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   Chapter 64 Will He Ever Love Her

If Only He Knew By lily97000 Characters: 7734

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I shuffled in my blanket, tossing and turning over it, putting my arms around my body to gain some warmth.

Heavy rain was pouring outside, loud claps of thunder reverberated the ambient and cold wet breeze was coming from the open window of my bedroom, decreasing the temperature of the room.

I stood up from the floor, wrapping the blanket tightly around my body and walked towards the window. Extending my one hand outside, I let cold water fall down my arms and I closed my eyes, inhaling the muddy aroma of the wet soil, clutching the blanket from my other hand.

Faint yellow light penetrated through the heavy rain just as I saw shining grey car stopping abruptly in front of my house. I narrowed my eyes, trying to recognise the model of the car and my eyes widened in awe.

I quickly shut the door of the window tight, realising whose car it was, and

That was the last person I wanted to see that day.

Fumbling with my blanket, I managed to find my phone, which was stuffed in my jeans and lifted it in my hand hesitantly to see 67 missed calls and 134 texts from Edward!

I closed my eyes in frustration just as I heard the doorbell rang. Once, twice and then thrice. With some desperation now!

I held my phone in my hand, seeing the call from Edward. After some futile attempts to ignore it, I finally put the phone on speaker.

"I know you're there, Emily! Open the damn door!"

"I don't want to talk to you right now-"

"But I want to talk to you! It's urgent!"

"I really am not in the mood right now!"

"Please Emily" He pleaded. "Don't do this to us. Atleast talk to me. I really am sorry for everything. I am here to make evrything right again. I have come here for you and only you." I heard him adjust himself "And besides its already raining heavily and I'm completely drenched from head to toe. You know how easily I catch cold and what if I suffer from some serious diseases as in like cholera, typhoid, viral fever" He lowered his voice, putting it in a dangerous tone now "and worse maybe pneumonia....and I heard from someone intelligent, who is very close to my heart, that it's one hell of a disease. A person could really suffer badly and painfully from it and maybe die...." He trailed off, leaving me to imagine the rest of it and I could imagine him pouting a

t telling me."

"This all happened so fast, I barely had the time to tell you about it so I found it necessary that I must pack and go back with my Mom. After all, it wouldn't have made any difference even if you would've spoken every words in the dictionary to convince her and it was possible, matters would have even more worsened then and I didn't want any conflicts between our families because of our stupid mistake."

"Was marrying me seems a stupid mistake to you, Emily!?"

I looked at him. "Isn't it Edward? I was never married to you for real so-"

"I don't care! I married you in front of the whole world, took honest vows with you, and kissed you for real to seal my words forever! I did everything in reality, for the whole world to see, so what's the evidence that I married you for fake!"

I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and rubbed my sweaty palms

With my finger to hide my nervousness.

"I was honest when I said that I'll cherish and take care of you, in sickness or in health. Till death do us apart." He took my hands gently and I looked at him in shock. He covered my cold hands firmly with his warm ones, this common gesture leaving butterflies to dance around every corner of my stomach "I was honest, Emily, when I took you as my wife, both legally and emotionally."

"You really can't say anything like this now when everything is over, Edward! It's too late to confess anything!"

"I was honest about everything I ever did with you, Emily!"

"But you love Lara!"

"I know it very well!"

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