turn to if she dies. She had to live for her parents and her sister.

"Stupid David" she cussed under her breath. "what the hell is he doing here." She was angry. Angry at him for coming. She didn't want to be saved at least not? by her boss. What if he killed him what if he killed the king.

"Open the door now or better still I will break in right after I call the police. You don't want to know who's knocking on this door." David spoke again stilling her thoughts.

Julio looked at her with rage filled eyes. "Who the fuck is that Gloria did you set me up?" He screamed at her face and she flinched scared for her life, scared for the life of the man behind the door.

"I. I. Don't know " she stammered. "I could never set you up. I don't know who that is. You have to believe me Julio."

"You fucking liar." He screamed pushing her on the chair. He hit her across her face. "You slut. You've been sleeping with another man haven't you? You prostitute!"

With each cuss he hit her hard on her stomach till she started to choke spitting? out blood. "Please. Stop. Stop. I don't know. I don't know who that is." She kept on begging.

"Shut the fuck up." He growled hitting her head on the sofa. "He brought out a gun from his pocket and cracked it. "Whoever that is I'm going to kill him and then when I return I'll kill you too, right after taking from you all my moneys worth. You Slut!" He yelled.

"Stop." She whispered already drained of all her strength. Her eyes were blurry and she could barely see past her lashes. Her voice came out as muffled breaths.

He tied her to the chair. She was half naked save from the skirt that covered her Lower body.

"Now you stay here and don't move or I might just end up killing you first!" He threatened. He moved carefully over the table which stood in the middle of the parlor, to the door.

He looked out the window and saw only darkness. Then he went to the door. He hid behind it waiting for he who dares to come in. He so much wanted to leave a bullet in his skull.

It happened all at once the door was pushed down and with the force it hit the gun out of Julio's hand. David then stepped in with all his poise and grace. His intimidating stature scaring Julio.

He beat him to a pup dodging all his blows with expertise. He beat him like he was a little child that needed correction.

Julio passed out from David's blows his head hitting the wall as he fell down like a sack of rice by the wall.

David then rushed to Gloria and untied her hands and mouth. He pulled his jacket and covered her whilst he called the police to take Julio away.

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