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   Chapter 58 Some Drunken Confessions- Part I

If Only He Knew By lily97000 Characters: 6667

Updated: 2019-06-10 15:51

Loud reverberation of thunder broke my line of thoughts and I ran towards the window to realise it still hadn't stopped raining. Cold drops of rain splattered my face and chilling breeze hugged my features just as I opened my window to peek at the weather.

Glancing at my phone, I threw it annoyingly on sofa after seeing no calls or replies from Edward. I sat beside the window, my eyes glued on the muddy road, my eyelids dropping heavily from sleep.

A loud knock on the door woke me up abruptly from my short nap and I rushed towards the door, turning the knob and quickly opening the door.

"Edward! Where the hell were you, you stupid moron! Why the hell you were so-"

I stopped blabbering to see Edward slumped lazily on Michael's shoulder while Michael struggled slightly with his weight.

"Oh my god! What happened to him, Michael!? Why are you carrying Edward!?"

"Nothing, Mrs Emily! Sir is just drunk-"

"Drunk!? What!"

"Yes! He had this company dinner and so they forced him to drink as he succeeded in signing some deal off and he couldn't refuse it-"


Edward stirred in his sleep, now looking up at me, his eyes all puffed up red and his hairs ruffled up from moisture. He was soaked wet from heavy rain, his shirt was dripping of water and he stumbled in his little steps.

"Hello Emily!? How have you been, my dear!?

Hello? Seriously how much did he drink?

"I misssssssed you soooooo much, Lily"

Edward walked towards me, throwing all his weight on me while I stumbled back, not being able to balance myself properly. He wrapped his wet arms around me hardly, scooping me up. His breath reeked of pure alcohol, and his wet clothes sticked to my own dry ones.

"I think I should help you take him upstairs Mam!" Michael said, his fingers dusting off moisture from his wet hairs.

I looked at Micheal who was also soaked from head to toe. His eyes looked tired and I wondered if he was even able to sleep after he went chasing Rose yes

d one painting, I reached our bedroom and opened the door by kicking it hard. Throwing him lazily on the bed, I huffed like a dog on the carpet, fanning my hands on my face to get some air, still feeling difficulty to breathe.

"My god! Your are so heavy, like a bull!"

I attempted to stand up but something cracked and I kneeled on the floor in pain. "I think I broke my back badly!"

Turning around, I saw Edward busy in fighting with the blanket, kicking it for no reason before he sat on the bed and started to unbutton his wet shirt.

Ignoring my own pain on my back, I walked towards him and gripped his hands, putting them on his side gently and unbuttoning his shirt myself while my eyes looked anywhere but him. I could feel his intense gaze on my face while I popped buttons of his shirt, one by one.


I looked at him. "Yes! Do you want-"

"I am in paiiiin Emily! So muuuuch pain!"

"What!? Where!? Did you fall somewhere else as well!? I told you to walk properly in the stairs! I hate alcohol seriously! You-let me see for myself! "Turning his face, a little, I examined his arms and legs for any injuries but didn't sucessfully find any.

"Not there, Emily" Edward said, shaking his head and gripped my hand which were on his shirt to place my palm right over his heart. "It's in here"

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