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   Chapter 50 Shocking Revealations

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Emily's Pov:

I was as shocked as a bull deprived of water after ploughing fields in strong sunlight all day!

I stared continously at Lara, who was still crying hysterically, hugging the album close to her bosom.

"You have a daughter, Lara?!!"

She nodded meekly, wiping her tears like a little girl with the back of her hands. My motherly love kicked in and without thinking anything, I pulled out handkerchief from my purse and handed it to her.

She looked at the piece of cloth and then at me and I smiled at her, encouraging her to take it, coaxing her with my sympathetic eyes.

"Here! Come here!" I made her sit on the sofa and immediately poured a glass of water for her which she drank it, her tears still flowing from her beautiful eyes.

"I won't ask anything else if you're hurting so much because of it!" I patted her back, assuring her of my words. Standing up, I attempted to leave when she stopped me by clutching the sleeves of my shirt.


I turned around to see her vulnerable and miserable form, pleading for something.

"I want to talk about it! It's been years and I can't hide the truth anymore! I am hurting everyone because of my biggest mistake!"

Hiding my own surprise after listening her gentle words, I sat down beside her, pouring myself a glass of water and gulping it down in one shot before finally looking at her.

"So why didn't you tell me! About your daughter and all!? I understand Edward hid it for me for a reason and that's why he was eager to get married to you but atleast, you should have told me the whole truth! That way I would've understood why he was marrying me for fake so desperately!"

Lara looked at me, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Why would Edward tell you anything about my daughter!?"

"Because then I would've understood the extent of your relationship with him pretty well!?"

"But how can he tell you about her when he himself didn't know about it!"

My eyes widened in surprise.

"You didn't tell Edward yet! Why!? He deserves to know he has a child, Lara! That's unfair!"

She remained silent for minutes while I just stared at her, expecting her to say something.

"She isn't Edward's child", Lara whispered slowly, staring at the floor, too ashamed to even look at me.


"Vivian is not Edward's daughter!"

My hands flew to my mouth to stop a loud gasp. But my heart relaxed much to see that Vivian wasn't Edward's daughter.

It would be a understatement to say that my heart broke into million pieces to learn that Lara had a daughter. And it took my whole strength not to cry out loudly in front of her after she asked me all those questions about me loving Edward.

But if Vivian is not Edward's daughter then what about her blue eyes and brown curls!?

"Who is the father then!!?"

Lara stopped wiping her tears from my hanky to look at me, putting the cloth over her lap.

"Vivian's father!?"

"Yes. Yes. Who is it?!" I snaked my head towards her mouth, too curious to know her answer but when she didn't respond, my face fell in disappointment.

We sat still in sofa for more minutes. I tapped my foot on floor in curiosity while Lara just fiddled with her fingers, maybe in nervousness.

I coughed deliberately. "It's ok. If you don't want to tell then I completely understand! Its too personal for it-"

"No. No. I will tell you everything. It's just that it's been years and I never talked to anyone about it!"

I nodded. "You can totally take your time

d drag that jerk's fucking ass here with his damn bloody ears and don't you worry about beating, cause I am a trained martials and I have been saving my power to beat up the crazy ass of stupid jerks like him!"

"No. Emily! We can't do that cause he isn't here anymore!"

I opened my mouth to say something but I was too shocked to see he was dead already.

"Oh dear. I am so so sorry. I didn't know he would die so early otherwise I would have stir fried his heart to feed it to monkeys and then-"

"No. No. For god's sake he is very much alive, Emily! He is just no more in this country. He left for abroad a long time ago!"

"Oh don't you worry dear! I didn't read mystery thriller novels for nothing! Tell me your high school's name and I'll ask the principal his address to track him and his rotten dick down to this country again!?"

She didn't answer, instead chose to sit still in her thoughts.

"What was the name of your highschool again!?" I aksed again, in hope that she would answer this time.

"DreamCoastal High School!"

"Oh!? DreamCoastal High School!?"

Name sounds familiar though!

I pulled out my pen and a notepad to write it down carefully in my paper.

"Since you won't tell me his name, how about you tell me some of his things!? First, what was his favourite subject?"


"Favourite colour?!"


"Favourite food!?"

"Tomato, brocolli grilled sandwich!"

"That's a weired taste. Eww!"

"Favourite Friend!?"

She thought for a moment before looking intently at me. "You and Edward!"

I almost dropped my notepad, listening to her response.

Was it Jake?!?

Oh my god!


No! No! He wasn't in DreamCoastal High School, that much I remember!

Wait a minute though!

DreamCoastal High School?

Tomato brocolli grilled sandwich? Maths was his favourite!? Saved girls from being bullied? Grey colour? Friends with me and Edward??

All colour drained out of my face as my notepad fell on the floor with a soft thud and my mouth opened, closed and opened again to say something before I didn't know what to say anymore.

"Oh my shit! Don't tell me Vivian's father is Him? Him!?"

She nodded her head. "It is the truth, Emily. I am so sorry!"

"But... but he...he can't be!"

"Yes. I am sorry Emily but Eric Jones is the biological father of my Vivian!"

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