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   Chapter 41 Mission Mia- Part I

For His Sake By lily97000 Characters: 6783

Updated: 2019-06-09 12:33

Emily's pov:

I was preparing breakfast when Edward came down sleepily, his hairs all ruffled up like a bird nest and he muttered something about how I dragged him away from bed so early.

"Don't mutter like a girl and stuff your ass! We have to hurry!" I slid bowl of hot vegetable soup in front of him and he nodded absent mindedly, still leaning to table sleepily and digging his spoon in table to eat, and not in the real bowl.

Sighing loudly, I grabbed the spoon from his hand and put my hands fully on his cheeks, making him look at me. He tried to open his eyes but fell on my shoulder, snuggling closer to my neck when I felt his soft lips pressing firmly over my hickey. I froze right at the spot, trying to contemplate whether to push him away or pull him closer.

"Mmm. You smell so good, Lily! I want to kiss-" his mouth opened a little to press firmly on my neck, his lips starting to move.

"Edward! It's too late! Time to wake up!" I pushed him roughly away from myself, my heart wanting to touch him again but my brain beating up my desire everytime.

He stumbled a little from my rough force, now finally awake for real. "I am up. I am up! Totally awake!" Shooking his head a little, he slurped his meal and drank his juice.

"I'll be waiting for you outside! Come fast!"

Running outside fast, I fanned my hands over my face, my cheeks flushed with our little encounter. "Woah! That was a close call!"

Ten minutes later, Edward returned all dressed up in black and I would have swooned over him right then and there but I gripped steering wheel tight to control my raging hormones.

"What the hell, lily! Why are you sitting on a driver's seat!? You aren't driving even if you shout and cry in front of me! Michael!"

Michael came running after Edward in a second. "Yes sir!"

"Drive the car! And Emily, leave that seat right now!"

I hugged the steering wheel in my hands, "No! Never! Eddie, this is a great chase and I don't want to miss the fun! Besides, I promise I won't hurt anyone o

lt and I saw his shoes pressed firmly over brakes of the car. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion to see him staring intently at my lips, not even blinking a once.


He continued to stare.

"Edward? Are you okay!?"

Hell, it was just a lipstick. Why was he behaving like this!?

Gently, I touched his arm and he flinched a little before coming out of his long reverie.

"What happened!?"

He shook his head, "Nothing!"

Someone coughed and suddenly I became aware that we two weren't the only ones in the car.

There were Rose and Michael as well.

"Shit! I lost her! I can't see Mia's car!"

I panicked, "What?! What should we do now!? Should I call her!?"

"No!! That way she would become too obvious to show James that we are guarding her back!" Rose yelled.

"Then what should we do! I don't trust that James shit!"

Rolling her eyes at my words, Rose pulled out red laptop from her bag and clicked something in it. "Turn around left from this corner!"

"How did you know-"

"Just do it already!"

Edward nodded and started the car but my curiousity was busy killing my cat.

"How did you know, Rose! How did you know the direction!?"

Rose shrugged. "Well. I kinda might have planted tracker on the knife I gave her yesterday. It was a back up plan but I didn't know we would end up using it so soon!"

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