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   Chapter 22 Epilogue

Deeper than Pain By MiraHarlson Characters: 2619

Updated: 2019-06-02 14:48

We have come to the end of this short story in the long story that is my life. So you might want to know what happened to me many many months after Adam saved me. Well I am going to tell you now.

I started my own suicide hotline where I got to help people like me overcome the thought of killing themselves.

I became a motivational speaker, first, in my school before I started being invited to other schools in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. I was soon obsessed with helping people that were once like me and people like Amaya.

I also started to take my poetry seriously and I became the first female president of my school's literary organization. After a few months in office my poem in one night won the best poetry in a national competition and I dedicated the award to my fr

t his words now, gave me a sense of hope. Well that was until the landline in my office started ringing.

I picked it up.

"Hello am I speaking to Lora."

"Yes you are." I replied. "Talk to me dear. How can I be of help to you?"

The caller exhaled so loud that I could hear him from my side of the phone. He went silent for a few seconds and said, "I want to die."

I gave a wry smile, knowing that this is where all my lessons had led me to; saving lives. He was definitely not going to die, not on my watch!

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