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   Chapter 32 Reasons We Are Far Apart

If Only He Knew By lily97000 Characters: 11386

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Emily's Pov:

I woke up abruptly to the harsh tango dancing of my ridiculous alarm clock that is a shame to human habit of sleeping soundly when tired as hell. Stretching my abnormal female arms and legs, I toppled down the bed like a kangaroo to rush into wahsroom for my urgent blast of bladder which actually had no shame and manners for being a bladder of a female all this time!!

I was brushing my teeth, more like scrubbing them with dog soap when I looked at the prominent red and blue bruise normal people naturally preferred to call "hickey" at the crook of my neck in my reflection in mirror. Immediately, I turned around, my cheeks flaming red to remember events of that night, those unforgetful moments in the life of a female, who spends her first that night with her husband.

That husband whom she loved with all her heart!

And that husband who crawled in his hiding too ashamed to even come and face her after he showed her passion and love all night!

Why don't I drop my career as a doctor and start trying it in being a drama queen!!?

Running down fast, I busied myself in making food and snacks, my hands actually paining from waking up all night and getting only an hour of sleep.

"Dear. You're up so early. Why stress yourself so much? I'm sure son Edward will be fine. He's just busy in officework dear. A young man like him needs to put his skills in managing his company! So dont worry much!"

Well. I was worried. But not for him.

Packing all the stuff in a container, I rushed upwards to dress in something visual and wearable!

Gulping down one large glass of water and popping some grapes into my mouth as a light breakfast, I grabbed my purse and opened the door of my car hurriedly. I made sure to cover my neck to avoid any embarrasment and absurd notions, wearing large baggy pants to hide any signs of biting and raw passion which still persisted even after all these days. I looked at the road, my fingers shaking from the fear of driving after a long time when I wasn't even good at driving in the first place. Nevertheless, I took a deep long breath to calm my raging nerves.

Thinking all is well that ends well!

Wait, where the hell does this quote come from? Because my ending was as poor and sad as the ending of Titanic which never got it's happiness inspite of its lovers being hopelessly in love with each other.

It's been four days and Edward still hadn't come home. Normally, I would've barged into his office or wherever he is to pull him by his ears and scold him for making me worry over him so much.

But now the circumstances were different. Really different.

We crossed that imaginary line which always existed proudly between us, too proud and determined to budge even an inch no matter what happened in our twenty years of friendship, and which disappeared so urgently and hurriedly the moment Edward touched me and my soul, showering me with his kisses and passion.

Sometimes I wonder if I really had any type of control in myself? Was I a complete fool when I considered myself experienced in controlling myself or my feelings?

No. That control was never there. It has always been my delusion and my wild illogical theories to convince myself. The reason I stayed in my place, seeing him happy with someone else and not making any move though how much I wanted him to notice and love me like he did to Lara, was beca

re is some mad lady asking ..rather ungracefully to request your presence! Yes sir! Sir? Yes. I tried telling her that you're not ready to receive just anyone." she glared at me before continuing "Yes sir? Her name? Well-" she lowers the phone "What's your name?"

"Emily Willows" I offered quickly only to hear the complete damn silence from the other side of phone when she told him my name.

"Well, Sir? Are you there?"

No, he had suddenly started to run marathon in Himalayas, you idiot!

Grabbing the phone from her ears rather roughly, I shoved it over my ears.

"Edward! You're not gonna run away from me forever, you know better!! Get the fucking home right now otherwise I'm gonna burn your future with my own hands! You listen, you excuse of a man, I'm meeting you anyhow!"

Besides the fact that he was very much a man without being an excuse of it, I think I spoke better for his own good!

I waited for him to reply. That did come too fast.

But not in words.


Well I knew his all types of silence!

I tapped my foot on floor to stay patient.

Interesting silence.

I tapped my fingers on cabin.

Planning silence.

I gritted my teeth soundly maybe to scare him on phone.

Frustrating silence.

Okay. He isn't going to answer, that stony faced cow jerk!

I hung up the phone myself, shoving the woman out of my way to his office who wasnt leaving my arm as if stopping me from murdering her dear sir!

Well. Thats a pretty good idea except for this idea can wait a little to come to action!

I had to admit the woman was pretty loyal to her company but poor dear couldn't even wail her legs when I dumped her on sofa and tied her pretty slim hands and body with a table cloth which proved to be quite a tedious task.

"muhhhh. Hhm"

"Yes yes. I would say hello to him for you!"

I opened the door to his office quickly, but not before shouting it to the tied woman my greatest achievement in life!

My marriage.

"By the way, it's Mrs Emily Jones to you dear!'

I saw her eyes widening like sky bekore I shut the office door on her face, ready to face the embarrasment and rejection of my life. But that was all worth my long time friendship with him which turned my life to whole different level!

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