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   Chapter 38 Some Stubborn Decisions

If Only He Knew By lily97000 Characters: 6425

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Emily's Pov:

I stared meekly at Rose while she continued to point two guns at two men present on the room, one crawling on the corner and other still in confusion, standing at the door.

"Rose, what are-"

"Does he or does he not?!" She tilted her head to look at me, raising her eyebrows to press her question.

"Well..he does. He cares for me a lot-"

"Oh man. This is tiring!" She cracked her neck to the side, yawning a little while adjusting her guns before opening her mouth to blow the chewing gum balloon.

Edward still stayed as confused as ever, looking at me and then Rose and then again at me to ask what was happening.

I myself didn't know what the hell was happening!

"Rose, this isn't a joke-" Edward started, only to stop when Rose started to press the trigger of the gun.

"Rose, No!" I ran towards Edward abruptly, and flew my arms around him in air, shielding him from her target.

"You can't shoot him, Rose! Are you crazy!? He is our friend!"

Rose looked unaffected, still her slim fingers pressing against dangerous trigger.

"Well then, die both of you love birds!!", She pressed the trigger and I closed my eyes shut, my arms still around Edward, my fingers curling into fists.

But nothing came.

Except for water!

What!? Did she trick me! Us!

I opened my eyes to see Rose laughing to herself, " Oh my God, you two! You actually believed I was going to shoot you!? Wow! Some trust you have in a friend like me!"

I glared at her beautiful face, laughing with mirth.

"Rose! That's horrible! You scared the shit out of me! You, Bitch!"

"Oh my my! Real pleasure to scare the devil!"

From the corner of my eyes, I saw Michael relax before he started to walk and bend a little to pick up his gun when Rose raised her other hand with gun, in air and shot the bulb in the corner of the room which burst with a loud sound and fell into pieces, scat

tle and went outside.

"You have Edward's gun? How!?" I looked at Edward who stood as confused as me.

"Well! I came to your bedroom to surprise all of you, but then I thought I would take Edward's gun and would threaten you into thinking that I am some criminal. So I took his gun but you appeared before I could scare you away!"

"Where exactly did you find the gun, then!?" I asked bitterly, eyeing Edward to show him how much he wouldn't let me have his gun when Rose could easily found and use it.

"Why, In your shoe box, of course!"

"What? In my shoes box!? Why would someone hide it in my shoe box?!" I glared at Edward, asking him in third person.

Rose yawned and started to pick up her discarded clothes on floor. "Because it's the place where you would least expect the gun to be found!"

"You hid the gun in my stuff thinking I would never search my own things for it!?'

Edward merely scratched his head in nervousness.

"Guilty!? But it's for your own sake, lily! I didn't want you to get hurt or anything. That's why!"

"My my. Such a young love in such a tender age. God pardon me if I happen to curse such true love unconsciuosly cause I was never a believer of love, soul mates or partners. I'm going to take a shower now! Continue you two!"

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