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   Chapter 56 Crazy Confessions- Part II

If Only He Knew By lily97000 Characters: 7540

Updated: 2019-06-10 15:40

Emily's POV:

I stared back into his eyes, realisation dawning on me, "Oh! That type of dream! I understand very well!"

I nodded and went back to my seat, looking straight ahead at Jake and crossing my legs. " know just for the sake of extra information and I swear I will keep it purely confidential though you never know when those lips of mine started to dysfunction but still....what type of that did you exactly dream about, Jake!?"

Jake sighed loudly before glaring hotly at me, running his fingers into his hairs in frustration. "It was a dirty dream, Emily!"

"What the- really! Wow congratulations, " Jake shot a dangerous angry look at me, "I mean I am so sorry for your loss dear, but still what's so bad about telling your dream to me? I mean I know both you and Mia so I-"

"I am not telling you anything!"

"I am totally fine with it you know!"

"That's good then-"

"Oh please, you're behaving like an innocent boy now!? As if you never saw nude women ever in your life! But still, it's not that you saw Mia naked or anything..."I trailed off seeing Jake's cheeks burning flames now as he shifted uncomrfotably in his position.

"Oh my god, you saw her naked! How! When? Why!?"

"Shut it up, okay! It was a long time ago..."

I snaked my neck further towards him. "So what if it was ages ago! Who cares anyway but still, can you tell me the outline of your story... " I trailed off, blowing hot air on my nails.

Jake hesitated. " was when I went to her home to pick her up for late morning classes of our college and she was busy...showering... And I needed to pee badly so I pushed my way to her washroom not knowing she was there and so...purely by natural accident though I am telling you...I might have ended seeing more than she would ever let me see so...."

I grinned wickedly, "These type of accidents never happen with me though!"

"I told you it was an accident! A pure coincidental and embarrasing plus humiliating accident!"

In frustration, Jake walked towards the kitchen and opened the fridge to take out a water bottle.

"Aww. Our bold playboy who is habitual of fucking almost everyday, was flustered by seeing a simple country girl, showering in her bathroom! Wow! Thats some

t do I do now?"


"Did I do wrong to both of us if I didn't know I liked Mia all along!?"


"Did I commit a huge mistake if I didn't tell her I liked her!?"

He gripped his head, running his fingers along his forehead. "What the hell should I do now!? She isn't responding to my calls and texts, I am fucking worried for her, Emily! She would be safe right? Oh god, I want to see her face so badly-"

"Jake, listen to me, will you!" I gripped his shoulders, jerking him off.

"I don't know anymore! Will Mia reject me if I...tell her about my...feelings for her?"

"Hell! No way! It's a ancient yes from her side for a long time!" Jake looked at me in confusion, and I cleared my throat nervously "Or you never know what she actually wants! I mean your feelings can be rejected brutally and totally! You can cry on my shoulder! I am here for you, Jake! I will knock some better sense into her dinosaur skull if she dares to reject a person like you!"

I patted her head like a baby, to fake comfort him while my mind wondered where Mia could be and what had happened between her and Jake when he was drunk.

"Thank you so much for supporting me, Emily! But still Mia-"

"Don't worry, Jake! I will try to reach her! I am sure she's just gone for some time, maybe to complete something important-"

"But still she should've informed any of us before going anywhere-"

"Be at ease, Jake! I am sure she'll be fine. I will contact her soon to check so don't you worry!"

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