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   Chapter 48 Why He Never Gets A Clue

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Emily's Pov:

He was still and silent as a rock, his eyes widening like saucers, as if I had asked him the toughest question in the world.

I sighed. "Are you my real husband, Eddie?!"

He thought for a moment, then shook his head slowly.

"No, right!? Then you don't have any right to stop me from talking to any men!"

"But he is just some stupid sales tax manager!"

"I don't talk to people for their money, Edward!! Do you think I am your friend because you are a businessman billionare!?"

He hesitated. "I didn't mean it-"

"No. I don't care about your fucking money or anything! I care only about you and trust me, Eddie, money is not the thing I am looking for in my life!"

"So I don't love you and I am not your real husband is the reason you are talking to that dickhead guy!?"

See, I knew he never loved me. It was always clear as a crystal but I am glad he rejected me unconsciously. That way all my stupid hopes can go to gutter and die there peacefully while he would never get to know how much I once loved him.

"You really and seriously need to consider your priorities first. Lara is your priority and I am just your friend helping you to keep her happy!"

He looked understanding for a moment.

"I don't know anymore, Emi! I don't know what to do with Lara now! I am pretty sure she hates me now considering how the last time I behaved like a jerk to her!"

I put my hands over his, squeezing them, assuring him with a smile.

"Do you want to get together with her again!?"

He nodded. "Yes. I miss her so much yet I can't call her! I am sure she doesn't want to get back with me again!"

"Don't worry, Edward! Things will be right again! Give her some time and take some time off to persuade her! She loves you very much and I am sure she won't hold herself back for very long!"

He looked at me with admiration and happiness, smiling at me the best of his best smile but I didn't have any energy left to smile back at him.

So when he came forward to hug me tightly, I immediately backed away steps from him, reminding him again to come down for breakfast.

I always knew it was her, it never was me to begin with. But I was proud of myself for even trying again after being hurt by him so many times.

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, I suppose.


I put last bowl of food on table, serving each and every thing on plate while Edward ate in silence. I wasn't planning to eat

beautifully wrapped pink box of chocolates towards him.

"Give this to Miss Vermion! I behaved very badly with her last time! She musn't like me very much after all that and she knows I am your wife so she can have a bad impression of you as well! And I don't want some bloody false rumours to spread around of you and your company!"

"You seriously have a very bad habit of being extremely kind and selfless to others-"

"Don't tell her I sent them though, otherwise she won't take them! Tell her you saw her very distorted and mistreated last time so you bought these chocolates as a piece of apology from your misbehaved wife!"

"Lily! I won't say anything like tha-"

"It's for the sake of your company! You don't want my photo to come in a criminal category in newspapers right!? You would be charged for manhandling your assistant secretary and press wouldn't stay silent over such issues. Your enemies are just waiting for an opportunity to destroy you, Edward!"


"No buts! Now go!"

I pushed him outside in his car, seeing Michael waiting for him for hours.

He bowed to me. "Good morning, Mrs Emily! Have a nice day!"

"Sure dear. Now go. Bye!"

I waved after his car as it disappeared between the streets. Sighing loudly and extremely tired from my works, I went to my room to dress properly and took my purse and phone to visit a special person.

A very very special person.

Lara Williams.

My best friend's girlfriend!

One woman. One beautiful woman who changed both of our destinies.

One who destroyed my hopes of living happily ever after with Edward but gave him the best happiness he could ever get in his life.

Her Love.

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