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   Chapter 68 Friendship And Some Golden Advises- Part I

For His Sake By lily97000 Characters: 12555

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Emily's Pov:

My phone almost fell off my hand, hearing such words from Mia while Rose just scooted more closer to the phone, ready to hear more from Mia.

Hesitating, I adjusted the phone in my hand. "Are you sure that you're pregnant?"

"Yes. I am. I checked it in a pregnancy kit-"

"Mia, those results can be wrong as well-"

"I got full checkup from the hospital, Emily. They told me I am one month pregnant, and they also asked me to come for regular appointments for better care and development of a baby."

My mouth opened in awe. "When did all of this happen!?"

"Go easy." Rose whispered to me.

"I was caught off guard when Jake initated-" Mia started but I cut her off.

"He initiated all this!? What did that excuse of a burned potato did to you!?"

"Well he was heavily drunk that day and he didn't know what he was doing-"

"Did he force himself on you then!?" I snapped at Mia, anger boiling up inside me.

"No. He didn't 'cause I equally wanted him as much he wanted me, then I couldn't help but remember all those times when he didn't notice me-"

"So he didn't notice you that's why you went and slept with him!?" I said to her, tasting bitterness of my own words in my tongue.

Mia started to cry. "I didn't mean to, Emily. I really didn't mean to but everything happened so fast that before I could think what's wrong and what's not, we were already doing evrything forbidden!"

"But he was fucking drunk for God's sake, Mia! Don't you know he doesn't remember things he does when he is drunk!? Did you seriously forgot all those drunk encounters we had with him, where he would forget everything the very next day we would meet him!?"

"I knew it. And I tried to convince him, with all my might that we shouldn't do it, but when he started to touch me, I forgot everything, never thinking of the consequences that may follow after."

"Mia, you should've done better than that! I mean what the hell did he even do to start all this, to which you lost all your self control and went along with his pace!?"

"He fucking kissed me, Emily! What should I have done to stop him, tell me! A girl can only endure her feelings for so long until the guy stops to give any signs of ever reciprocating her feelings! But he touched me the way I wanted him to and I.." Mia stifled a sob, inhaling deeply and I could imagine her tired condition, with her flushed cheeks and red swollen eyes. "I felt loved that day. Truly and undeniably loved for the first time in my life. That's why I didn't stop him. It seemed too good to be true and I didn't have any courage to betray my heart anymore."

I sighed in defeat. "But still, you could've been precautious enough in these aspects! It's not that you don't know anything about sex and it's consequences."

"I admit that it's my fault but-"

"It's not about admitting your fault, Mia! You have the results of your mistake and now-"

"Mistake!? You think what we did that night was a mistake!? Why is that 'cause the last time I checked, you always wanted me to end up with Jake, howsoever it may happen!"

"Yes I wanted that and I still want it, I will always want you to be happy, Mia but this time he used you-"

"He didn't use me! I wanted him-"

"But he didn't want you the way you wanted him though! It's called using someone!"

"Oh and you never, even for a single moment thought that Jake might actually like me a bit, right!? Some friend you are for sure, Emily when all this time I gave you my full support for your love for Edward! I never said to you that 'Edward doesn't love you 'cause he will love Lara no matter whatever sacrifices you would do for him! I never said to you that Edward used you all this time! All this time when you were consider

oser to the phone, ignoring my hot glares at her.

"Yes. Like a coconut. It's small at first-"

"Every growing being is small at first, Emily! Do you think you came straight from your mother's uterus-" Mia started to rant but I cut her off.

"Vagina" I filled in for her.

"It all goes inside and comes outside from down the gutter anyway." Rose muttered, rolling her eyes at my precision.

"Gutter?" I cocked my head to my side, pressing the word.

Rose pointed her index finger at the bottom of my jeans. I blinked twice at her and then at her finger which was raised erect, too proudly for being a mere human finger.

"That's not a gutter, Rose! It's an essential part of a female reproductive system-"

"You mean vital organ for getting fucked and for automatically shooting out babies like a bomb!?"

I gawked at her bold words. "Yes but that's not a corect term you should use-"

"It doesn't change the fact that it's still down there, right!?" Rose pointed her finger right at my abdomen and I flushed in embarrasment. Turning my head around quickly, I searched for Micheal to see if he was suddenly transformed into a bat to hear this humiliating conversation which I was being subjected to without my consent, and I sighed in relief seeing him using his phone and doing something on it.

If only his house be blown in a heavy tornado so that he might leave quickly from here-

"You don't listen to anyone, do you!?" I hissed at Rose, my lips pressed in a thin line.

"After all, I am your friend. I wonder who should I blame now?" Rose shrugged nonchalantly, tucking few strands of her scarlett hair behind her ear, playing all innocent and childish with me.

I cleared my throat deliberately, wishing to continue the flow of the previous conversation. "So as I was saying that something is growing slowly and slowly-"

"Are we talking about coconut again?" Mia interrupted in between making Rose chuckle behind me.

I smiled at her words. "Yes. And-"

"So can we now talk about my human baby who is far from being compared to any living form of an animal or worse, plants with an honorable mentions of trees and shrubs!?"

My lips curled up in a grin. "You mean you want to talk about foetus?"

"Sounds very logical to me." Mia said, her voice sounding relieved.

Many thoughts got shuffled in my brain as I wondered about the future of my friend. "What have you planned about it then?"

"About what?"

"Your pregnancy, Mia. What would you do about it?"

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