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   Chapter 70 Nobody Sees Her Inner Turmoil

For His Sake By lily97000 Characters: 11467

Updated: 2019-06-11 11:42

Emily's Pov:

I sighed and looked at Rose with defeat and resignation. "I shouldn't have said all those things to her, right!? She would have told Jake about her pregnancy if only I didn't stick my gummy ass-"

"She already left everything from the start, so it's not that you triggered her into doing anything wrong." Rose placed her left hand behind my back and caressed my spine upside down, her actions calming my raging nerves a little. I was feeling sad and I wanted nothing more than to to crawl around any corner of my room to cry all night.

Without any interruption.

"But it was her time to get a happy ending! Why does a baby has to come between them!? Why in the name of-Why of all the times, now!?"

"It's not just anyone's baby. After all, it's of Jake's-"

"That bloody son of a raped buffallo! I would peel his hanging dick off his balls and stick its pieces back into his egoistic face with a burning candle!"

"That would indeed be very entertaining to see but you shouldn't be this violent-"

"Says the one who is always read to kill someone-"

"Not someone. Men. Just men." Rose clarified herself, glancing beiefly at Michael who was going to turn into a brown lizard very soon, aiming to climb off my high wall to hide behind the curtains of the ceiling.

"That's very sweet of you, Rose-"

"I don't want your sympathy-"

"I wasn't sympathising with you. I was just trying to sound casual and sarcastic-" I told her.

"That you can never be, so end of every topic here-"

"But what about Mia-"

Rose raised her hand at me to stop my ranting, putting her phone on her ear in an unusual determination. She tapped her shoes impatiently on the floor as the time lapsed inevitably and no response came from the other side, until finally she slumped lazily on my bed and stared at me with an impassive expression. She dialed the number yet again and this time, the annoyance on her features was well labelled and obvious to me.

"Yes! Now you pick up my call!? No! Hell! Why're you giving me your fucking malarial reasons! I don't want to listen to anything. Yes. Yes. Right? I am not in New York right now, so go and send my application of sudden leave to the headquarters and yes, email me all the documents and history of progresses made in that 'Emerald Robbery Case' quickly! Don't you go around slumping like a fucking wine barrel just anywhere 'cause when I return, I'll check your progress and character report in serial order. And tell Adrian to send me those audio calls saved in my computer. My password? Last four letters of my surname and first five letters of my account number! So what!? It's not my fault that you don't know my bank account number, go and find it out-And yes, put me on conference with Alyssa, right now!"

"Rose-" I moved forward to talk to her but she cut me off rudely.

"Can't you see I'm in middle of a very important call right now!?" Rose said to me, trying to pretend to be angry on me before she winked at me, hinting me to play along.

That must be a very professional call to her, then.

I decided to play along.

"Oh so you're gonna eradicate poverty and terrorism around the whole world with that call!?" I pointed my finger at her phone before looking back at her with my questioning glare.

Rose threw me a death glare and I danced my skull like a zombie in front of her.

"Do I look like any ancestor of Nelson Mandela to you!?"

ed my gaze on Rose who was staring back at me with her own questioning stare. "To you."

"But you already have Mia's number-''

"I am talking about you, Rose and you know that."

Rose sighed in disapproval. "I already trust you enough-"

"There is never 'enough' between friends, Rose!" My eyes glistened with moisture and I took a deep breath. "Or maybe you never considered me as one?"

Rose shook her head as she came forward to touch my hand but I took steps away from her, leaving her hand to remain still in the air instead. She looked at me and then at her empty hand which she curled into a fist and kept it by her side. I felt guilty leaving her in such a vulnerable state but my annoyance and hurt kept me from molifying her.

"I am sorry." Rose whispered, looking down and I smiled a little and put my right arm around her neck, pulling her closer to me.

She looked at me incredulously as I put my head on her shoulder. "We sure have grown up a lot, don't you think?"

"Except you, I suppose everyone have."Rose answered and I smacked her arm playfully. She put her arms around my back, her lips curled up in a rare beautiful smile. "But why do you ask this?"

Pretending to think, I pouted my lips. "That's because now we're hiding things with each other when we used to share every thing, back then when we were young."

"You always believe what you want to, you know that?"

I removed my head from her shoulder and looked at her with an utmost incredulity adorning my features. "That means you lied to me about your life, all this time, right?!"

"You can still believe what you want to."

"Then I believe you must have a very big reason for hiding those things from me."

"Indeed I have, but I ought to have even bigger reason to tell you everything now."

"And what that reason might be?"

"Can you guess?"

"'Cause you're feeling guilty now that I've mentioned how horribly you have treated me all this time?"

"Shouldn't you say this this to Edward instead?"

Sighing in defeat, I looked at her. "I wish I could, but you know the reason."

"That you love him very much?"

I chuckled. "Not anymore. I'm trying to get over him now."

"If only falling out of love was that easy." Rose said to me, sarcasm dripping from her words.

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