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   Chapter 53 Her Embarrassing Encounters With Him

If Only He Knew By lily97000 Characters: 9304

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Emily's POV:

I was still busy in eating my nails and when I realised I was out of spare nails in my right hand, I stuffed my left hand in my mouth, chewing nails of my fingers in frustration.

"Oh god! What should I do?!"

Immediately, an idea popped to my ancient rotten head and a clear smile of relief made way in my potato-face!

"Yes! I can do that!"

I glanced down at my phone, looking down at the time and realised I still have half and hour left till it clicks five in the morning.

Well, a relaxing bath could always work at these times.!

Time would fly while I would busy myself taking a light nap in my wide hot bathtub!

Popping buttons of my shirt open, I slid it down my toes before sliding my jeans down with it. Unclasping my bra, I let it fall on the floor and walked down to the laundry table to stuff all of it in a washroom.

I was glad that after our little mistake in our bedroom on my date night, Edward and I came to a conclusion to sleep alone. He decided to sleep on other room but I told him I could sleep with Rose while talking to her all night and he could sleep in our bedroom. He complied to my decision, not questioning further as he himself knew it was for the best of both of us.

A light moan escaped my mouth just as warm water hit my cool flesh, hugging my curves tightly. I sunk further in the bathtub, spreading my arms on its side and leaning over it, my eyes closing on their own accord.

My phone alarm broke my little nap too soon and pouting in little grudge from the lack of my sleep, I stood up from the tub, water dripping from my body and now, cool air tingling my skin, producing goosebumps over it. I wrapped towel around my wet body, my hairs falling in wet curls around my shoulder.

Humming soundly to myself, I walked towards my closet, plugging earphones in my ears, playing loud songs to shoo away my sleep. In between, I started to dance around, gripping my towel, waving my hands and legs frantically in air.

"Mama, I am in love with a criminal! And this type of love isn't physical, it's rational! Oh yeah!" I plopped on my bed, jumping loudly on it, too much overcome with listening to good music after a long time!

"Whenever, wherever, we're meant to be together, I'll be there and you'll be near, and that's the deal my dear!"

Yeah! Shakira!

I jumped down from my bed, taking my hairbrush to sing along with the music before grabbing wiper from my washroom to dance with it!

So what, I found wiper more adequate dance partner than any human being!

Sorry, but maybe our views doesn't match! But you should also try wiper sometimes, a broom could also work well, if it isn't inhabited by nearby friendly cockroaches who wouldn't miss a chance to steal a little disco danc


"Well....I am an exception for you, lily"

My heart fluttered beautifully at his words, those crazy butterflies danced hip-hop in my stomach, and I smiled genuinely at him, seeing pure honesty in his words.

Yes, he was right!

He had always been an excpetion in everything he had to do with my life!

Or with my body!

Or with both!

With pure happiness in my heart, I turned on my heels to change in my washroom, that clear grin of happiness not leaving my face for a second. I rinsed my wet hair with a fresh towel and tied my hairs in a simple bun.

When I came outside, Edward was peeping from the peephole, his eyes narrowed in a serious gesture to check if someone was coming.

I coughed deliberately and he turned around abruptly. A wave of relief passed his beautiful face just as he saw me dressed fully in a presentable clothes.

Nodding to himself, he walked towards me, his steps giving evidence of his tiring day. He stood in front of me, raising his hands to pat my head slowly, as if I had done the greatest deed in the world by wearing full clothes.

He rolled the sleeves of my shirt down my arms, buttoning it up my wrists like some Mom dolling up her child to prepare him for school before walking out of the room, not even looking back at me once.

When I looked at my phone, my eyes widened in horror to see it was already past seven now and I slumped my head down in complete disappointment.

I had planned to go to Lara's house early to inform her not to come today, and since Edward was asleep then, it would have been easier for me to slip out of house. But now Edward was wide awake, he would ask me thousands of questions before he would let me leave the house.

I dialed Lara's number again and still, she wasn't picking up. In frustration, I kicked my legs in the air, my mind in complete mess!

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