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   Chapter 35 Most Natural Thing To Do

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Emily's Pov:

It was really hard for me to explain my well-being being to Edward who thought he almost raped me and he would never be able to show his face to me again and I had to smack him hard across his face for thinking such ridiculous thing.

We were strolling along his arena for guests which consisted of well built polished wooden rooms and floors. A large wide swimming pool filled with clean water lay in the centre, with chairs, tables and waiters and waitress waiting to attend the guests. This area was frequently used by him to attend his VIP clients and if they needed to stay, they could as well stay there where they are most welcomed.

"Wow! It's so beautiful since the last time I visited it! See here, roses and lilies? Really? Last time they weren't here! Did Lara ask you to plant them? I should thank her someday!"

I roamed the whole garden, plucking flowers and leaves to play with them while waitresses came behind me to clean the mess I created. I didn't like how they were cleaning after me so I left the plants and flowers before joining Edward in his stroll who was staring at me, without blinking and I could decipher a playful smile of amusememt on his face.

It was actually good how quickly everything would sort out between us as if it never happened in the first place. But still, I coudnt help but watch out for his face and his expressions which would frown and fall back into sadness everytime he would laugh with me or smile at my jokes.

"So, how is Lara? Did you two make up?!"

He was surprised by my question, the way he stopped walking to look at me.

"Well. I don't know. I didn't contact her, neither did she. I think she is angry for real this time!"

I made a face. Face twitched in fake horror.

"Then you should've contacted her you idiot! She's your girlfriend not some client whom you would call only if you wish!"

He scratched his head in nervousness.

"Err. I kinda forgotten about her. I was so busy thinking about other things!" He glanced at me, his cheeks turning slight pink before he continued to walk forward, explaning to me the recent structure of his arena.

"The design of this fountain looks cool! Isn't it designed in the way that I asked you to? Wow. You actually listened to me for the first time! I told you this quality of stone and rock would look good in it?"

"But if you'll go on other side, you'll see my advice about using white stones instead of black ones is carved beautifully over them and I must say, I have best brains for a man!"

It was so typical of him to praise himself. As if he really didn't know that he indeed had a best brains for a living human male!

"I think I would just take one picture! Wait. My phone. Where is it?" I snaked my hand in my purse to search for it while Edward went on the other side of fountain to look at the stone carefully. In my haste, something fell off my purse beside the swimming pool and my eyes widened in surprise to see what it was.

A chocolate!

Immediately, blush rose to my already flushed cheeks when some cera

ocolate in my bag, dusting my pants and strolling again.

Ten minutes later, I was sitting in his office again, looking into all the magazines sprawled on his table and taking sip of green tea.

"Here. This might help you ease your pain. I brought a fresh pack!"

I stood up and extended my hand to take the ointment when I felt him not letting go of the medicine.

"Let me apply it! Come here!"

"Edward I can apply-"

He took one step forward and without thinking I took three steps back only to wonder why in the name of everything good would I do such a thing!!

I suppose I was able to convince my mind about his actions and how he didn't mean to all that to me in real sense.

But my poor heart felt betrayed. Cheated. When he was never mine to begin with. I felt used like a thing and being thrown away like a trash!

This was new for me. No matter what I had to do for Edward, I never felt used or manipulated. But now I feel completely violated!

And it scared me more than anything else. When my heart hated it so much but my brain was the one to convince it.

I didn't want to hate Edward. I never did. But if things keep going this way, then I think I might start doing It before I realize its too late.

"Emi. What happened? Why are you going... away form me?"

I shook my head and calmed my screaming heart.

He didn't do it on purpose, Emily!

He didn't. He cares for you so much!

But now he just seems like a hypocrite to me, my heart said bitterly.

I felt strong hand covering my wrist, pulling me forward.

"I am Okay Eddie! It's Just that-"

"Do you hate me touching you that much?"

No. I don't! But I must say, you do it for sure!

"No Edward it isn't-"

A loud beep was heard before a high pitched voice invaded our fueled futile argument.

"Mr Jones, a visitor is coming to meet you! She says she's your Friend!"

He looosened his grip on my wrist to look at the office phone.

"Who is it!?"

"Sir, she says she is Lara Williams. Your friend!"

I felt him drop my hand in haste...

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