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   Chapter 4 The voice of an angel.

Deeper than Pain By MiraHarlson Characters: 5095

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I ignored Pain, breathed in and spoke.

"All I am trying to say is that I am human first before a woman. I will not support the wrong of a woman just because she is a woman or condemn a man simply because he is a man. We are humans first, our humanity should come first before our gender. It shouldn't matter what sex you are, what should matter is who you are."

"I don't want to rule over men, I want to be by their side. We need each other and no one can survive without the others contribution no matter how little it be. I think I've had enough of sexism, enough of hate speech, enough of discrimination, enough of dominance." I said, my voice low, my body tensed.

I didn't even know if I was making any sense, but I knew that I was going to pay for speaking up against Amaya.

Amaya was astonished, she looked at me with a mixture of anger and shock.

Oh you're so gone for now. You couldn't even keep your mouth shut. Pain laughs.

Never had I spoken against Amaya nor did I consider my thoughts worth sharing. I never did argue with her, but like they say there is always a first time for everything. And we both were not expecting it.

Sadly, my first time might just be my doom but then again I was already doomed.

Wasn't I, what's a little more fire going to do to my already scarred body.

Burn you to ashes. Pain answered.

I ignored him.

A voice from behind me suddenly joins in the conversation.

"She has a point there you know, feminism was supposed to promote equality but now some radical feminist are now more into promoting sexism especially here in our country."_

"Some will argue that you can't ask to be equal to a man and still be treated like a woman. If you are equal to a man then you should be treated like a man, their is no in between you can't eat your cake and have it. While some are of the opinion that some feminist have forgotten what the fight truly is about to argue on mundane things."

"The question here is do women really want equality. Do they really want the privileges given to them simply because of their gender to be taken away? Take for example giving a lift or helping you carry your stuffs because you are a woman and you seem like the weaker vessel?"

"Do they really or rather are they really capable of accepting the pro's and con's of equality? Of course they can do all these but do they want to? Would they honestly prefer it? To be honest I'm really confused about it all too."

"To me women are in so much struggle for equality they have forgotten thei

r speciality. So much struggle for dominance they slowly forget who they are as women and instead fight to be men. Why be equal when you can be special? I should have you know that even amongst men their are no equals." The voice continued.

It was the voice of the angel of light. An angel who hopefully just came to save me.

I wasn't so grateful for this Angels help though because when I urgently was in need of an angel to save me their came non.

We both fell silent, Amaya and I.

I wondered who it was that dared to support me against the Queen.

For the first time in a long time my question was answered as right In front of me stood a god in human form with light brown eyes and a perfect face.

He was unarguably the most good looking guy I have ever set my eyes on. I swallowed.

What intrigued me the most was that for the first time in a long time I didn't feel the presence of pain who was always lingering around.

Amaya was visibly admiring him and so was I, who wouldn't. He was simply breathtaking in his black suit.

I couldn't describe him with words. No word could come close to describing him for he was not ordinary that I could tell.

His eyes captivated me. They took me in. His presence brought with it so much freedom like a wave sent to push me off my comfort zone at the sea shore.

But unlike Amaya I wasn't drooling for him only because of his good looks but for his speech too.

There was a connection between us like magnetic pulls. I could feel it on my skin and in my heart. I could feel him on every hair on my skin and on every atom of my being.

He was the first person to ever defend and support me in front of my friends and two pieces of my shattered heart joined together.

There were a thousand pieces of my broken heart yet those two little pieces that joined together lifted up my spirits.

It made me a little happy that he defended me, yet, the cloud of sadness did not leave me. Thus, I was still a broken miniature. Too broken to be mended.

"Hi my name is Adam, " he said stretching out his hands for me to take, i didn't, instead I continued to stare at his chocolate eyes.

Our eyes locked and time stopped and the world ended. The effect he had on me was so much my gaze dropped; even if I wanted to be lost in his eyes I couldn't look at it long enough to be lost for I was already lost in my eyes.

He was making me feel things. Feelings I couldn't decipher. I wanted to run away from his gaze yet I wanted them on me for eternity and many days more.

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