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   Chapter 52 Do They Have A Common Past

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Updated: 2019-06-10 12:59

Emily's Pov:

Oh dear, this so wasn't happening!

No, never!

What to do?

Should I strangle him!?

Oh hell no!

Eric is my friend and like a brother to me!!

But he was a villain to Lisa!

But still, if only you could cut him to half and throw him to gutter-

"Shut Up!" I shouted to myself!

I paced worriedly in my room, wondering what to do while all in the house were fast asleep like bull and goats.

Eric greeted us friendly, hugging me and Edward like old times, and though we talked a lot, of ancient rules and all, I couldn't help but feel anxious seeing the clock on the wall, as it ticked one by one second.

In my haste, I started to chew my nails, tapping my foot on floor worriedly.

Lisa wasn't picking up her phone, no matter how many times I dialed her number and at times like this, I felt like if only I had these wings of parrot then I could just fly over to her home, telling her not to come tomorrow.

Or if I were a dragon, I could blow her whole house away with just my one firy breath!

Yes! That would have been cool!

It would have been much better if I were a dragon!

But if I go now, Edward would surely drag my anxious fat butt out of her house in no minute.

I clutched my skull, gripping my brown curls and pulled them in frustration.

"What to do!? What should I do!?"

I glanced towards my bed, which was empty, and I still didn't understand why the hell would Rose go outside at this time of hour. She told me she had to take care of something and asked me not to ask further but I couldn't help but get worried so I asked Michael to go with her.

At first he was unwilling, sliding his excuse of guarding my house but I told him specifically that he didn't need to worry cause unless we won't get attacked by rifles, bombs and bullets, there is no need for him to provide us unrequired safety anymore.


"I am borrowing your car, Emily?"

I was lost in my own worries, "Oh yes, go on! Take it!"

Rose nodded and opened the door.

"Wait, tell me something first!?"

She cocked her head to the side, getting clearly frustrated. "What!?"

"Do you even know how to drive?"

She thought for sometime, pouting her lips in un-rosy manner.

"Well..hmm.. No! I don't!"


"But there is always first time for everything!"

"Woah! Rose? Are you sure you packed all of your things properly in New York, before coming here?!"

"Yes! Of course!"

"Well then you forgot the most important thing to bring here, you idiot!"

"What, my brain!?"

"No, your common sense, you rotten smelling ginger thrown aside in a blasted refrigerator!"

She stood as calm and composed as ever, stretching her arms and yawning casually at me.

"If all your motherly affection h

swift motion, raising her eyebrows, "Then, should I do it now!?"

Michael gaped at her, wide eyed but his eyes showed a clear emotion of hurt and betrayal.

Pressing my lips in a thin line, I ran towards her, trying to stop her.

"Rose! Stop! He was just trying to help you, dear!"

"You stay out of this, Emily! He, this insolent peace of crap dared to touch me! Me!? Wait a second and I'll end this little animosity between us right here, right now! Then we can all rest and live in peace!"

Rest in peace? Or Live in peace?!

Would she kill him or let him live!?

"What the hell is wrong with you, Rose!? What had happened to you!?"

In haste, I threw my arms around her and hugged her tightly, emgulfing her in my bosom.

"I want my old Rose back! I miss her so much!" I whispered while hugging her firmly.