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   Chapter 55 Crazy Confessions- Part I

If Only He Knew By lily97000 Characters: 7785

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Emily's pov:

Pouring two cups of coffee quickly, I walked towards Jake, who was sitting on drawing room, in heavy mood.

"Here!" I handed him a mug of coffee before sitting in front of him, crossing my legs.

"So... How come you're here? So early in the morning!?"

Jake didn't respond, instead he took one sip of his coffee, avoiding my gaze and perhaps, ignoring my logical question ever, as well.

"Jake!? You didn't answer me. And now when I am thinking about it, where is...." I looked all around the room, before fixing my eyes on Jake, "Mia?"

He still didn't look at me.

My natural feminine and partial tomboy instincts kicked my butt continuosly, telling me something indeed had gone wrong, the reason this dog named Jake was so early in my house, the one who used to bite off anyone's head whoever dared to drag off his slim ass of his comfy bed this morning.

"Jake!? I asked you a question!?"

Still no response.

I tapped my foot in annoyance, drilling a large imaginary hole in the blue carpet.

"Jake!!?" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

He jumped right from his spot, now staring at me.

"Jake? Did you have a fight with Mia? Again? Like seriously!? Oh fuck, when the hell will two of you actually learn to stand each other!? You both are fucking adults, for god's sake, then why don't you ever behave as one, you stupid leacehrous beetle crawling on a rotten spinach in a flooded street!"


"No! I dont want to hear any of your stupid excuses! If you hate Mia that much, then why don't you stop hanging out with her-"


"She never thought bad of you, Jake! Never! She always took your side, no matter how much you did wrong! Even in those crazy situations, where she was supposed to be hating you, she never hated you actually-"

"I am-"

"Don't you dare, you muddy earthworm crushed under leaves-"

"Emily, will you calm down for God's sake!"

"If you two fight again, don't you dare to come crawling like a snake on my door otherwise I'll stuff both of you under my washroom's sewer-"

"Listen to me for a minute, will you-"


"Calm down your fucking familiar fat ass, Emily!"

"You two will- Well, what did you say!? Come again?"

"I asked you to calm down for a second!"

I raised my eyebrows, before nodding my head. Taking out pape

u remember your dreams?"

Jake shook his head, "No, I don't remember any of it either"

"I told you specifically to eat more mature almonds you idiot! You and your stupid brain will win the awards of the "I-am-the-most-manly-fucking-loser-of-the-zoo" soon if you keep living your-"

"It's not my fault that I can't remember it but.."he stopped for a second, thinking about something, "I do remember something though, it's kinda blurry, vague and..."

Immediately, faint blush adorned Jake's handsome face, and he averted his gaze somewhere else, avoiding my eyes.

"And? Complete your sentence, Jake! Was it about Mia!?"

Jake coughed a little and nodded. "Yes"

"So what about her then!? Tell me in detail, will you!?"

"Well.. It's not appropriate to tell you this but since it's all a dream then I think it wouldn't be so bad to tell you after all..."

I scooted closer to him, my ears transforming into a advanced elephant ones, rolling like a carpet on a floor.

"So...what's that dream about then!?"

"It's too personal to tell anyone, Emily!"

I ran towards him in annoyance, grabbing his collar and pulling him up by it, " Don't you dare to ditch me now, I am telling you I can't tolerate all this curiousity thing these girls have and now it's itching my intestines to know what the hell happened in that fucking graphical dream of yours!"

Jake raised his hands in defence, "Well, you know.... it wasn't just some ordinary dream, it was..." He stared deeply into my eyes to press his words "It was that type of dream"

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