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   Chapter 31 Was Loving You A Better Idea

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English is not my first language.

Kindly ignore any typos, grammatical mistakes and verbal uncertainties.

Emily's Pov:


Did I hear him right? Was he really happy that he was my first kiss!!?


Like really!

I opened my mouth to ask him this question when he licked my lips quickly and plunged his tongue in my already open mouth with so much strength, it collided with mine with intense passion that burned my insides making me wet. I rubbed my thighs to reduce tension when he ran his hands up and down my arms, his lips tasting my mouth like he was deprived of food and water for months. Not soon after, his hands caressed my throat and rubbed his fingers over his deep bite, making me wince with both pain and pleasure.

His tongue reached deep caverns of my mouth, clashing against mine, saliva mixing with saliva, cinnamon breath mingling with chocolaty one and his hands roamed dangerously closer to my chest, just wandering near the cleavage before he put his hands fully over my left heaving breast just as he broke the kiss, thick streak of saliva separating our flushed panting faces, his teeth visible from his open mouth gasping for air.

Suddenly, I became aware of where his hands were lying so promptly, I attempted to remove them in impulse only to have his weight crushing me again, his hot mouth on mine once again, his tongue seeking mine when he bit down on my lower lip rather strongly making little blood ooze out from it. I moaned loud as his slick tongue snaked out to lick over my wound, so slowly and gently before pushing it's way again deep into my mouth. He pressed his hands on my

Covered breasts lightly as if testing waters, before cupping them under his palm, still not able to cup them all due to my enormous size.

His hand started to massage my left mound gently, my moan muffled with his mouth and tongue when he circled his finger around one hardened nipple, pinching it lightly and then forcing his pressure, now pinching them hard. I squirmed under his touch, wailing my legs and

Thigh around frantically like a bird, getting us entangled in a heavy mess.

He broke the kiss with a soft 'pop', letting me breathe for a second before delving his tongue again into my already swollen lips. His other hand crawled down my cheek and neck and shoulder to cup my other breast, this time pressing his palms over them harder before massaging them like the other. He pinched both of the hardened peaks ruthelssly and brutally, while thrusting his tongue in and out of my mouth continously, slight drool of saliva slid down my left cheek. My lips were coated with a slight blood, his own lips swollen as I never in this past hour refrained myself from kissing him hard and soft like he did to me.

I gripped the bed sheet tightly in my hands, fingers clutching it for dear life as he licked my cheek long up-to my ear only to slowly nibble on my earlobe.

"I am sorry for biting you hard! I didn't mean to-"

I toppled him over, both of us rolling on the sheets before settling on a position with me straddling him, lying proudly on top of him.


This time, I didn't let him complete his never ending conversation. My mouth found his shocked face and lips fully and quickly, kissing him hard and sensual, darting my tongue out to lick his lips. He opened his mouth, lifting his tongue out to meet mine when I decided to play a little game of revenge and frustration I was used to surviving for twenty years being with him as his best friend and craving for him and his love from a distance.

Breaking our heated kiss much to his disgrunt and disapproval, I trailed hot open mouthed kisses down his throat, slightly nipping on his pulse. I wanted to use my teeth so desperately to mark him as my own but our little beautiful Lara wouldn't appreciate it though I would have loved to see her face when Edward would tell her how I gave him a hickey on our innocent game of pretending as real husband and wife.

I licked the side of his face, reveling in this marvelous feeling of finally having him in my arms and doing all of it I always wanted to do with him. He shifted fast to kiss me when I dodged his face and ran my fingers tentatively down his chest hearing him growl and breathing heavily. I fumbled nervously to open the buttons of his shirt while kissing his throat when I ended up breaking front buttons, hearing him growl loudly this time.

I ran my nervous shaking hands over his tough hard chest, embellished with chocolaty abs and strong muscles, assuring my longing eyes that indeed, I was touching the object of my affections and love of my life and he doesn't exist in my dreams only but he is very much alive and real in my arms, reveling and responding to my touch sweetly and so much addicting for my body that I was sure I wasn't going to forget his face, his nose, his eyes, his mouth and most importantly his smile even if somebody threatens to kill me or banish my existence.

The corner of my eyes pricked with bitterness, moisture pooling in my orbs, threatning to fall anytime and for a moment I was scared that my own tears would spill my soft secret and love for him which my own tongue never dared to even mention, Too afraid to put my twenty years of friendship with him at huge stake.

In a haste, I ducked my head forward, my arms encircling his waist tightly to put my head on his open shirt, over his heaving chest, ensuring no moisture seeping from my eyes would ever reach his sweet heart. Because I knew that might break my little dream which is seeming so real to me now, with me lying so carefree in his arms.

I rubbed the side of my face and tears over his slight wet shirt, feelings his arms crawling on m

y side to pull me closer to his heart. We stayed like that for what seemed like eternity, hearing each other's soft breathing and I was sure he must have felt rapid breathing of my heart before he spoke in a thin comfortable silence hanging around us.

"Are you tired, Emi!?"

I stayed still, trying to prepare my answer, still not sure whether my face was deprived of tears or not. I wasn't ready to take any risk related to my feelings when I felt him grab my waist roughly to pull me to his side and lying quickly on top of me.

Immediately, I turned my head to other side to stop him from seeing my face when I felt his hot lips grazing my neck, his nose pressing my throat tickling my senses.

Was it all still a game for him? Did he never feel anything for me? Not even what a boy feels for a girl? A male feels for a female?

Attraction, at least?

Was I the only one seeing him in a better light, always considering his good habits?

Was I the only one who craved for his touch, wanted him to want me like I wanted him?

Did he, even in his mistake or crazy wildest dreams, never imagined having a future with me...or anything more?

"Are you!? He asked again, his hands touching my cheek gently, caressing them before nipping on my neck, eliciting a wild moan from me.

I shook my head without thinking and in a minute, he turned my head to capture my lower lip and then devouring both of them, his tongue once again joining our battle. Throaty moans and groans escaped our lips, both of us unwilling to leave first as our saliva and breaths mingled shamlelesly.

All my doubts and indefinte deductions left the window when he ran his hands along my thighs, gripping my dress and lifting my dress up-to my stomach. I eeped in shock and embarrasment, now conscious of the fact that he can see my panties too clearly for my comfort.

I squirmed beneath him, wiggling under his grip when his fingers skimmed over my stomach, circling my navel, and caressing my skin. I rubbed my thighs lifting my leg, all ready to kick him to remind him I wasn't habitual to such physical contacts when his finger trailed over my stomach and went under my dress too boldly. He broke the kiss, his hand still under my dress, making me strangely warm and wet.

"I am not seeing anything, see? I'm lying here, on your eye level, not going down!"

His words brought steam to my ears, my cheeks as red as tomato now.

So much for a gentlemen!

As if sensing my discomfort, he reluctantly pulled out his hand out of my dress, his fingers brushing over my stomach once more making me close my eyes in anticipation.

The next he was on me again, kissing me and the following next, his hands were roaming up and down my body making me produce disgraceful animalistic sounds I always disapproved of when I watched porn with him. His hands tugged at the corner of my panties, brushing against my thighs before he went down to my absolute horror.

My eyes widened in shock and my mouth opened in ecstasy and a low moan to feel him running his tongue along my exposed legs, again using his teeth as if he was habitual of biting every other woman he would make out with, when he nipped at my birthmark, on the side of my thighs, too embarrassing to even show it to anyone, the same reason I never told about it to Edward. The way he was biting my legs made me very sure that he was a leg person.

Hah! Who knew that Edward was a leg person? I always heard from Lara that he was a breast person, always loved to play with hers though I remember very clearly that I slapped her too hard across her beautiful face for being too shameless as to tell me about her sex life involving my own best friend!

In my mind of course!

"You have the most beautiful birtmark!" I heard him, saying it to me in the sweetest voice possible while still nipping and licking my birthmark, his teeth digging slightly into my flesh.

"Don't stare!" I yelled to him, feeling too embarrassed to see that he was lifting my leg and maybe, he was able to see more than I ever thought I could ever show to him.

Chuckling heartily, he crawled over my body once more to kiss me, this kiss making me feel something else. It was sweet and sensual and not like any needy and demanding ones with tongue we shared previously. He kissed me slowly and gently, his thumbs running along my cheek tentavily as if he was afraid I was his favourite piece of art and he might break it if he went too rough with it.

But I knew better!

Neither was I his favourite piece of art nor I can ever trigger him to treasure me as his life depended on me!

That kiss left me wanting more, my closed eyes once again tickling with moisture, ready to fall anytime. I tried to stop them, but this time, a lone tear trickled down my cheek, without my will seeped into the fabrics of sheets while his lips continued to kiss me heavenly.

A distinct knock was heard from the side of our bedroom behind my lazy unconscious mind, when I heard the familiar voice of our most unexpected intruder.

"Edward and Emily dear, Wake up! It's already 6 in the morning. I brought you two breakfast since you two might be tired from your outing last night!"

What? 6 am?

Shoot! We made out for like.... 4 hours..

In an instant, I was splattered with a cold breeze and Edward fumbled away from top of me, his eyes as wide as saucers, looking at me like he just wake up from a sleep to see his nightmare getting real, his eyes widening inch by inch. First he saw himself and then stared at me and then again at himself, gripping his head in frustration before running to collect his coat and tie, and ran frantically outside the room, leaving our sweet maid Miranda puzzled as ever for eternity.

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