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   Chapter 39 You Think I'm A Man

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Covering with lid, I placed the last food container on dining table before placing spoons and folks around the plates. Miranda helped me carry all those as she still thought I was weak with all those late night sleeps. I requested her to go sleep early as she did work all day and she could be sick anytime the way she was pushing herself considering her tender age. So I was glad for once that she complied and went to her room to rest.

Rose was still taking shower, while Michael stood beside Edward, giving him report of whole day and the recent heartrending incident. His views about Rose made me think he was visualising her as some convicted criminal or serial killer affiliated with some dangerous Mafia.

"Sir, I still think it wouldn't be very good keeping that woman in this house!"

I smiled. "But Micheal, she's my friend. A friend of your Sir as well! So I assure you she's more of a kind-hearted person in real life than some serial killer you are speculating her to be!"

"But, mam, if you could just order me once, I could find her the best apartment in the whole city! Just One order and the peace of this whole house will be conserved for eternity! Mam!"

Edward chuckled lightly before picking up a spoon to eat. "You are worrying too much Michael. She's a real sweet girl we knew back from our college days! She isn't a threat!"

"But Sir, didn't you see how casually she pointed guns at you and me!? She ended up destroying your bedroom, breaking things in just one day!! She's more of a man than any women I have ever seen in my whole life!'

I chuckled, pouring a glass of water, "Oh dear! You're worrying over nothing. Drink some water and calm yourself!"

He nodded and started to drink it when suddenly, I saw him splurt out water, coughing violently, covering his mouth while st

Michael's pants.

Oh dear, he had been raped in front of me!

By my own friend!

And worst of it was that I totally enjoyed the show they gave me, for free!

"I think someone is coming! Emily, could you get the door please!" Rose shouted, before removing her arms around Michael, giving him a quick peck on lips and picking up her suitcase.

"I'm sure your all doubts about me being a man must be removed by now!" She said, pointing her index finger at his obvious erection and then looked up again at him, " But if you still have more doubts left, you know where to find me!" She winked at him, walking above the stairs.

My thoughts about this whole new Rose were cut down when I heard a doorbell. Michael attempted to move only to stumble back into a kitchen counter, his legs betraying him and his head hung low in shame while I just pitied the poor guy who had such a pride for a male, but was so easily distracted by a half-naked woman.

They say right that the half-naked woman is more scary for a man than any woman armed with the scariest weapons of the world!

Shooking my head at Michael, I walked towards the door and opened it. My eyes widened a little to see who it was!


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