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   Chapter 28 When Fake Turned Into Something Much More Real

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English is not my first language.

Kindly ignore any typos, grammatical mistakes and verbal uncertainties.

Emily's Pov:

With the speed I rushed to the washroom, I couldnt say same for when I wanted to get out immediately as I forgot to bring night clothes with me to change into. I closed my eyes to hide my emabarrsemt for those last words I said to Edward and that chauvinistic exit!

Peeking out of the door, I saw Edward talking to Miranda about some files he might have misplaced and I took this opportunity to slid out of the door, almost quickly dancing in relief that I was still fully clothed in my dress, most strangely, still wearing my heels.

Opening the closet, I started to dig through my clothes to find something appropriate to wear when my eyes fell on something wrapped beautifully. It was a gift from Mia for my birthday. I tore up the decoration like a vampire and my eyes sparkled to see a total new collection of cadbury chocolates, all wrapped in a red paper.

Unwrapping the first bar, I plunged it in my mouth and moaned at its delicious texture which melts like a silk in my mouth. I continued devouring the chocolate while still searching for clothes when I heard a doorbell rang. I quickly looked at Edward to see him staring at me, both of our eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

Who could it be at such an hour? It was almost 2'O clock!

A minute later, Miranda came to inform us that a certain lady named "Linda" had come here to stay for night and before we could ask any questions about how the hell it was even possible, Linda found it extremly useful to make her presence known and inform us of the reason personally.

"How are you Mr and Mrs Jones?!"

Words rolled out of her mouth more as a challenge and less as a greeting!

When we didn't say anything, both me and Edward too busy in our thoughts about how we were going to survive the trap without getting caught, she smiled at us triumphantly.

"I am sorry Sir but recently, due to my carelessness, my house burned down rather brutally and I asked Mrs Jones for help when she, as a kind-hearted lady as she is, asked me to stay at your home for one night while she returns from her business trip next week! But don't worry about me, sir, I would try my best not to disturb this beautiful night for you!"

Translation : I'd try my very best and would willingly sacrifice every bone of my body just to spy on you while you two play a game of hide and seek with me!

I bit down and chewed my chocolate like an anaconda to show her my annoyance while Edward just nodded at her and went back to his work. I slammed the door shut in her face, giving her the brightest smile ever!

"Good night! Miss Linda! I hope you are well received in our house with every care possible!"

And you'll get that special care after I break your fucking ovaries and throw them off in gutter!

"What the fucking hell, Edward! What'd we do now?!!"

He looked up at me and sighed loudly.

"Calm down Lily! It's not that she'll-"

"Calm dowwwwn!!? Seriously? How can you be so cool and composed-"

He put a hand over my mouth, pressing it firmly over my lips while shooking his head at my voice.

"Shh!! Be silent otherwise we're caught even before we do anything out of normal! Just trust me and we'll sort this out!"


"I told you, just trust me!"

I looked at his serious expression and decided he indeed had a good plan to back all this up. Nodding silently, I went back on collecting my clothes to go wash myself up when a hand shot down to wrap around my wrist, twisting it gently.

"Where are you going!?"

"To wash myself up, since you won't-"

"Are you sure you're not giving Linda a very obvious reason to be suspicious of our relationship?!"

I eyed him, confused at his words.

"What do you mean I am giving-"

"Aren't we a newlywed who were just out on their first date and had a special night ahead of them!?"

I still

What the-!Why are't you wearing any?" he whispered in a husky tone, making my insides go tingling with something akin to fire while his hands continued to caress my bare back, his touch still as light as feather as if he wasn't sure he should be touching it in the first place!

"Wearing w..hat!?" My own voice came breathless, goosebumps eveident on my skin now.

"Your bra!!" his hands went up my spine and I bit my lips, my eyes shutting close on their own accord.

"I wanted... to wear it.. but well, that beauty... parlour girls... said that... we don't wear those with this dress... and your mother'll not be needed between.. us anyways...though.. I was.. against it!"

My mind was too focused on what his hands were doing to me just by touching my back and somwhere between deciding to stifle a moan and relasing it, I ended up moaning low anyway! I felt a fast shuffle and then with a smooth pull upwards, my dress was zipped up as before!

A wave of disappointment and coldness rush over me as I found his hands now grazing my back over my covered skin. I pouted to myself while gliding up my fingers to rest on his slightly heaving chest.

"You don't think that'll satisy her enough to send her off to her room, right!?"

I looked up at him to find him sniffing my hair, running his face slowly along my brown curls before bringing his face to the side of my cheek and gently pressed our cheeks together in a affectionate gesture.

"I don't know! You know her well so why don't you decide if for yourself!?"

I, for once, decided to be as honest as I could ever have become.

"Well then, my answer would be a complete NO. A women like my mother would never be satisfied with something as little as touching my wife on her back!"

I felt a strange heat pooling in the pit of my stomach.

"So what else we're to do then!?" I asked, trying not to concentrate on his lips that were now dangerously close to touching my collarbone, their mere presence still producing a tickling sensation.

"Let's do it for real then!" Without warning, his soft lips descended on my neck, pressing there firmly before he opened his mouth to suck on the skin, slightly nipping at it. Not soon after, his tongue darted out to lick slowly over my sensitive skin, where he kissed once again at the same spot, clouding my innocent mind with desire and lust. A throaty moan escaped my lips as his teeth made contact with that same spot where he nibbled and licked mercilessly, digging into my flesh with strong intensity, his tongue joining it a second after to soothe it's pain. It'll leave a mark soon!

"Edw.. ard" I moaned.

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