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   Chapter 26 Some Wise Decisions

If Only He Knew By lily97000 Characters: 7479

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Emily's POV:

I was stunned for a while, standing intact and erect, not moving an inch to waver my gaze at him. When I blinked for once, I found my dream still going on.

Only it wasn't some dream.

He really said those words I imagined him saying so smoothly only in my dreams!

Once reminded of the cruel reality, and the way he still was gripping my finger gently, I tried to pull it out of his clutch. My eyes furrowed an inch to see he still wasn't letting it go. I tried to turn my stares into glares and he pulled me closer, his nose almost touching mine.

I could feel his cinnamon breath combining with my own chocolaty breath. Without my consent, my lips parted slightly and my throat went dry finding him too close to my comfort.

Did I use a mouth freshener after when I ate like a cow? Did I wash my face carefully when I did my makeup?

My mind was flooded with all kinds of thoughts, trying to sort out the dirtiest ones in order and throw them ruthlessly in a nearby trash can.

"Don't lean back! Linda is watching us with eyes of a hawk! One wrong step and she'll get suspicious!"


I tried to turn around inconspicuously and this time he left my finger to grip my head, cupping both of my cheeks, his fingers curling below my chin. I could feel my heartbeat increasing to a higher rate. I lifted my eyes to meet his and found that he was trying himself not to look behind me where probably Linda was sitting watching us.

"Don't turn around, Lily! This angle would make her think we're kissing like a couple in love!"

No, you're wrong, buddy. Only I'm the one who's in love here! And though you may also be in love, it's most probable, I am not that person your heart craves for!

I was shocked to learn that he touched me like I wanted him to, in like, forever, played with my feelings, and promised me all that cheesy lines which turned out to be just his game of 'pretending'. I wanted to be angry with him, maybe slap him but my inner conscious knew better.

What did you expect, Emily? It was always a marriage of convenience. It has nothing to do with love and happiness!

I nodded bitterly, staying in that position against my will of heart but my body sure wanted to embarrass me

really didn't care who I went out with or what the person did to me, be it a good or a bad man?

But at least, he should pretend to care since I was his wife even though a 'pretend' one at that. I sighed.

You could never 'pretend' to care for a person!

Would it make me a cheating wife if I went out with a guy behind Edward's back? It wouldn't be cheating, per se. He was also doing the same! And didn't he marry me to continue his relationship with Lara? So technically he was the one cheating in the real way.

But I was not even his real wife to start an argument with this 'cheating' thing anyway!

"Yeah, sure. I would love to, George! You're a funny person and I can't wait to spend and learn more about you!"

Was it too much? Did I exaggerate?

But I never really replied to anyone asking me out before, because Edward never allowed me to even wander near any guy whoever he thought might have an interest in me saying I was still too young to handle a man and he wouldn't let me sell myself to just any guy out there!

He specifically told me to bring the guy who I liked or wanted to date, first to him for a thorough profile check.

And what I learned from my experience was that no guy ever survived his survey and decided it was better for them to date some other girl rather than go through fire to get a girl like me!

But now I was old enough to take care of myself and I just have to show this to Edward who still thought I was a stupid five years old!

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