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   Chapter 73 You Can't Just Fall Out Of Love

For His Sake By lily97000 Characters: 10347

Updated: 2019-06-11 13:19

Here is the second last chapter of this book...


Author's Pov:

"How can you be so cruel to your own friend, Edward!" Mrs Jones glared menacingly at her son, who just stared at her blankly, his mind somewhere else.

"I'm talking to you, Edward!" Mrs Jones rubbed her temples to relieve some stress, before she sighed at her son. "I had never known I'd live to see a day where my own son would scam me for his selfish desires!"

"I apologized already Mom. I'm sorry-"

"You're sorry!? That's it!? Did you say this word to Emily!? Did you apologize to her properly after you played with her feelings all this time!? Did you even know how much that poor girl must be hurting playing the role of cupid for you and your stupid girlfr-" She sighed loudly and attempted to sit on a nearby chair, her heart beating wildly, her blood pressure rising rapidly. She clutched the dinning table for support, stumbling slightly when Edward ran towards her, gripping her shoulders and making her sit on the couch.

He poured her a glass of water, and unwrapped some medicines from the kitchen counter, bringing the pills close to his mother's mouth.

"I won't eat them! I'd rather die than live to face the humiliation of Mr and Mrs Willows broken hope! Throw these pills away-"

"Mom. It's not the time to be stubborn-"

"I'm being stubborn?! I? After what you did to all of us, you still don't see what you did wrong!? I'm utterly speechless for ever giving birth to the evil in the name of a son-"

"I know, Mom. I know I'm evil. Okay. I admit it. Now please eat these-" He held the pills once again close to her mouth but his mother swatted his hand away, looking anywhere but him.

"It's not good to play with your health-" Edward once again tried to feed her medicine but she looked at him, in sadness and desertion.

Her eyes watered a bit before tears started flowing down her almost aged face. She gripped her chest to ease her agony and roughly shoved Edward's hand away when he tried to rub her back to soothe her burning pain.

"I'm sorry, Mom. I'm really sorry. I promise I'll be a better son to you. I really do. Please don't be like this. Your health is falling down rapidly and if it continued like this-" He took her hands, and joined them together with his own. "Please Mom. I know I'm a horrible person. I know you regret giving me birth. I know you won't ever forgive me for what I did but please, do it all this when your health becomes better. You need to eat these-"

"How can I, Edward!?" She detached her hands from his grip and walked towards the window, stumbling sllghtly. "How can I get better on my own? How can I be selfish enough to ignore what you did to Emily and think of myself and my health?! That poor child didnt even utter a word, Edward! All this time she'd been suffering it all alone-"

Edward walked towards his mom. "But she agreed to all this, Mom. I never forced her into doing anything she never wanted to do-"

"How can I dare to get better when my heart is burning deep inside and that's all because my son never thought of his

Her eyebrows furrowed. "Who? Who does she love? I think you've misunderstood something-"

"It's Eric. It's always been him. In her heart. I saw it with my own eyes when she was writing a love letter to him." He looked at the floor, his shoulders slumped down in defeat."It was never me to begin with."

Mom's eyes softened a bit at her son's distant revelation. "Are you happy that she is in love with Eric then?"

His head snapped at his mother's direction, anger flashing in his eyes. "Why would I be happy for it?"

"Why not? Was she not happy for you when you told her you were in love with Lara?"

He looked hesitant for a moment before looking up at his mom's expectant face. "Yes. She was. She congratulated me for falling in love with an amazing person. I don't remember her ever talking ill of Lara so I assumed Emily must like her very much."

"See. You shared your happines with her. She willingly accepted to be a part of it. If you still don't know what it is, it's called friendship between two people. But can you ever be happy with her being with someone..."

"I'll try to be happy for her-" Edward started.

"...who's not you?" Mrs Jones completed her sentence, questioning her son to a very raging doubt in her mind.

"Trust me, Mom. I don't want to say it aloud but I'm not the one for her." He looked at his mother's eyes, trying to convey his thoughts. "Yet I don't like her with someone else. Anyone else, to be honest. I think I'm just overprotective, that's it. And I'm willing to change myself for Emily if she'd want me to. I just don't want her to-"

"Leave you? Ever?" Mrs Jones asked, eyeing her son warily.

Edward nodded in approval, running his hands through his hairs in anxiety.

"Why? Because she's your best friend? Because best friends are supposed to be with each other all their life? Because you think she can't be with any other man who's not you but you can be with any woman, not applying your rules of friendship on yourself? Why-"

"It's difficult to explain, Mom. I can't say it in words."

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