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   Chapter 37 Don't Move

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Emily's Pov:

I coudn't belive the person standing in front of me was the one whom I had know almost half of my life. I rubbed my eyes and blinked twice to confirm my suspicions.

She chuckled at my reaction, taking my hand in hers and squeezing it, her beautiful innocent smile reminding me of her real quiet side.

"How are you, Mrs Emily Jones! Well. Well! Who would've thought you two would get together so early. I always thought I would have to beat Edwrad to knock some real sense into his puddle mind that how much you love muhhh-" I covered her mouth instantly, my eyes wandering around the room to make sure nobody heard it.

"Oh my god! I can't belive you are Rose! Is it really you, Rose!" I yelled, my hands touching her black jacket and a hoodie to confirm.

"Yeah yeah!! it's me. Totally me. Infact, how about I show you my identity card! Or visa? Or anything else, Sir Emily!"

I smacked her playfully, "You've changed a lot. Totally! You didn't speak a word before and see you now speaking like a parrot!"

She waved her fingers in air.

"Well well!! The air of New York changes the mind of a pious person offering them a talking tongue in discount! So, how's you doing! Where is that dear husband of yours!" Her eyes wandered a little to find Edward when she winced a little and put her hands over her stomach.

"Rose! Rose! Are you okay!?"

She placed her hands on my shoulder "I'm fine, it's your fucking bodyguard, and his fucking hard leathery legs! He sure kicks like a damn dick of a man!"

"Oh my Jesus! Did he hurt you, Rose? Are you okay? Should we go to the hospital!?"

"No way! I'm fine! On the contrary, I must ask you to take him to the hospital cause we fought hard on your garden, while I kicked and punched him on his stomach. I ended up planting him in the mud before climbing the floors of your house so he must be kinda stuck there as I remember.... kicking his face after stuffing his ass in stoamach! Such a weak duckling he is!"

Just then, heavy footsteps hurried to the stairs, opening the door in a haste.

Micheal stood there, holding his earpiece in his ears, commanding something. "Be alert, everybody! Burglar invaded the area! I want everybody report to me, in the house, right now!"

He clicked his watch, a loud beep coming, and when he turned towards us, my eyes widened, a loud gasp escaped my mouth before I could prevent it. His young handsome face was swollen from the side, a clear mark of a heavy punch on his left hand cheek which was turning blue, his brown hairs all disheveled and his movements seemed tired and restricted.

He looked at me, "Mrs Jones, I'm afraid your safety is endangered-"

Rose turned around to face him, crossing her arms across her chest cooly.

Michael's eyes widened in shock, surprise and horror before he raised his index finger at her like a five year old pointing at the thief who stole his candy.

"You! How dare of you to come here! Mrs Emily stay away from her!"

Immediately, he gripped her gun from his side and pointed the metallic barrel at her.

"Don't move otherwise I'll shoot! Here everyone. She is in here.!!Yes

d up.

He glared at her, standing up.

"Raise your hands!" Rose yelled.

Are we suddenly shooting a crime and thriller drama now!?

Why!? It was a romantic drama just a minute ago and I was having so much fun!!

Micheal hesitated a little, furrowing his eyebrows at her before raising his hands up slowly in air. "Are you daring to threaten me-"

Click clack!


His words stopped mid in air as a bullet passed past his head and hit the vase behind him, destroying it to pieces. My eardrums rang like hell to the sound of explosion and destruction.

What the hell just happened? Did she shoot? Really!?

"I don't do something as cheap as threatning!", she ran her fingers once more along the trigger, "I like to take things on my hands instead!"

Micheal stayed still, at his place, hands raise in air and I saw a thin streak of sweat trickle down his forehead before he gulped in disguised male fear.

Whoa! That is cool! I'll try this sometime on Edward or Jake. Or Mia.

But never on Rose!

But Edward never lets me have his gun. He scolded me saying I would play game of police, detective or spy in the house and might end up killing someone.

Or him!

I heard a hurried footsteps on stairs before I saw very tired, very much in haste, very much concerned Edward on the door, panting slightly from his fast running.

"Emi, I heard someone invaded the house! Are you okay? Ar-"

He didn't get to complete the sentence as Rose pointed one of the two guns at him, while still pointing the other at Michael, who was cowering away in fear.

"Rose!" Edward took one step forward, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Rose, when did you come!?"

"Don't move from your place!" Rose yelled.

Immediately she turned around a little to look at me while still pointing guns at both of them.

What was she doing, my god!?

"Tell me how this jerk treats you!?"



"Tell me how much he takes care of you, Emily!"

I stood stunned by her question, looking at her as if she had gone mad.


"Tell me otherwise I'll shoot him right now!"

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